Actual Day Package Only


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Hi All, need your kind advice if this package is worth it?


-5 gowns, 2-3 outdoor locations
( excl transportation)
-trial make up


- 1 OTR WG
- 1 OTR EG
- 1 Teadress / kwa
- 2 Groom suit
- 1 Bridesmaid gown / Bro Jacket
- 2 Father Jacket
- Bouquet
- AD Day / Night Makeup
- Car Decor
- AD PG (Morning n Night) Full Return of pics in dvd)
- Childhood Photo Montage


- Big Portrait or 3 in 1
- Table Top
- Smaller Album (Un-duplicated Pic)
- Post card (80 pcs)
( Album is crystal, digital layout)

Price: $3980

If want AD VG plus express Highlite additional 1.7k.

Plus point: Gowns are nice, PG is journalistic style.


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hi ladies. congratulation to all BTB.
i am new here.
can anyone suggest me for actual day package only?
i dont't need PS and album.
i think all we need is PG and VG and AD gown, MUA and groom tux.

can anyone share with me their packages?
my email is [email protected]

thank you ladies.


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Recently I signed up with a Taiwan bridal Bvlgari Wedding, they going to open a bridal boutique here in sg. Their package for 1 wedding and 2 evening gowns is only $999 as they said this price is 预购 price, just like pre-opening sale pricing. After the opening of their boutique, they will be renting out at individual price. They said the boutique will be open at first half of this year. If anyone interested do let me know I can share the contacts with you.


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@bluely_snowing - did u mean 1 wedding + 2 evening gowns = 3 sets for just $999? am pretty interested with check them out. could i have the contacts/website if possible?
am trying to look out for a good one for my actual day probably next year :/ though still a year more to go, but because i havent done it before so need more information :D

Thanks a million.


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Wow! bluely_snowing! That's a good deal! I am also interested. Can email me details [email protected]. So far, the best quote I am given is $700 for 1 wedding and 1 evening gown. But I must say the gowns are nice.


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Hi All

I am looking for (i) AD package and separately just (ii) quote for MUA. Do share with me your package or contacts / quote for MUA.

Thanks a lot!


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Joanne: It's from La Mariee Wedding House. It's just 1 wedding gown and 1 evening gown otr. Groom jacket is not included. But the boss did mention that the suits will come in later. You can just google on the shop and get the contact from there. I got my photoshoot gowns from there.


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Joanne: Hahah no stress! You also doing ala carte right? I guess that's the problem for brides like doing ala carte. Go take a look at what La Mariee can offer you first


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Hi all,
i'm also looking for a AD package that has to be within 1.5k, inclusive of 1 Bridal Gown, 1 Evening Gown, make up artist, car deco and bride's flower bouquet.. can someone send me the contact of the Taiwan Bvlgari Wedding too? thanks much in advance!
- [email protected]


Joanne, that is very affordable.
It is from dream wedding? any limitation on the gown? Like only certain range. also have AD package that you all can take a look.
But I heard that the basic is too simple and good for PS, for AD you can topup $300 for each upgrade.


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hi kit... nope.. mine is a consider new start up kind.

Dream wedding a bit out of budget. 1 grown and 2 evening grown 999 + 400 for 2 suits exclude car deco

i met with ivy but the pricing a bit steep to me.. 4k + for a 30 pose package.. way too beyond my budget. may not cfm with them...


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hi ariel ,

some will go down to the bridal shop and have a see and feel of gown before deciding the packages. Only beware of hardsell.


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I have a bridal package for sale from evonne creative bought in 2008. The package cost $3088 but i have paid $12000 so far. I will not be getting married anymore so would like to find someone to transfer this at $1000. it covers rom & actual day with bridal cover.

interested please pm at [email protected] and i will send u the package details. It can be customised still at the bridal shop.

Thank you.

Stacey lwin


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hi there couples,
wanna ask for details of the bridal package.
What are the top ups that we can ask for.
i have made an enquire on a bridal shop @ marina square and it cost ant $3600++
can share some of your package with me @ [email protected]?


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Hi, can some one advises if actual day wedding package till lunch wedding include polariod during cocktail before lunch wedding that cost est. $3600, is it reasonable?


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Did anyone heard of Thomson, any idea if their package is reasonable? try to ask engracia_chua but i suppose she's no longer using the same email address...


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Hi ladies, I am also looking for actual day package too. Because I had signed up a Taiwan photoshoot package which does not include the gown.. So would appreciated someone could email me what you had. Really appreciate. Thanks a lot.
My email is [email protected].


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Hi all lovely brides to be..

Would like to find out for the actual packages as well, as I also signed up for a Taiwan photoshoot. Can email me at [email protected] please? Many thanks in advance.

Would also appreciate if anyone could share on what is typically included in the actual day package, and what are the other costs that is not covered that we still have to look for, e.g. photography?


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I signed AD package with Thomson rates is about $2500 and above..includes the following:
1 gown
1 evening dress
1 tea dress / kua
1 suit
2 father jacket
1 bridesmaid dress
1 bestman jacket
makeup artist
trial makeup
car deco
6 Corsages