Amore Fitness at Woodlands Civic Centre


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me staying around there. If i sign up i also must be daring to go alone lor but i think most ppl go alone so ok la...just go in and exercise.


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Hi Fioon,
I have also sign up with Amore but haven't been using the sessions. I normally go to BJ or PM. I work in Raffles so these places are nearer. Where do you work/stay?


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Hi b.s.t

I work near harbour front , stay at woodland..
where are you staying ?

What package have u signed up?


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Hi Fioon,
I stay @ balestier. I have signed up for the power package cos want to go for pilates & yoga classes as well.

Which package do you intend to sign up?


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i was thinking to sign up for gym only.. cox i worry sometime i'm not able to meet their schedule. Journey fr company to hm take too long time.. what is your package $$ ?

If u go BJ/PM, dont u feel too tired/hungry by the time u reach home.. ??


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I like to go to kb on sat morning and new body on sunday afternoon kekee

if i got time.. maybe i will go ks on thu evening


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anyway wanna go together?
i go to the one at Woodlands too.
I like monday's 6.30 class
hope to establish a routine and go 2-3 times aweek.
anyone keen?


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is this thread also still alive?? i will be going for a trial on cardio blitz on this coming deepavli (21st oc) 11am..anyone going????


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i am also looking at amore fitness packages. esp classes. wanna start asap. please PM me if any letting go. thx!


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I have 65 lessons (can be used for gym facilities, aerobic classes or speciality classes) for sale. Expiry in Sept 08. I bought the package by no. of lessons, not under "unlimited".

Ambitious plan to slim down but just simply couldn't find the time to go as need to take care of 2 toddlers.... haha.. probably need greater not really in a hurry to sell off.

Interested, please PM me your best price. Will sell to highest bidder if price is right. Thanks!


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Hi fairymoon,

Have PMed you already..

you do not accept PM.. pls update your profile to accept PM.


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grace.. u are attending classes there too? Gee I didnt attend thursday's class cos didnt feel up to it :p my next lesson will probably be next tues LO by Cheryl


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Yes yes.. I still have a Amore package for sale.. kindly pm me for details for those who are interested.



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I have an Amore package left till May 2010. It's unlimited package at any branch, including GST, it is $105+/a month, but I am willing to let go at $100/month for whatever that is remaining.
Do email me at [email protected] if interested!


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i have a amore unlimited gym only package for sale. all gyms with 40 months left. you can upgrade to fitness package if you want.
bought it at $2888. if interested pls pm your offer.


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Hi gers, I have a amore fitness package for sale, type is once a week, you can use for both gyms and attend classes. Expiry date will be in Nov 2011. You can upgrade unlimited if you want. Offer is negotiable ($900). Kindly pm me @ <[email protected]>.


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Hi gals,

I have an Amore unlimited package for sale with 37 months left. It's unlimited package for gym+class at any branches. Reason for selling is I will be relocated oversea next month, Amore can freeze the package for me but not sure if I'll be coming back so will sell if price is reasonable. Paid $105+GST per month, willing to let go at $85/mth negotiable. Amore has many branches, even swimming pool and aqua class, good instructors. I switched from Fitness First to Amore and never regret even though FF is in my office building. Been going to Amore at least 4 times per week for the last whole year.

If interested pls pm me your offer


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Hi all,

Currently, I have an AMORE package to let go.
Remaining sessions: 47 sessions of classes/gym and steambath usage. (Originally had 48 classes. Only went once. >.<)
Selling at: $650 (Originally at $720, prices are negotiable)
Expiry date: Feb 22, 2011 (there's still more than 6mths to go)
Venue: Any Amore fitness center except Amore Fitness at Tampines One and City Square Mall as these two outlets are only for unlimited package holders.

My package is suitable for those of you who are only able to go for classes for once or twice a week.
Interested parties, please email me at [email protected]


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Hi everyone,

I have an Amore package to let go.
Remaining 6 months/ once a week (about 30 session left cos i missed a few).
Price negotiable. Original price $400.
Expiring end March 2011.
Package usable for all branches.

email me at [email protected] if interested.


Looking for Amore's unlimited package membership for 3-9 months. Pls PM if keen to sell.
Looking at within $80/month.


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I am also looking for Amore's unlimited package membership for 6-9 months. Pls PM if U R keen to sell.
My budget is about $80/month.


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I got their bochure featuring types of Aerobics studios, from Pilates to Yoga to Dance.
New: Bollywood dance, Kidblitz, Powerpump, Fitball and so on....

I am tempted to try out for 1month if it cost $88 only. But my problem is
where do you keep your shoes and gears? I dont want to carry 'them'
everywhere i go. Any advice? Thnks.


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i am still thinking on whether to go and extend the membership. have been with amore since 3 years ago. just started on my 4th year and thinking of extending my current packages to another 3 more years.

reason is i find theres improvement in classess . the movement in the class are quite different from last time. plus point is amore living at city sq n T1


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I am thinking of signing up again.. was a member few yrs back.. how much is the package now, anyone has info?

I was @ T1 branch yesterday and wanna to have a site walk, but they were lack of manpower to show me around hence din manage to sign up...