Addressing on Wedding Cards


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hi star,

Are you still in this thread? if not can anyone out there please send me the file also? Thanks a lot


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sorry i forget to put my email address. it is [email protected]
I am inviting my colleagues (female) and her husband to my wedding dinner. But how do i put the addressing in my Invitation cards?
Do i put Mr and Mrs (Colleagues husband Name)or
can i put Madam Lee Annie and Husband.? Cos i do not know her husband, will it be weird tat i put the name of her husband instead of her? Any one pls advise me. Thanks.
hi, can anyone help me too ?
i am inviting my boss and his how to write in the invitation card ? pls AD is 17 Nov...thanks.


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anyone has the template for wedding inserts as I'm doing DIY wedding cards and not sure how the wordings will be like.
Appreciate you can email the template to [email protected].

Thanks in advance!!=)