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Hi everyone,

Posting a comment from a recent wedding couple, Andy & Jasmine.


Hi Jonny,

Thanks so much for the wedding video. We are both very happy with the excellent service you provided and the video was very well done.

Our friends & relatives loved the Morning highlight video your Editor produced for us. Thumbs up!

We will definitely recommend our friends if they are looking for a wedding videographer & photographer!

Andy & Jasmine
3rd & 4th Jan 2009

Hi Adeline & Alvin,

I've ping your mail... Do check it out =)

Drop me a mail if u have any questions

have a nice weekend =)



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Hi Jonny,

Can you send me your package for AD photography & videography (with highlights express)?

My AD is on 26 Dec 09 (tea ceremony) & 27 Dec 09 (dinner banquet).


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can you send me your package for VG & PG + express highlight to be shown on AD?
My tea ceremony is on 26 Dec 09 & AD dinner banquet on 27 Dec 09.
email: [email protected]
Thank you
Hi All,

Please check your email for my reply.

Sorry for my late response.

I really look forward to meeting all of you and produce high quality videos & photos for your wedding =)

Hi Weikhim...

THanks so much for the interest...

Do check out your email for my package offers.

Really looking forward to assisting you on your big day!

Hi 8klay8,

Sorry for my late response. I sent out my email at 3:03pm.

If you never receive my mail, pls let me know so that I can send you the email again.



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My budget is S$500 for an actual day wedding video. Do you think it's too hard for hire a video man? It can be without cutting the video.
Hi Rong Siang Lee,

I would advise wedding couples to get video packages with an edited video (Full version). Reason being that the unedited video does not have any treatment. And it might contain a lot of shaky images, sudden movements and black scenes.
The sound might be very squeaky and sharp.

And I don't think you would wanna show such a video to your friends & relatives...

Furthermore, wedding is a "Once-in-a-Lifetime" event. You spent so much effort, time & money to prepare for your AD, and making sure everything runs smoothly. The last thing you would expect a screw-up are the videos & photos.


Because these are the only items left behind to remind you of that joyous event for many, many years to come...

Have a budget of about $1500 to $3000 to have your wedding video well-taken & well-done. You will feel the "pain", especially your pocket.
But it is an investment on a thing that will NEVER. EVER. Happen again... ...

Feel free to visit our website at and drop us an email if you have any queries concerning videos & photos...

I will do my best to answer them all...

I really look forward to helping all of you on your big day!

Hi everyone!

A couple who got married last month in Feb, collected their videos yesterday and they left a testimonial for us that really touched me...


Dear Jonny,

We were surfing the Internet & we came across Academy Video Productions. So, we decided to arrange a meeting with Jonny to discuss about our video package. We took up the package on that day.

On the day of our wedding, Bernard did a wonderful job. Not only did he performed his duties but he went beyond that and gave us a lot of suggestions, which he gained from his vast videography experience from many, countless wedding events.

The Morning Highlight video was really wonderful. It gave our guests a totally different perspective of our morning event and our friends and relatives really loved it!

To Jonny, Bernard & Academy Video, thank you all for doing such a wonderful job. You make our day different!


Yong Soon & Clara
06 Feb 09


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Hi Jonny

Can you please send me your AD Packages (PG & VG) if you're available on 25 May 2009?

Thanks a lot. =)



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I also would like to know about your rates for my wedding on
03 oct 09

I have gone to your website but I cant see your videos (maybe coz i am using mac) Could you also email me your samples?

[email protected]
Hi ryan & joyjoy,


I just replied both of you =)

If you have any queries, feel free to drop me a mail...

I look forward to make your wedding memorable and special



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Im interested in your PG & VD packages.
My AD is on 06 Dec 2009. Could you pls email me the detail.
Thank You,