Ang Bao Box


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I have a pair of ang bao boxes for sale. Interested can email me at [email protected].



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i'm open to the idea if the price is good and the box suits my theme. Do you have one available for rent?


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Oasis, what is your budget for AP box?

Cos I have a red ang pao box to let go. It is brand new cos I changed the colour theme for my wedding.

The box is quite ex cos of the "Me to You" bears. Those aren't cheap.


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hi ladies,
anyone has any idea how to secure the bears onto the box? someone suggested using map pins previously, but wldn't the pin head be seen? Thanks loads!!


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Hi I have a pair of angbao boxes selling for $18 self collect at Jurong Point during weekends.Boxes dimension are L31 x W23 x H23.5. Interested parties pls PM me. Thanks





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<font color="aa00aa">hi,
i got one ang bao box for sale,
pls PM/email me at [email protected]
if you are interested. Selling this Ang Bao
box as i have got another one already.

Self collection @ Redhill or Tiong Bahru
MRT Stn.




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Hi, I have a pink angpow box for sale, A4 paper box size. Comes with matching penholders. Please PM if interested. Thanks.



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Hi Vee

May I know if you're still having the ang bow box? is it still in good consition? can u sell at $30 or less? coz is kinda of ex.. tight budget.. hope to hear from you soon.


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Hi gals,

Those who DIY your own angpow box, did you cut the hole yourself? I checked out the boxes from giftshops and noticed that the material is quite hard. Very tough to cut.

How did you all do it?



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Hi satinchris,

Yes, some boxes come with no slits and cutting them may be hard. There is actually a good and simple way to go about this problem of DIY slits. If u want to wrap the box with some material, be it cloth or paper, wrap over the slit as well and eveything's well covered up.

If however u are not planning to wrap, one way of concealing the slit is to buy some thick pretty lace, lace roses or even strings of beads or pearls to line the perimeter of the hole.


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hi jessica and angeljules, you can actually get the heart shaped boxes from Daiso (at least that's where I've seen them =P) but they are basically individual heart shape boxes...


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Dear all, I am looking for 2 ang pow boxes of the same kind from hotels with simple/ minimal designs. A guide would be lookalike ang pow plain boxes from Kalms.

If you have any to let go cheaply, do pm me.




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Dear all, I wish to sell my 2 angbao boxes that were used during my wedding. They are handmade by me with alot of effort. Materials used are sponge flowers, cloth and ribbons. Notice that the pink angbox actually has gliiters on it! Dimension is 33cm(L) x 24cm(D) x 26cm(H). The cost price of the box is around $25 EACH but i am letting go of these 2 boxes together as a package at $35 only! Guests have commented they look very sweet and cute.


In addition, I also wish to sell my ring pillow used only once during my solemnization ceremony. It is a very sweet cream colour with 2 sweet bears hugging each other. It is attached with roses made of ribbons and some faux pearls. I bought it at $60 (Yes, I feel so heartpain then) but now I am letting go at only $30!!!


Self collection of the above items preferred at either Redhill or Tiong Bahru MRT after 7pm. For delivery, there will be an additional charge of $10 per trip. (Therefore, it makes more sense for you to purchase all items at one go!)

Do let me know if you have any concepts of customized angbao boxes in mind, as I believe that the conventional angbao boxes are too ordinary and would be too boring for such an important once-in-a-lifetime event. Prices for the customized angbao boxes are negotiable!

Please sms me at 91700462, or email me at [email protected] if you are interested in the above items or my service. Thank you!


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hi, is any of u can request for ang bao box?
im willing to pay, if anybody can make a DIY Manchester United ang bao box.
my FH loves MU so much
sms me : 8298-0305

thank you


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Hi Cus,

If I am not wrong,the dimensions are 33cm(L) x 24cm(D) x 26cm(H).

I will go back home to double check again. Probably you can email me as i hardly go on the forum. my email is [email protected]