Any Coach handbags fan here ???


Whoa.....didn't know there was a thread here... I'm a Coach lover too.... But I have to stopped cuz I splurged during my trip to US in March.

I got quarterly discounts leh! Direct from US. If there's a order I'll leave a reply here lah.


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Hey! I'm a fan of Coach and recently travelled to Hong Kong during the Christmas Holidays. There is a Coach Factory Outlet at Citygate Outlets. Its basically a shopping centre with outlets of many brands and located in Lantau Island near the airport. I saw many coach bags that I normally don't see in the Malaysian boutiques, so if any of you are going there you can check it out.

I did a comparison between HK and malaysian coach prices and it is still cheaper in Malaysia. On the way back home I dropped by the Coach boutique in KLIA and the SA told me that it is around 5-10% cheaper in KLIA since its duty free. So if you are travelling, just get your bag from KLIA on the way back home

christine leong

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if you guys are looking for coach handbags, can try shopping on ****** mall. I bought my coach city bag in midnight blue, from there for 200 plus the other time, which was super cheap for an authentic bag.
I'm sure its authentic cos my friend working there actually told me they talk to the sellers to verify, but only for the ****** mall items.