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Hi all, i need some advise.
I am confuse too many photographer to chose on AD. I'm thinking to hire 2 photographer, 2nd photographer as a back up photographer. Back up photographer for $350. Is it worth it to spend additional $350?


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I think 1 experience photographer is enough loh... Better spend on videographer. I just had my AD, video more fun to watch then photos.


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actually, it all depends on the "size" of your big day..
if it is a huge event in the morning, for eg...groom with 8 bros and above..bride with 8 sisters and above..with many other relatives around.
one photographer might not be able to take all the candid and formal shots by himself.
this is especially so, if one or both houses are landed properties...
many funny candid moments will happen in different part of the big house.
groom might be here, and bride might be somewhere else.

same goes for the dinner in the evening, some hire 2nd photographer for table shots, some are hired to armed with telephoto lens for candid shots.

hope the info is useful


HI i am looking for AD photographer, but trying to keep minimum budget. I am alright if just digital photos are given to me, without any prints. Any advice on which photographers i can find and rough price range? Thanks!


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it realy depends on the size of ur actual day , I have some client that engage a videographer for their rom. and some will only engage 1 PG for their split day wedding. Sad to say that quality of the PG is directly related to the couple's budget.


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Hi All
I'm looking for AD photography & AD videography.

What are the stuff in a package that I need to know in order to get a good deal.



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good deal is you must love the photos ,style and click with the photographer

bad deal is u don't really like the photos and style but its cheap and have alot free stuff (eg collage, more photos. etc )

don't follow blindly of what other people said.


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Hi All, I'm to this forum. I am currently residing overseas and my friend has recommended a photographer which includes AD photography, videography and pre-wedding photoshoot + make-up at $4500. However, after we signed up (while i'm overseas), my photographer + videograpger told me that he is to leave by 1.30pm to charge his battery... i was shock!! Has anyone experience the same thing??? So i will have no photo + video for part of my AD.


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Hi ET, you mean the photographer and videographer leave you after the tea ceremony? Some photographers do so for a break if nothing is happening in between and only back duirng makeup time for the dinner. But to charge battery is an excuses as he should have spare batteries with him all along. Did you have something for him to shoot after 1.30? In between break is a must if you want productivity for the dinner shoot. After all we are all human being and if he is shooting at 6am to 12am, that is a non-stop of 16 hours and it is really hard for the photographer as well.


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Hi Jess - yes. I do understand that they will be needing a break and I am happy for them to take a rest. In addition, I totally understand that the videographer would also need time to edit the viedo highlight for the evening reception. As I am having religion ceremony on the same day, tea ceremony will be conducted after 1.30pm and returning to bride's place will be at around 3pm. Therefore, if my PG nad VG leave by 1.30pm... hmme... which mean that most of the major activities on the day will not be captured. Now, i'm a little lost and unsure what to do...


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Think there is a communication break down between u and photographer/videographer?

Did u give them ur actual day itinerary?

And for express highlight to be done, usually photographer/videographer will request 4-5 hrs of time to do. If u talking abt returning to brides place at 3pm and they have to be at the hotel ball rom at latest 7(to test run the express highlight) I believe it would be impossible for them to do up the express highlight for u.

So now, its ur decision of wanting them to capture the day activities or u want them to do up the express highlight.

Maybe check with ur photographer/videographer are they able to get 2nd photogpher/videographer to capture the afternoon events. of course, u will have to pay extra more for that.


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Hi Zcerd,

I have not told my PG abt my itenary yet. As mentioned, I am residing overseas. In fact, I have not even seen my PG/VG yet. I got to know that thorugh a friend - apprantly my PG is my froens' friend. So far, we have only communictaed via email.

I did not know that to do a 7mins highlight, it need to be a 4-5 hours work. My cousin's PG and VG left them at 3.30pm and returned to the hotel with the highlight by 7pm...

Well, I guess, I will need to speak to my PG and VG again and see what they say.....
Everyone has different way of doing thing. Some need longer time some need less time. It also has to depend on the work as well. Talk to him personally on the phone as well if possible so that he the photographer/videographer know of your situation and needs. Cheers!


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Yes. best is to talk to them and work it out.

I rather give my photographer/videographer more time to do the express highlight then making them rush it out.

Photogrpaher/videographer also human.. give them time to rest


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Hi ET (emilyteo), I am photographer/videographer from Aspire Studio. Technically mere 3 hours is not enough to edit a good video. Sometimes when the gatecrashing is very long, just capturing the footages into the computer would require more than an hour itself. Its likely that your cousin's videographer handover the footage to another editor for editing while he continues to shoot. Are you sure the videographer is the same person as the editor?

I agree with zcerd, it is best to talk to them about the time needed and work out something both parties can accept.



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Hi Jinghong> I'm not sure if my cousin's VG is the same person as the editor as I did attend her wedding. I doubt she knows anyway.... Thanks for all the suggestions and advice guys.... I will communicate with my PG/VG when I am back in Singapore.

Huh Zcerd, I think I've mentioned earlier... i know that PG and VG are humans and they need time to rest. I'm not complaining about my PG/VG but just trying to find out a reasonable time required for editing the video highlight... as all my friends who just got married told me that their PG/VG all leave around 2-3pm.

Organising wedding from overseas is a real challenge.... lots of information can only be obtained based on others' recommendation and advice...


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Hi CN,

Reading about your photographer, wanted to find out more about the wifi tech tingy. checked the website but couldn't send him an email. can you let me know his email pls.



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anybody looking for photographer.. i highly recommend sky hu.. we engaged him as our photographer and has just finished our pre-wedding shoot.. he's very professional.. and a super nice and friendly guy...

just want to share coz im very happy with his service..

check out his website at


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actually all the VGs i approached said the morning part is only until 1pm.. then they will come back for the dinner part at 7pm..

wonder whether anyone has managed to squeeze in the customary gatecrashing + tea ceremony at both sides + a outdoor photo shoot within 7am to 1pm? I don't mind paying VG extra to film after 1pm.. but scared he not enuf time to do editing.. but wanna have some photo shoot with my jie meis & xiong dis..


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it can be done actually, But u might be paying much more for the 2nd VG to film . while the other VG goes back to edit the morning footage. BUT it is impossible for them to include those footage that u have mention after 1 pm. They REALLY really need time for editing. It not easy .


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shybride, why dont you try doing yourself and see if 1hr is enough or not?

dun expect your VG to be some superman to do editing in 1hr.

He aso need to view through what he shoots in the morning and do the cutting and editing.

you may have pay him $$, but please be considerate aso, and not asking for something ridiculous


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wait. i meant 1 hour for the outdoor shoot.. -.-"please get things clear before you guys start shooting people down. why so hostile? this is meant to be a happy place for happy people.


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yes yes , ,Calm down.. happy website here

To Shy bride.
My suggestion, Talk to the VG. should you have any questions and enquiries. they are in a better position to ans you. Rather than over in the forum. They VG shd understand ur need also
I think best is to have at least 5 hours to do the editing for videographer. If you could afford a assistant videographer, then you have less to worry.


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Hi Emily,

Not sure if you still come to this thread. I only just saw it. Are you also requesting for photo highlights too or only just video highlights?

I agree the videographer needs time to do the express video highlights properly. It must be matched with the right music to create the right atmosphere, so its not an easy job.

Perhaps you can consider letting the videographer off to do his highlights, and just keep the photographer (very common for them to limit their shooting time to 1pm for the morning, you may have to pay extra for them to stay extra hour) to take pics of you with your family... provided you didn't ask for photo highlights as well.

I also think its best to communicate to them your needs now, rather than leave it till you come back from Singapore (and find that they can't do it, and there is no room for negotiation coz its too late?)

My videographer Sim works with a partner. His partner Ken comes in the morning to take the video shots. Sim comes at 1pm and takes the material for editing. When I told him that I have not decided if I will have a church wedding, he said that from his experience church weddings always drag on till about 3pm, and there is not much time to do a good job in express highlights. Perhaps you can find out if your videographer works in twos, then one can leave at 1pm to edit the morning footage while the other stays to capture the afternoon events. Or, as my videographer suggests, you may have to consider playing your highlights a bit later (eg 9pm) so they will still have time to do a proper job. You really don't want them to rush through it.

Good luck!


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hi, im currently planning my wedding for sep 09. will like to know what kind of package does actual day photographer usually gives.


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from what i have find out,different price, different package.

like photographer A charge $500, giving 300 prints with album, dvd contain all photos, etc

photographer B charge same $500, but only give u dvd. no print or anything else.

so , there's no so call 'standard' of what all photographer will give bah.


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hi all,

looking for a cheap and good AD photographer and videographer too.
any good 1s 2 recommend?
Hi all BTBs & GTBs,

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Jonny Zhu
Hi Mindy,

There are many good photographers who are quite active in this forums, taking example, I am quite active in this forums.

Many of us have quite positive feedbacks on the quality of our works and services. Take your time to look at their works, their level of services and the photographer's personalities.

If your wedding is about 12 months away, you might wanna start sourcing for "That" photographer/ videographer asap. Many companies might be fully booked on "Hot wedding dates" about 12 months in advance...

Still, it boils down to who you are most comfortable with, and who makes you the most comfortable, to sign on that "Dotted line"...


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Hi gals,

Yes I agree with Mindy, hot dates are usually snap up pretty fast, don't just go for package that restrict your option, go for a la carte which, work out to be more economical & you get almost everything back.


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I've got a question which AD photographers can enlighten me...

How important is it for the couple to "connect" with the AD photographer? After all, a AD photographer is supposed to document the day's events, isn't he supposed to be a "fly on the wall"?

The reason why I ask this is because I met up with a photographer, with an interest in having him cover my AD. However, I cannot seem to "connect" with him, or perhaps, like no chemistry with him. Having said that, I really like his work.

So from a PG's point of view, to hire or not to hire. Would u want to work with a couple that u cannot chat with or feel no chemistry with (honestly)?

Also welcome BTBs' input.



i think veri importantly to be established between us and our photographer is the understanding of how we are like in character and personality and what we expect out of his photography.

the photographer has to understand and get the correct feel of what me and my hubby's personalities are like and also our character. That way, he can shoot and portray us like the way we are. he has to know what we want too when we chose to engage him. our needs can be like having more group shots, candid shots or anything at all so long as our needs do not interfere much with his shooting style and such.

those i feel are important right from the first meet-up. subsequently at our wedding, he can be a fly on the our wall or even be enthusiastically interacting with us to get his shots.

then after wedding, it's time for us to communicate again to ensure what we will have in the end to keep for life is exactly what we want it to be but not being overly-demanding.

personally, my hubby n i are less interested in the kind of quiet personality that some photographers have. it's as if they have a firewall that we cannot get through to convey what we are looking forward to in his photography for our wedding. :p


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kass, most importantly u MUST feel comfortable talking to him.

if you can't even feel that, how on earth are you going to communicate with him on ur big day?


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I think trust word of mouth better. I being my friend's sister on her wedding last end of year. I saw the different in her photographer and videographer. photographer is very friendly and pro-active and videographer has very "smelly" face and keep groaning don't know for what.

I then found out they my friend hired from different companies and photographer is from Coffee Tea Dreamzwork Company and videographer a freelance attached by her bridal shop.

I think follow friend's experience would'nt be too wrong.


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Hi ,

I engaged Joel from JC Photography as my AD PG. Had comments from friends and relatives that his photos are very nice and impressive and yet the cost is very reasonable (>1k) . HTB and I met up with him and he is very detailed in his explanation.
You can contact him at [email protected] .
Cheers ,

Hi guys

Do understand the gadgets your crew brings around. For those camera geeks out there like us, you'll know that 2 sets of good camera and lenses can easily come up to $10k. I carry about $15k when i shoot. And those IT geeks will know that reliable, fast, virus resistant macs and original softwares come up to another $10k each. If you're not too particular then don't need to enquire. But I'd strongly suggest otherwise.

Do be particular. Birth, Marriage, Death. You'd probably be more excited about Marriage. ;)


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