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  1. happypotato

    happypotato Member

    Hey! I went to visit Fullerton last Sunday and the straits room is beautiful !!
    Have you visited yet?

    There was an actual wedding that day so I got to see the full set up. Honestly speaking, the decor is sufficient since the room is already so beautiful.
    You can also bring your own decor to add on or just pay the florist more to add on.

  2. tinkerella

    tinkerella New Member

    Hey Waiii, thank you for your reply. Your comments are helpful.
    hmmm I would prefer ala carte too but I think it's going to be way over my budget. So I am thinking of engaging bridal for gowns/make up etc and just ala carte the photographer..

    Also, just a quick question to other 2018 BTBs -
    do you think it is weird if my wedding band is in white gold and my Fiance's one is in platinum?
    I want an eternity ring so it definitely won't be a perfect match with my HTB. I am ok with different designs but wondering if it's okay to not have matching metals as well? (I wish to get him platinum because his job requires going down to sites etc and I think platinum is more durable for his daily wear.)
  3. walkwithme

    walkwithme New Member

    I think it's fine....I will probably be getting mine at a jeweler whereas he will get his for the rom ceremony at couple lab or something since he can't wear a ring at work
  4. SWLE

    SWLE New Member

    I love it too!!!! But Parkroyal Pickering over my budget:(

    Any suggestion on under $1500 per table(include tax) for sat dinner?
  5. tinkerella

    tinkerella New Member

    Hey! Sorry I missed your post asking me about the site visit and coordinator. Similarly to you, I was blown away by the room hahah. I think there must have been hearts coming out of my eyes when I stepped in lol..
    Decided to sign with Fullerton 2 weeks after the site visit! It's a little on the expensive side for lunch considering I didn't manage to get any beer (just a bottle of wine per table..) but my fiancé knew I loved the room and since we only have 12 tables, the total cost is still manageable :)

    My coordinator is Maureen by the way.
  6. happypotato

    happypotato Member

    I bet I was just like you and had hearts coming out of my eyes too cuz my coordinator could tell and passed a remark "beautiful isn't it? I can tell from your eyes" haha!

    Anyway, mind sharing what perks you manage to negotiate? Don't mind PM me? Thanks !!
  7. hxtj

    hxtj New Member

    Hi anybody interested in Taiwan pre wedding shoot package? From bluebay
  8. Did anyone sign with z wedding? Or know about z wedding? Is it good? :)
  9. asuna

    asuna New Member

    Hi honey boo!

    2018 btb as well :))
    Would u pls share ur Fullerton package details and price? Am also keen on Fullerton!
    Thanks in advance !
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  10. szeiliillz

    szeiliillz New Member

    Im Sep 2018 btb.. just signed up pw photoshoot package. Venue still finding.. would like to find somewhere with good food.. :)
  11. traceee

    traceee New Member

    Hi! Any mydreamwedding brides here?
  12. Hello there. I am actually going down to their bridal shop to take a look this wkend. Had an appointment with them. Is my dream wedding good? :)
  13. Pandora8989

    Pandora8989 New Member

    Hi I am a January 2018 bride too! Just want to check with you girls if you have any recommendations for affordable photobooth services?

  14. saunda

    saunda New Member

    Hello BTBs,

    Would like your review for the following:
    Bridal Concept - MUA
    Raffles Town Club

  15. singingmuffin

    singingmuffin New Member

    Hi! How did it go? :) saw their super attractive photos and gowns online but haven't had the time to go down yet sigh. Do share your experience with mydreamwedding and let us know how it goes! :)
  16. Pandora8989

    Pandora8989 New Member


    Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question - do I need to hire another AD photographer if it is already included in the Bridal package?

    I'm wondering why some BTBs are trying to find their AD photographer and/or videographer? Is it because they did not take up bridal packages? This makes me feel like I'm perhaps missing on something...
  17. hellobunny

    hellobunny Member

    Hello! Hahah not stupid question la.

    If you already have it in your bridal package then don't need to find. Some Brides go ala carte, by looking for photographers outside instead of using those in the bridal studios.
  18. Coldtreegreen

    Coldtreegreen New Member

    Hi girls! I'm a 2018 BTB too and just signed a really good PWS with Dolce Vita Couture in JB:) if you and your fiance dont mind travelling to JB a few times, the package is excellent! 4 locations for PWS (2 indoor 2 outdoor) + AD gown rental (wedding gown + evening gown + kua + bouquet and bridal car deco) at sgd1400
  19. yiqii

    yiqii Member

    Hi I'm a June BTB. Still deciding on my actual day gown rental and photographer. Any recommendation for actual day gown rental.

    I visited My Dream Wedding and Digio but not really super fond. Any good recommendations?

    Thank you!
  20. lace_hearts

    lace_hearts New Member

    Hey girls! Any wedding packages do you recommend? Was advised not to go for wedding packages.
  21. miaiken

    miaiken New Member

    hi btbs, I need some advise. $2k for a ad wedding package include: 2 gowns, 2 suit, 2 session makeup, hand bouquet, car décor & 8hr pg. Is the package consider cheap? is it the market rate??
  22. xpander1

    xpander1 New Member

    I'm going to sign contract with four seasons tmr. Nov'18 BTB :)
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  23. miaiken

    miaiken New Member

    hi coldtreegreen, the price is cheap. But my fiancé don't like to travel to Malaysia :( so I am sourcing for cheap wedding package in spore
  24. tinkerella

    tinkerella New Member

    Hey miaiken, you can check out BQueens. I just went there last week and their pricing has been cheapest I could find so far.
    There are limited changing rooms though.. which may be a concern for some brides. PM me if you want to know more :) I'd be happy to share!
  25. Pandora8989

    Pandora8989 New Member

    Any 2018 brides who signed with Thomson Wedding Collections? How's their service? Thank you!
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  26. fullofdusk

    fullofdusk Member

    Don't take my dream weddings! They are quite pushy leh. I didn't like the style. I'm going to see digio this weekend! What about it did you not like? I suggest TWC!
  27. eonshe

    eonshe New Member

    I'm a sept 2018 BTB...currently still looking at restaurant banquet packages cos want to keep our cost low..
  28. singingmuffin

    singingmuffin New Member

    Hi fellow 2018 BTBs! Anyone considering getting a wedding planner to help with sourcing/budgeting/planning? I'm not sure if I should get one... I think it can be helpful because we have very busy jobs with unpredictable hours, and wedding planning can be super time consuming but I don't wanna screw it up. But then again the wedding planners I've looked at cost 6-7k plus. Not sure if it's worth it or should I just heck and try my best to plan everything myself. Sigh. Anyone else with super hectic work schedules bravely striving to juggle everything themselves? :) please inspire me! Hahaha
  29. Shir1ey

    Shir1ey New Member

    I have no idea what to do?!?!?!
  30. Shir1ey

    Shir1ey New Member

    You attending pre marriage courses at your church already?
  31. pianoprincess

    pianoprincess New Member

    Hey singingmuffin ,

    I'm considering a wedding planner too but the ones I looked at were 12k for AD alone .Im not sure if it's really necessary too. But it seems like most hotels have everything settled so I may forgo it in the end !
  32. Rachewwtan

    Rachewwtan New Member

  33. Melissa Chew

    Melissa Chew New Member

    Hi, I'm June BTB and still looking around for our venue. Anyone have any reviews for Goodwood park and Intercontinental?
  34. littlepinkpointes

    littlepinkpointes Active Member

    no we havent. but planning to =)
  35. littlepinkpointes

    littlepinkpointes Active Member

    hey prettys...

    ive basically been the the following along the stretch of Tanjong Pagar....
    I can share with you my personal experiences with them if you are interested :)
    got some very interesting ones hahaha

    - Labelle
    - Z weddings
    - French Wedding
    - Digio
    - Mona Rico (*they are sister company with Digio)
    - My Dream Wedding

  36. Shir1ey

    Shir1ey New Member

    Can tell me more about Labelle and Digio? I'm checking them out this Saturday.
  37. Krystal91

    Krystal91 New Member

    haha.. hows ur review with French?

  38. littlepinkpointes

    littlepinkpointes Active Member

    They were my first boutique I went and was quite impressed with their dress selection :) I love their collection of coloured gowns. I quite like their personal touch with customer service. The sales rep was the only one who showed us all their gowns selection (from level 1 to 3)!

    Digio's gowns are more whimsical. I like how their gowns didn't feel heavy despite looking all fairy tale (hehe).

    Depends on what you are looking for I guess.

    Note: my appt was booked for a weekday afternoon, I avoided the weekend crowd so might be a different experience otherwise :)
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  39. littlepinkpointes

    littlepinkpointes Active Member

    I personally love their photo portfolio style and the designer (Paulson) was very very friendly.
    My friend (who's also looking for a package for photo shoot) and I both thought he was very funny :)

    Note: my appt was booked for a weekday afternoon, I avoided the weekend crowd so might be a different experience otherwise :)
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  40. Velverie

    Velverie New Member

    Hi BTBs...I'm 2018 BTB too. I just signed my bridal package with Dawn's Wedding in Jb. My package cost me abt SGD$1500. It's really difficult to get such price in SG. Most of the bridal studios in SG are too costly. If you have tight Budget yet comparable bridal packages you may consider bridal studio in JB. Though It might be a little troublesome to travel to and fro. :)
  41. Katekyf

    Katekyf New Member

    Does anyone know where to buy/source for bride's mum dress? (Do not prefer cheongsam)
  42. helloyou

    helloyou Member

    Maybe can try asking your bridal studio first? I getting mine there. Otherwise I heard city plaza at paya lebar got quite a bit
  43. Katekyf

    Katekyf New Member

    My bridal studio nvr provide :(
    Oh really? Thanks!
  44. Shir1ey

    Shir1ey New Member

    I've went digio and cangai yesterday.

    Spent 1.5 hrs at digio and 2.5 hrs at cangai.

    As my HTB is a photographer, he was particularly with the photos and spotted a few flaws in the albums of digio. Also we wanted to take photos in Taiwan and they do mostly Singapore so we decided not to sign with them. Their gowns r pretty but not many selections for me due to my height and built.

    Cangai have branches in taipei, kaoshuing, hk, hang zhou and Singapore. HTB want to take photos at kenting and taipei (ocean, mountain, sakura and indoor) and cangai is able to accommodate to his needs. They also have locations that's solely for their usage and not open to public. Their locations are very attractive and beautiful. We basically do not have to bring anything to taiwan except our own set of clothes, shoes etc. They even supply shirt for HTB.

    We signed with cangai on the spot for pre wed shoot and actual day. The manager even wrote a note to the Taiwan branches that HTB is a photographer so take note! Hehe
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  45. YK_Chloe

    YK_Chloe New Member

    Hello! So excited to see so many 2018 BTB in the group chat..!! Can you share with us on your experience with the above list of above bridal studios?

    Me and HTB are looking for pre-wed shoot in sg and actual day - HTB happened to be a photographer too.. so we are looking for a bridal studio who could provide a overall package at reasonable price in sg. :D

    What are the 3 bridal studios which you particularly like? and can you PM me the pricing if you have gathered any?

    My email address: chloeyk2017@gmail.com
  46. yiqii

    yiqii Member

    Hey! For me Digio dresses were not very nice and the prices are quite ex. Photos wise, not very nice also! How was your experience?
  47. Shir1ey

    Shir1ey New Member

    I agree with price
  48. yiqii

    yiqii Member

    So what bridal studios you are considering? I'm still trying to find an affordable one.
  49. Shir1ey

    Shir1ey New Member

    I signed up with Cangai as I'm going to have my photoshoot in Taiwan and they have shops in taipei and kaoshuing
  50. littlepinkpointes

    littlepinkpointes Active Member

    I went to CangAi too. Dropped by only and spent only a while there cause I was just popping by to see their gowns.
    Not too bad but I didn't sign with them cause I have my preference elsewhere :)
    But yes, their 'HQ' is in Taiwan. If u are looking at destination shoot, they are a pretty good choice.

    I'm a photographer as well and I grew up in a family of photographers. Like your HTB, I'm also very particular about the photos so I totally understand your HTB's being particular about photos. I wasn't ready to pay a package and get photos that can easily be taken by just anybody else. Digio's photos portfolio didn't impress me as much.

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