(2013/06) Jun 2013 BTB


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Hi btbs.
I have a MY DREAM WEDDING package to let go. It's local package but can convert to HK or retain as local. I have paid the deposit. Due to personal reason, no point Holding on to the package.

Willing to absorb $(NEGOTIABLE) long as I can release the contract.

My package in contract consist of 32 poses w all the standard stuff at 3000++.. PS and AD gowns, car deco, thank u cards, fathers jacket.. Etc. A 7 seater vehicle along w 1 PG and assistant and a MUA out for photoshoot... (after much bargaining..,)
Quite good deal cos spent much effort to bargain more perks

Feel free to email for details or question. Await offer.
[email protected]


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icic! in vanda or marina mandarin ballroom? if in marina mandarin ballroom then urs package shld be better than mine for dinner... :)


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Hi ladies,
i'm planning for my wedding next year june too. Now scouting around for a wedding dinner venue. we went to view grand copthorne waterfront, it has 2 pillars in the ballroom which will block the view. and because i'm only looking at having 20-22 tables i cant get those big ballroom.

Anyone has any good suggestion of hotels which can accommodate my size and budget around $1.1k (including GST + Svc charge). Thank you.


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Hi OSH, u can try Holiday inn atrium at havelock. Their pricing is abt 1K with min 16 tbl, seletar ballroom. I booked mine with HIA at apr wedding show. They offer attractive perks too.


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I have went to see a couple of hotel, including Hotel Rendezous, Hilton, Grand Copthorne Waterfront and going for M Hotel and Carlton. We both quite like the vista ballroom at hilton, though it's abit narrow for a march in as it's a long-ish room. I shall see the next 2 upcoming hotels and see if it's fit our likes.

BTW, would like to check if you ladies go for calculation of wedding dates using bazi or just select a auspicious date as per those published on the web? I was told that the next year is not so good for those born in pig year, and the following year of Horse year is not good for those born in Rat as it clashes. so if we want to avoid these, means we can only get married 2 years later which is too long for us. Different website gives different advise so at one point I stop thinking about it and just go with the dates we have picked. My bf is not superstitious hence, we only go with selecting a general good date we saw on the web.

I'm torn between either going to a geomancy or just go as per our plan of selecting a general good dates from the list of auspicious dates in 2013. Could you please share with me on your view and experiences?


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Hi OSH, i'm born in the year of pig and still getting married next year! initially i also worried about the general snake year that clash or the general timing of the day that clash but the geomancy that i went to say that as long as you use the bazi to calculate and get the auspicious date and timing, it will be good enough...=) IMO, its more accurate as compared to those 'general' year, dates or timing. =)


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Both of us are not superstitious and we also do not believe looking at horoscope or zodiac to select wedding date. Most impt is both of u must come in agreement on the preferred date, nothing else matter.


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Hihi Jun 2013 bride here - still tentative cos havent confirmed w the oldies yet.

Went to Chjimes- pretty but so many inconveniences.

Now looking at Raffles hotel lawn wedding - pretty oso but uber ex and max 15 tables
too small for my 20 possible tables too.

any advise on cutting heads? haha.


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Hi hi, I am planning for wedding in June too!
Considering Grand Copthorne Waterfront too. Any comments about them?


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I'm a june'2013 bride too! Have anyone taken their pre-wedding PS? MY HTB and I are stuck at choosing location for our outdoor PS. Initially we have decided on MBS, Culina @ Dempsey and Sentosa, but my HTB finds that it is too casual to have PS at a cafe. However i prefer to have a few fun and natural photos in the album to make it more lively.

Do u girls have any other recommendations?


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Hi all, having my AD on 23 June. booked everything. however i am not gg to any fengshui master. and hope to calculate the auspicious timing during the morning customary, not sure if anyone of you have any idea to share?


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Hi 2013 BTBs, I am letting go of some wedding items & decor.

1) Wedding couple shot glasses (brand new) in Western couple (4pcs) & Victorian couple. (7pcs) - SOLD
2) Small glass bottles (recept decor) - left 2 pc
3) Treasure chest boxes, size around 20cmx15cmx10cm & 15cmx10cmx8cm (recept decor)
4) Jewelry boxes.
5) Fake flower petals (unopen in blue, red, orange and purple, also have in loose pcs)
6) Small hanging heart decor in yellow and blue
7) Brand new bridal earrings (2 designs)
8) Brand new bridesmaids earrings (4 pairs)
9) Wedding couple door curtain (pink)
10) Heart sharped purple floral decor for hanging
11) Small wedding couple figurine (without box)
12) White floral shoe clips
13) A pair of feather pens in blue ribbon (black ink - for ROM or guest pens)
14) "WE <3 DO" banner / bunting
15) 5 in 1 black photo frame (for photo in assorted sizes)
Interested, please email to [email protected] for details and pictures.


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Hi All Lovely Babes,
Anyone would like to share how much you are giving in ang pow on AD for:
1. Makeup Artist
2. Photographer
3. Videographer
4. Open Car Door Boy
5. Gatecrash??
6. Solemnizer go to Hotel
7. Xiongdi
8. Bridesmaids / Jiemei
9. People with no specific duties but just sticking around
10. Anyone else I have missed out?