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I hereby declare this thread officially dead...

Funeral will be set up tomorrow morning.
All ex-singles please turn up to pay your last respects.


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For those who want to contribute bai jin...
Please PM me and I will provide you with the bank account to transfer to...

Minimum $50 please. Thank you.


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pls lor.. simi sai?!?!?!

u r the shit stirrer mah! so of coz must hv u ard then can stir shit wat!
I msn u nv reply So rude!
deserve to RIPPPPPPPPPPPPP liao u


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Singapore has 1 confirmed H1N1 case

S'pore reports 1st flu case
SINGAPORE has reported its first patient infected with the new A(H1N1) flu strain.
The patient, a 22-year-old Singaporean woman, had been in New York from May 14 to 24, and arrived here on Tuesday morning.

While seated in row 55 on Singapore Airlines flight SQ25, she began to develop a cough, but she passed the thermal scanner at the airport later without being stopped, because she did not have a fever at the time.

Later that morning, she went to a general practitioner who decided to send her to Tan Tock Seng Hospital via the special ambulance service 993 meant for suspected Influenza A (H1N1) cases.

Laboratory test confirmed her infection at midnight on Tuesday.

The patient is being treated at the TTH Communicable Disease Centre and is in stable condition.

The Health Ministry said the patient has been vigilant in monitoring her condition and had sought immediate medical attention once she realised she was unwell.

"Her attending GP, through his quick response in activating the 993 ambulance for the patient, had also helped to minimise the spread of infection from this case," said a ministry statement.

The Health Ministry has begun contact tracing of those who have been in close contact with the patient.

They will be quarantined and given antivirals to prevent them from developing the disease.

The ministry asked passengers who had been seated in rows 52 to 58 on the same flight to call its hotline on 1800-333 9999, so that its officers can check on their health condition.

The Ministry has reminded all medical practitioners and healthcare institutions to continue to be vigilant to suspect cases.

Temperature screening for passengers entering Singapore at all checkpoints - land, sea and air - will continue.

All passengers passing through or entering Singapore are given Health Alert Notices on board their flights, advising them to monitor their own health if they have been to affected areas and to seek medical attention immediately if they are not well.


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You peeps seems to have forgotten that the confirmed H1N1 gal was flying into Singapore with a FULL PLANE LOAD of passengers arriving in Singapore.

Better stock up on face masks... :p


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if every country in the world declares an enforced 7day holiday and let the thing die off... wouldn't we be rid of it?


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you are underestimating the intellect of people around the world.

Do you know an incident in Japan where they closed down a few schools and enforce quarantinee on the students?
What do those little angels do?
They all went karaoake...

And not to forget the impact on the already weak economy if the whole world shuts down for 7 days...

Should we debate this further?


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whahahhaha.. ya lor.. Salsa..

eh Powderful that day me & Salsa go shopping in La Senza ah.. then we saw a HUGE bra! kaoz.. its farking big!! Imagine 1 cup can cover my entire face!! no kidding! I tested on that & Salsa was saying i very bad..

then spontanously we thot of u ! whahahahahaha
dun ask us why..


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But if we live in the same house & I only infect you on the 3rd day, & then u go roaming into the streets by the 7th day, u'll still be infectious. To play it real safe, why dun every country impose a 1-month holiday?


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skylar, I dont blame you and salsa when you thought of me...big sized bra or not...
I have that effect on a lot of people who have the fortune to have been in my presense.
I guess I just make a lasting impression on people...

While we are on the topic of holidays...
Any place to suggest for holiday?
Planning to take a few days off work next month...

But just received news that HR want to have a conference call with our sales team next Monday...
I hope we're not getting retrenched (touch wood)

What a wet blanket...


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The only way i'll tour NZ is when I'm nearing retirement age...and

In a coma...
And nearing death...

Or a free airticket and accomodation...accompanied by BOTH Chi Ling and Chiang Yi...

What fun is there to have by looking at cows, sheep, mountains, cows, sheep, scenary, LOTR filming location, more cows and more sheeps?


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he was attacked by magpies...

but i can concur... places like nz, oz... unless the city never sleeps... i'm basically going there to sleep...


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whahahahahahaha.. kns..
eh how can u say that about our laundreeeeee...
so u trying to imply that she possess all of ur above traits if she were to tour NZ lah..

I do know of a damn good place, hearsay its damn hap!
eh how about Balibanban?????


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Yah...I don't really like wild life given my near death experience with magpies when I was studying in Aussie...

I'm not really a city kid lah...
But NZ is just so....boring...


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U sure u wanna pass??
dun u recall the "fab" time u had there??
humping on the rough road with brains high with smoke??!?!?!?

ok ok other few hap placess... u can consider!

Bandung ????
Kalimantan ????
how about ....
Bandar Lampung !!!!!


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Wah jan. How can Manado be more fun than NZ!? Ur focus is cheap services izit?

To everyone else, use ur imagination on the kind of services hor.


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no apa ini ah.. coz our Powderful have been roughing out in most of the cities in Indonsia man.. so from now on.. he has a new malay name called TONGKAT ALI! dun pray pray wor...


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At least I can go diving at Manado...

What can I do at NZ?
Eat grass with the sheeps and cows?
Pretend I'm Legolas at the LOTR film location? (not that it will be hard given my dashing good looks and agility)
Drink milk? Lots of it....


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u made NZ sounds like hell leh.. lol..
aehhh... given ur dashing good looks and agility
U just made me save up on my dinner!


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"U just made me save up on my dinner!"

I get that statement a lot...
Apparently a lot of gals can survive without food and water for days just by focusing themselves on my good looks...

*brushes hair from forehead in stylo-milo way*


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Skiing, skydiving, white water rafting, horseback riding, hot air ballooning, hang gliding, bungee, jetboating, glacier trekking etc, etc, etc.

U coward dare not play all these rite? Tat's why can only go diving in Manado. WHIMPY TONGKAT ALI!!

Powder, there are white sandy beaches in NZ. Dun mountain tortoise leh.


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Oh, hahahah... I thot u actually like beaches. Tat's why Manado is more fun to u coz it has beaches. I forgot u're already too dark for the effects of the sun.