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Hi happylife and suika,

I just went over to their studio today for a demo,
they are really very professional in their work.
Saw their highlights, very different from what i seen so far. (I've been to 3 VG production houses)

I got to know them from my company, as my company corporate video is done by them. Look for eileen/irene (I forgotten her name).

Nice people i would say. I will look around for one more company before committing. Wish me luck!



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Hi all, I went to their studio too. Have signed up with them on the spot after seeing some videos made by them. They are really professional and have a big studio. My hubby and I are in good hands! Hehe..


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Provides Affordable Video Filming and Editing Services for Weddings/Birthdays, etc.

Packages include:
1) Wedding Day Package - 10 hours session. Filmed in the morning & express editing to show in the evening. 2 sets of DVD (Conceptualize and edited with theme). All raw mini DV tapes given as well. $500

2) Wedding Day Advance DVD Package - Photo Montage plus Interviews shown in the reception $300

3) Customized Package - According to Client's needs.

Other services also include converting minDV tapes to DVDS. Cost of service is negotiable.

Call Xiao Shi at 98398556. Or e-mail at [email protected].

Xiao Shi is a freelance videographer who recently graduated from university. Her past clients include institutions, couples, and corporate clients.


Hmm.. 10 hours, any sample of work done ? I'm looking for VG for AD, starting from around 2 or 3 pm to end of dinner banquet for mid next year.


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I'm looking for VG for AD too.
Does any one here can share with me Michael Poh's portfolio? I have been to his website. But would like to look at his more recent works. In addition, is there anyone here does some form of pre-wedding video shoot instead of the normal photo montage? Can share with me too? Thx!!
[email protected]


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Hi all, I think if you are interested, just make a appointment with him. He is very friendly and does not hard sell. He will show you videos that you may be interested. Just give him a call.


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Hi Glenlyn,

You might want to go down yourself to view their work. i just went down recently, their works seemed so-so. Take note that their quotation can varies alot.


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Hi all...

Currently, I'm looking for a videography for my wedding.

Anyone got any comments on AVP. Besides their packages varies alot...


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Hi Zhi Zhang,

You might want to go down to take a look at their works and feel it for yourself. This thread is not that active


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Thanks thanks... They quoted me $1080 for AD Filming+EHL. Return Raw Video in DVD.

Meeting them next weekend.
Hi nic,

I will be your Coordinator for Wedding Videography & Photography and I will be assisting you on the package combination for your Big Day.

Office no.: 6535 9664
Mobile no.: 9389 8498
Email: [email protected]

Our service rates range from $950 to $4000, depending on what combination of services you’re interested.

Here are some of the services we provide to wedding couples:

- All Day Videography
- Express Highlight (MTV Style)
- Day’s Highlight
- Photo Montage
- Edited video
- Pre-wedding MTV-style Video
- Cartoon Animation or Caricature

- All Day Photography (Journalistic, Artistic, Comical, Pose)
- Collage or Coffee Table Booklet
- Black & White photo album
- Actual Day colour photo album
- Actual Day Photo Montage
- Pre-wedding Photography

You could let me know what combination of services you are interested. So that I could customize and propose a package according to your requirements.

After you have read through the wedding package, I would like to arrange a meet-up so that I can show you some of our company’s recent productions & have a better understanding of your requirements.

Shall you have any questions; feel free to drop me a mail or give me a call.

Hi charmayne and james (charma97),

I have replied you via e-mail. Do check your inbox or junk mail.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi to all wed-to-be,

Thank you for supporting Academy Video Productions, and constantly send in your inquiries about our packages.

Because I am not always on this forum, so my reply will be rather late. But do send in your inquiries, I will do my best to attend to each and every one of your inquiries.

For more information, please send your inquiries to [email protected] or to my direct mail: [email protected]

At the same time, do visit our websites:

Feel free to give us any comments on how we can improve our services.

Hi to all brides & grooms-to-be,

I'm back with a piece of good news!

Wedding Combo Package Promotion: S$1750.00

- 1 Videographer
- 1 Photographer
- Full coverage of Day & Night events
- Unlimited shots
- 300 photos in 4R prints
- 2 set DVD video
- 2 set Photo CD/DVD
- Return original tapes.

For more inquiries on the current Promotion and other services, send e-mail to [email protected]. or call +65 6535 9664.

Promotion ends 31 May 2008.


Hi to all brides & grooms-to-be,

I have received many feedback from couples saying that they would received a failure message when they want to send in their inquiries.

Our company's IT support system was doing a major migration to a newer platform, so that we can serve our customers better. So, our IT support system, including e-mail system was taken offline for 48 hours, to facilitate the migration. It resumed operations at 5th March, 4:00pm.

On behalf of my company, I apologise for any inconveniences caused during our migration.

Do continue to send in your inquiries about our services. I will do my best to find the best package for your big day.