(2008) Brides of year 2008


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Maybe let's meet April/May?

I can open my house (I will shoo shoo away my husband..hahahah...so I can 'talk' behind his back), that's no problem, I am staying at macpherson. But it is very inconvenient to some as the train station is not opened yet so need to take bus from Paya Lebar mrt.

So I guess we'll have to find a central location (again!).


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Hi Jane and Jolene

two years will pass very soon and it will be over soon... luckily I got a unit if not I will go crazy.. when I really fed up wif them.. juz bear wif it cos I know tat is not perm...

my mum only help me during confinement period then aft tat my MIL will take care cos my mum need to work. only can send to my mum childcare she is working when next time bb is abt 2-4 yrs old...

shd be ok ba by then my SIL's kids will be studying in secondary 3,1 and primary 2. will be old enough...

my hubby's family is quite big one.
got da jie and da jie fu wif 3 kids
got er jie and er jie fu wif 2 kids
got da ge and da sao wif 1 kids..

the most funny is my SIL..
she keep asking me to give birth ...
say 5 times liao...
1st time on my wedding day (acceptable)
2nd time when they saw my BIL's son 2-3 weeks aft my wedding. when my turn
3rd time when I go korea ask me made in korea.
4th time new year
5th time is ren ri when we lao yu sheng. say u two zao sheng gui zi.. only married less than 3 mths.


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koyoyo, my tan has even out liao, luckily.

It is common to put on weight once married -eat good food together, meet up with frieds (to eat!), r & r often, etc.


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wow jolene.. many info for a morning.. keke... OK you go for the pap smear already den tell me more..

hehe... i also not working now coz in manufacturing line den also kanna forced leave... hmmm i also like being a housewife.. or rather my ambition is to be a tai tai.. LOL... dun need to work can play mahjong go shopping!!! hahahaha...

but if really wanna enjoy life have to both work together lor.. if not only can have an OK or average life nia... cannot go travelling.. cannot have a car.. cannot go shopping.. haiz... i tin i still have to work le.. sob sob..

seems like ur relationship with ur mum is better le.. keke.. better if she help u take care of ur baby.. den ur MIL not so siong also.. I watch the 9pm show i also cry.. sob sob.. so touching..


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haha yvonne.. ur SIL like more anxious than u.. keke.. maybe she just wan u to faster join them.. keke... aiya sometimes pple just say for the sake of saying when they nothing to say.. just ignore her le...

for us no one say anything.. only elder SIL say once zao sheng gui zi le.. keke... i tin coz they noe im still young le.. hehe...


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after crazy shopping buying all d 199 stuff frm bkk, everything in sg seems expensive, dat's when i felt reluctant to buy 3 for $10 earrings when i came back....hehehe, started buying again when d price went 3 for $5....hehehe :p

i roughly know where's ur place, i dun mind meeting in april/may....but have to check wif d rest wat's their preference

same here, im 1 size bigger after my marriage n all my clothes feel so tight now....must lose weight but all d cny goodies n makan sessions wif frens is making it tough to shed d extra pounds dat i've gained, u'll know when u see me in real person
Try to think positively
Live with in-laws has its pros, eg. no need do housework, got homecooked food to etc. BTW many old folks including our own parents add salt to our porriages. We can't expect everyone to follow exactly 100% according to what we expect, they can't read our minds leh.

Lsn's words are correct.. It's bad for baby if mummy keeps getting angry. During pregnancy, women indeed get more emotional due to hormones fluctuations. You need to control your moodswings more.

I'll only attend if I'm married to him.

Hey what are u busy with? Long time never see u here. Thanks for the compliment hehe.


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Jane but then no need to keep on saying ma..
and now it is not the right time cos my co. think will be going for 2nd shut down in mar.. if so leave will be deduct again and soon will bcome cut pay...

but I was lucky to get married last yr cos dont know when will get retrench. cos my initial planning for wedding this yr...

anyway for staying at my PIL's 2 yrs will go very fast.. no one to talk to.. cos hard to talk abt tis wif friend. dont wan them to hv bad impression to stay wif PIL in future. so juz let it out now...


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viv> mine at punggol, but i forgot the name le.. haha

normally think will attend the cremation ba... unless the grandpa and the family members dunno the girl, den the girl no need to attend.

green> dun worry abt me, im only complaining, i wont get emotional or upset over ppl whom i dun bother or dun like. i will only complain.


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haha she no topic to say ma.. it's like dat one le... just 1 ear go in 1 ear come out le.. haha...

ya lor times are bad tis yr and prices for banquet also increasing.. so i tin it's good dat we got married last yr.. keke... i also initially planning for tis yr one.. hehe...

ya i understand.. i also sometimes nobody to tok to so let out in forum.. keke.. ya 2 yrs very fast one.. but i worried coz now stay PIL hse so re nao.. den when we got our own hse will be only 2 of us.. hubby go working i will be very bored.. =( maybe by then give birth just nice got jing sheng ji tuo.. keke...


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yap lor I am doing so...
for me staying wif my PIL's hse too re nao liao..
sometime wan some quiet moment also dont hv..
wan to do something also dont know wat to do..

eventhrough only the 2 of us I still ok..
now household thing I dont hv to do any except for washing my own clothes and cleaning up my room.some more can go marketing...

next time got house..sure alot of thing to do so wont feel bore.. now if I need to buy something that need to store in fridge also difficult.. cos all full of foods bought by my MIL.

juz went in to forum to view the progress of my flat.. now built until 5th floor liao.. so happy to to keep track the progress... : )


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Yvonne: Just bear with it 1st. Times flies very fast de. I think partly is because there is too many women at your in law's.

Too many women tends to cause alot of conflicts. I know I am a woman but this is true lor.. Like my mil.. whenever her sisters come over, they tends to complaint to each other. Then the aunties will come to me and let me know what my mil grumble about.. Which is quite irritating at times.

So just bite the bullet..

I had been on 2 days mc.. Had seriously flu.. my hubby and mummy tio.. also consult my family doc on pap smear. Cost about $38.. exp a not? Now need to wait till my next cycle come then go for the test.


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<font color="ff0000">thanks all for replies...</font>

<font color="119911">because my colleague who i swopped my weekends (Sat&amp;sun) she supposed to work for me back this comin weekend, then she said she may not b able to for Sat as she NEED to attend,MUST attend...if her own Grandpa i understand, her Bf n her aint married, maybe steady la...so i jzu wonder whether it is really a MUST to DIE DIE must go.... if married of cuz bo bian, go lo...</font>



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viv>what to do.
maybe her bf insist? or she is close to her bf's grandpa?

green>finally saw your PS photos. You look v pretty! :D


ehhh.. charma: u can go for pap smear anytime right as long as no menses?

$38 is average price :D I think is okay if you just wana do pap smear.. but if u wan to do those history checks and blood tests then i think $100+ lor...And hor, when u sick cannot do pap smear...U okay or not? Flu is everywhere nw.. so scary.. must drink more water and take care k?

now i very frustrated lah.. looking for a job nw and ppl telling later got preg during probation boss will LL me lor... haizz.. sianz... its like a bad time
Yest was toking to my HB again.. and ya lor, Like Jane said, wont starve if i m jobless but will never be able to enjoy life liao

at first pondered if want to get perm job.. then later ponder if wan baby but when decided keep this job and wan a baby then realised i may lose the job.. So sianz lor...

well. i agree with Jane lor.. if u always in a re na hse then suddenly left 2 persons, sometimes v sad de.. My mummy hse has lesser ppl, and even quieter after my brother married... but nw in my MIL hse... even 2-3am if my SILs at hm, all nv slp oso... more re nao and can watch mid night shows and eat supper together. Last time i can only tok to the wall and internet... LOLz...

yvonne: if u wan quiet moments just hide in the room and lock the door lor :p sometimes i do tt lah, or else very hard to be alone when u wish to.. if not, just go out alone for shopping and eat sinful food :p heehee last time i dont do tt, but nw if Hb studies and i dont wana be hm early i will do tt :p quite fun oso wor :D


yvonne: yaaa, Jane is right lah.. old folks esp always like to ask ppl give birth.

is like tt de.. before u are married, ppl will ask when u getting married, after u married ppl will ask when u getting a baby.. after first baby ppl will ask when is the 2nd one coming 0__0 forever de lor...

even frens oso the same lor.. yest went to meet my HB and his frens.. oso ask us the same thg... when have a baby and we will ask the couples when get married... so funi...

mine lagi worse.. coz alot of preggy women and new born babies in both side grandma hses so ppl sure ask when is mine. haiz haiz... I m more worried i m infertile lor... scared later ppl ask why tis ger no lay egg 0__0

yvonne: u can try to get a mini fridge oso lor... kekeke... my HB used to keep one in his hostel.. not bad de leh.. i like to be self-sufficient in the rm. Lucky thg is we have the master bedroom, so if i add a tv and a fridge... (i always have a water flask with me too), then i can stay in the room the whole day :p


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Hi Jolene

ya lor tat wat I alway do. close door..
juz try ur best you can. atleast u done ur part and dont give up..

No point having a mini fridge I dont use the master room. my current bedroom too small for me to have tat. nvm if i wan to eat then I juz buy it and bring to my parent's hse when I feel like eating....

hehe.. no problem.. if i still remember u got punggol lodge right..

u may go to www.punggol.org
I think we can talk abt house renovation in future also.. think our completion date shd be close to one another...


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Hi all, Happy New Year!! Long time no chat!!

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Hope you gals can enjoy when free....



wow... they actually have a forum for the punggol development!

omg! yeah! ur memory so good :D my hse is at Punggol Lodge :D

kekeke yaya, wats ur flat size ah? mine only 4rm.. very small 92sqm..


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chama.. ya too many woman sometimes cause conflict.. either very good terms or very bad terms... and u noe le woman like to gossip.. keke.. but i noe woman mean no harm.. just like to say only.. so i sometimes just dun go and tin so much le.. keke... even frens also the same le...

jolene.. if u got a job den got preggy.. ur boss cant sack u le.. against the emp law.. and as long as u work min 3 mths before ur baby is born.. u can claim the maternity leave le.. keke...

ya i only child ma.. so since birth i already used to being alone.. den now got so many pple.. keke... but i getting used to it le too.. ya when i wan private time just stay in my room and close the door le..

yvonne.. u dun tin too much le.. just be normal and do wat u usually do.. dun be too agitated by them.. =D

wah yvonne's memory really good le.. keke.. i dun even rem u all one.. keke... jolene ur 4 rm bigger than my 4 rm le... urs very small den mine is mini le... =P


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Yap at 1st i also dont know.. juz search for fun.. hehe...

think mine abt 93-95 sq...

hehe.. mine juz infront of urs..

Punggol lodge now shd be doing pilling ba..


green> i'm busy at work.. rushing deadline.. so seldom check forum nowadays.
my in laws cook the natural way.. no salt.. i add my own.. but frankly.. i stil prefer my mom's soups..
I was ask to be straight forward the day first as mil say "not happy of something jus say.. dun keep inside".. haha

vivian> maybe he think of her as part of the family, hence would like her to attend together.. if me.. i will attend if i can make it.. its like showing respect for the deceased elderly.. if u work this weekend = Vday sat u dun need to work?

Happy New Year to you too Ivy.


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hehe my flat also got forum.. i just went in to see the updates.. now buiding the foundation le.. hehe.. consider fast or not huh since Dec till now...

wow yvonne urs 5th floor liao ar.. keke.. mine still so slow.. =(


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Hi Jane

ya, I am now feeling better liao...
shd be ok.. since the most time consuming part where they start the foundation and pilling.. once all done.. then will start the lego... hehe.. one more kaki to talk abt renovation and hse ...

shd be able to get ur flat in 3 yrs time.
urs still consider normal speed ba..

juz I feel application period is the most time consuming... need almost 10mths for my case is like tat..

application mar'07
shortlist Jul'07
select unit aug'07
award to tender Jan'08
and start foundation by end Jan'08 - apr'08 or may'08 like tat..
pilling start Jun'08


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Hi Ladies, I am back.. Been on 2 days mc and 1/2 day leave to rest.. Having bad flu.. Now still recovering.

Alot of my family members thought I pregnant.. LOL..

Jolene: I consulted the doc.. she said the best result is from yours mensus started the 1st day count to the 14 day. But also must make sure no more blood..

I am still consider whether to go a pre natal check up for rubella, HIV and Hep A &amp; B cost about 200..



i thk i too stressed already.. been battling with the zombie in my dream the whole nite... and overslpt.. took halfday and continue to battle until 12pm then now just get to work.

charma: i think the doc means tt the best result is during ur fertile period, which is 7-14 days from the last day of ur menses (coz normally menses last for 7 days)

thk i will book my appt during tt wk oso then :D so u booking at ur gynae clinic ah? where is the clinic? and which hospital is she attached to? coz u must consider whether later u gg to let her follow thr ur pregnacy :D

ahhh must take HIV check ah? ehhhh... no need ba...

yvonne: ehh u very gd memory leh.. i oso cant really rem.. urs is treelodge is it? infront of me de? jane urs leh? sorry ah...

ehhh jane, ur hse how big? 4rm shld be min 90sqm ba.. unless its the tpy flat.. only 75sqm.. i almost faintd when i heard it and its like 350K for low floor already. so ex.. but opp tpy central lor..

heehee.. yaya, we can tok abt hse reno in the thread oso liao :D so happy :D heehee.. jane, when ur hse be done? mine on paper is 2012, but i heard TOP shld be 2011 june...yvonne, meaning urs next yr shld be done liao rite?

coz mine is oct/nov07 application, feb08 selection, jul08 pay the 10%... And ya, i thk they still laying the foundation. but hor i thk since late last yr until nw like not much diff leh coz i went to see see last yr and tis yr like the same progress
so sad.. i hope nt affected by the recession...


jane: wat i m worried is i preg before i get the job coz my current contract ends in mid april.. and i trying for a baby nw
haizz.. hw hw?

yest told my MIL tt i may lose a job but wan a baby still.. then she v cute asked me nt to be too stress and just relax lor.. maybe thgs wont be tt bad.. wahhh she is so positive like my HB... my Hb been v sweet, telling me we will pull thr together.. so touched...

i thk during the tough times, its really impt to have ur loved ones stand by u...

yvonne: i thk SILs and MILs are always talking behind de lah.. last time before my niece is born, my mummy oso likes to complain abt my da sao.. coz most hsework done by my bro. And frm young, we two nv been asked to do any hsewrk at hm before... so she abit jealous lah and heartpain of coz... but since my da sao got preggy, my mummy v nice to her already.. and cook alot of tonic for her. And my da sao closer to my mum coz she went to tailor made my mum's gown for my wedding... everythg is much better nw lor..

maybe when u are preggy, ur MIL will dote u more le.. coz ultimately ur child bears the same surname as ur HB and ur FIL :p hehehe...


by the way hor, ehhh if any of u or ur frens wana buy a resale flat or pte properties or rent commercial/industry offices/building... ehhh let me knw k? Coz hahaha..i m so scared to be jobless tt i had become a freelance property agent :p

back to my previous industry. I was working as HR in property agency before my current job :p kekeke so i thk shld be able to understd thgs better :D

no obligation k? and referral fees will be given for referred customers :p if just wana ask me qns abt resale/rental properties oso can lah, FOC ^^


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Hi Jolene

mine is treelodge..
yap in HDB web site they inform us is 4th quarter of 2010 if there is no delay..

guess ur shd be 2nd quarter of 2011..

if they start work then need 3mths ++ to do foundation. so u see no diff... fr last yr and this yr.

but now fr the progress they r doing the 2nd floor pilling liao.. you see metal pole is coming up...

soon aft tat lego will start liao.. u will see result in 2-3 mth time ba.

my one pilling start jun'08 then 2 mths + to finish. then in oct'08 I saw 1st storey for carpark complete, 2nd storey for community facilites complete and finish 3rd storey unit up..

but I dont know cos if she dote me more only aft i preggy then I will think it is bcos of my bb then got better treatment... sometime I was thinking my PIL alway ask when we wan to get married is bcos he wan his son settle down atleast someone be there for him or juz wan to carry bb.. watever they think is not important to me.

I know tat is very wrong for me to think like tat. but anyway I already decided to go with my plan and will not change my mind stick to 2011.


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hai girls, its been a while since my last post'i just came back from my hawaii honeymoon
it was great

n i think im pregnant now

any girls here who pregnant already ?


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yvonne/jolene... haha ya memory not good so sorry gotta repeat ourselves.. keke.. my flat is DBSS project... Park Central @ AMK...

jul-aug 08 application period
early sep 08 balloting result
middle sep 08 unit selection
end nov 08 sign S&amp;P
jan 09 foundation

TOP 4 Dec 2011 but i heard shud be able to finish by Dec 2010.. coz the Tampines one also finished 1 yr earlier.. keke...

ya my sqm is 91sqm.. not as small as the TPY one le.. but also smaller than urs le.. keke... wah jolene urs since jul 08 until now still foundation only?? dat's quite long..


morning :D

ya lor.. how come urs so fast when ur project comes after me!!! not fair~!!! :p hahaha...

coz more expensive than mine i thk :p heehee.. wahhh.. hw come u buy ah, which block and which floor? My fren bought at $600K+ lor.. i thk is crazi leh.. urs leh? Ehhh... only 1sqm difference leh.. where got bigger than urs? aiyoh.. the service balcony take up space only lor.. 0__0

thk my living room gg to be mini size 0__0

yvonne: well
As long as u consider the factors liao then u can go ahead with ur plan ba

Hee actually hard facts is like tt.. dont need to care why ur PILs nice to u, as long as nice can liao :p hehehe...


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hi angelina,
congrats, so happy for u! wah, dat's definitely a piece of wonderful news to start d yr wif
i dun think i got gd news to post yet cos my hubby n i agreed on a 3-yr plan :p


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haha DBSS project is 3yrs ma.. BTO is 5 yrs.. but usually finished within 2-3yrs le.. keke... mine also ma.. est 2yrs... hee... no much diff le..

ya price more expensive coz flat is ready to move in condition.. with kitchen, toilet, floorings, wardrobe, aircon in 3 bedrooms.. so just need to do some touchup.. like lighting &amp; painting &amp; buy furnitures can le.. keke... i bought at $500K+.. i tin ur fren one is 5rm huh? 4rm max is $580K+... i bought Blk 588D #27-XXX... =D

my living room also very mini.. keke.. but ok le.. still got dining area.. if relatives/frens come over can occupy both area.. hee...


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Hi Jane.

I dont think tat urs is exp.. a resale flat in AMK cost abt $380,000 to $480,000, might be even more for a 4rm at blk 300++ and blk 700++. still need to pay cash for the COV amt depending on the seller.

also renovating a resales flat also cost abt 30k and above.

i think urs is more worth at 500k ++ a new flat and with all furshining done.. : ) somemore a very high storey.. seem like the cash need to come up with from resales and urs is abt the same aft all.. : )

juz tat DBSS project payment was like almost abt every 3 mths how many %. tat what my friend told me she got the DBSS at tampines. but as long as u and ur hubby is comfortable ok leh.. not a big issue..


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Hi Yvonne.. u r the 1st person to tin my flat is not expensive.. keke maybe becoz u live amk too.. so u noe the resale price... ya lor i also tin the same way.. i compare the price with the resales price coz i wan amk area ma... dats y i tin it's not expensive.. but many pple dun understand coz they dunno the resales prices in amk.. =D

ya we r ok coz payment all done with cpf.. so ok le.. keke... my MIL say my hubby's cousin bought a new hdb 4rm flat in sengkang/punggol for only $100K+.. i dun believe.. coz HDB website already say the prices min also $200K+ le.. where got $100K+... aiya but i dun bother to argue le.. just hear lor... so far all the flats i noe only few yrs ago jurong west area got $100K+ flats.. coz ulu area.. my ex colleague paid full with his cpf.. coz so little amt.. dun even need to loan.. keke...


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i just go search recent resales transaction in my new flat area for 4rm flat.. got 1 deal in Nov 2008 for $493k for 11-15th floor.. so maybe add in reno $30K abt $523K.. i tin mine more worth it.. keke...

dat time i saw the duxton area.. already need $500K+ without any furnishings included.. dat one city area le.. so i tin it's the area that counts.. like orchard more ex than jurong west or pasir ris..


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Hi Jane..

Ya I did a resales price check at AMK before so I roughly know the market price. cos last time got consider to buy resales and wan to stay near my parent but my hubby dont wan he wan new flat.

aft considering the factor.

1st - it is near to town travel fr AMK MRT abt 15mins to orchard the max 23 mins to raffles.

2nd - a new flat not under DBSS. cheaper of cos but lower chance a new flat will be built in AMK.
(dont know how many yrs hv to wait and not confirm get a unit even a new one is built cos mostly are on en-block)

3rd - not much diff aft comparing price with resales and DBSS AMK.

ya I understand now not so easy to get a unit. Q no alway very far or not successful.. I believe u tried many times BTO in other location before finally this DBSS at AMK and then like it so proceed for application.

cant be I applied punggol and SK too..
all this while pricing based on yr 2004 yes can get but also cant be 100k++ atleast 160k++ at buangkok area low floor.. then 2-3 yrs later prices slowly shot up to 220k++

Punggol my area price is btw 212k to 280k.


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I wan to add on to my previous post aft considering the fact tat y i find urs not exp...

But one thing not so gd abt DBSS is they already chgs the cost of furshining in the value of flat.. so when U pay ur housing equal to u paying for furshining and it will be taken into consideration to interest as well...

for me so difficult to get a Q since 2004.started applying for flat but not sucessful. even those near to my PIL area also not sucessful.

than till 2007 I finally got it too bad low unit but better than nothing.

Last time also got ppl say me. my hubby tat time yr 2004 juz started working for 1 yr then I already considering to buy flat. when I applied the 4th-5th time juz happen my hubby quit his job in abt yr 2005-2006

I was being told off by his cousin tat he doesnt even hv a job yet I applying for unit. she say tat I shd hv wait for him to get a job.. but I am applying for BTO. dont tell me within 2006 to the next 5 yrs he will be jobless... I believe he will find a job atleast in 1 yr time cos econ was not so bad...

since I already tried for 2 yrs liao so I getting more and more kan cheong, his cousin juz say wait for the next one. (how long more I need to wait)
2004-2007 end up I waited for closed to 3 yrs plus) then book my unit..

she did say like tat. she pity (my hubby) to hv me as his gf (cos 2006 we haven married)

partly is my fault yes cos I keep insisting to buy but I do hv plan if I can get a unit for application yr 2005 to 4 yrs = 2008 will be completed then can move in hv our own hse then get married yr 2009. and now wont hv conflirt in my PIL hse.

at the end his cousin and I didnt talk to each other anyone...


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ya lor.. i also got do research dats y noe the prices.. ya consider add in the reno cost.. but overall price still better than resale and resale still have to pay at least $30K cash and reno.. at least DBSS can use all cpf to pay le.. if not put inside CPF acc also cant take out.. keke...

ya i also try many times new flat.. like wat u say.. queue no always very high.. in the end nv manage to get one.. hubby and i try since 2006.. tot can get those immediately available ones.. those leftover from previous BTO and even dun mind those repossessed units.. but also cant get.. haiz.. ya even near parents or PIL also no chance..

den hubby also quite fussy... eventually he say wan new flats.. den he dun wan low floor.. insist only on high floor.. so bo bian lor.. gotta spend more money to take the DBSS one.. initially hubby also tin too expensive... but really dun wanna wait anymore lor.. waited since year 2006 and each yr more and more pple applying.. if give up this chance dunno need to wait how long.. at least now got his wish of high floor and my wish of amk area.. keke...

i find it's like dat one le.. no matter buy which area also pple will comment one.. buy amk say expensive.. buy punggol say ulu etc.. in fact our family members nv say much.. only outsiders complain say expensive &amp; give many comments only.. keke...

y his cousin like dat one.. its good to buy a flat earlier ma.. ya lor 5yrs so long by then confirm can get a job... y worry so much.. i feel dun have to care abt others comments.. as long as the couple noe wat they really want can le...


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ok.. then I dont see problem. cos U will be paying installment/deposit almost every 3 mths think abt 5%-20% by then U might already finish paying the furshining cost and partly of ur flat... so when u get ur key then start to count interest.

hehe.. Yap shd be we are on the same boat so understand each other feeling.

wat ever we already pay deposit and nothing cant be changed. dont care wat they say. Juz be confident tat we can cope well wif our flat..

ya I also dont know why his cousin like tat..

mayb his mother or sister got say abt me keep on asking him to buy flat ba..I never give up and nv stop applying even I fail.shd be bcos of my presistance or trying to apply for a flat so early ba as tat time I am only 22..

in fact my hubby dont wan to buy one.. It me who insist. end up I start to brain wash his brain and almost quarrel abt flat. I so afraid he changed his mind suddenly only feel relax until we secure a unit. so every BTO or walk in related to AMK and buangkok area I will apply.

until now I can say I am right to apply early cos my hubby only wan buangkok and only ok with AMK so I got restriction. ended up dont hv. now stay wif PIL liao then make me feel luckily I secure a unit if I dont dont know how to hang on for the rest of my stay there...

aft confirming buangkok no longer hv chance tat y my hubby then agreed to punggol... cos the last one we apply is eco-living. tat y he so interested



yoyo! Jane: Actually hor, i think people say ur flat is expensive coz of the following reason:
1. price per sqm
2. some ppl dont like amk coz too north. They prefer more centralised places like bishan/tpy/tiong bahru etc but of coz i believe the two new DBSS in bishan/tpy, the prices will be more sky high.
3. quality of the renovation done by DBSS

My fren who just got the keys for DBSS tampines complained that there are many defects in her hse. And that the carpentry quality is disappointing.. So in the end she thks the value of hse worth lesser than it is. But i still believe DBSS tampines is the best deal among all the future DBSS. Coz 100+ sqm only $350K at #06.

And compared with similar size new flats that are in tiong bahru which is more centralised, DBSS project is consider v ex oso. Like my fren she bought a BTO in tiong bahru at $350K for 90sqm. Though not very high floor (#07) but then infront of her is a park/playground, so she still has the view.

last but not least, old people will compare the size of the resale flat vs new flat. Nowadays new flats are so small.


But hor nowadays we dont see their points because:
1. family size is small so no need big flats
2. most hsehold is dual income, so smaller flat = lesser space/time to clean the hse
3. most people will prefer less work when comes to renovation so if the hse come with everythg, its a good deal.
4. most hsehold has a car now so as long as stay near an expressway, it is good enough. And AMK is accessible to CTE and PIE... and very easy to reach the NE area oso...

And frankly, as much as the relative cost is higher for this DBSS Amk project but hor i thk for young couples like us hor, there are many pros and the hse is affordable oso coz:

1. young couple wont have that much of savings to pay in cash for resale flats. They rather spend the extra 30K they have on reno or wedding prep, which will most likely coincide with the buying of flat.

2. since can pay up to 30 yrs of housing loan, definitely no problem when comes to payment for the hse. And unlike older days, nowdays, most ppl wont change to another HDB flat in their lifetime. But will rather invest in a pte property in the future. So they can take their time to return the housing loan.

3. like mentioned earlier on, DBSS project comes with furnishing, so for couples who need to juggle with financial planning for hse and wedding, the furnishing is actually paid off via CPF in this case. This allows more cash flow for other areas - wedding.

4. Since we shld have min 30K and above of CPF after 3 yrs or more of working and we cant use much of the CPF for other purposes anyway, so its logical to spend the CPF on DBSS project which covered furnishing costs as well.

5. Since most hsehold are dual income and both after working for more than 3yrs will very fast hit the total $8K cap liao.. By then will be worse lor coz can only buy pte hse in the end. So if waited for the Q too long, better get the unit if the Q number is gd.

So its still worth it lah :D And somemore high floor lor :D heehee... AMK most of the older flats quite low.. only the newer flats in AMK has #30 i think...

And as long as u two can afford it can le :D My fren who bought the AMK DBSS at 600K is 5rm de and her HB earns like $5-6k amt, so if they dont buy now, later will hit the $8K cap lagi worse...

And ya lor... i think since the HDB flat payment is only 10% for downpayment and rest is after get the key, so couples shld faster Q for the flat first lor. Coz HDB flats take time to build mah... and by the time the flat comes, just nice got money for wedding and reno liao :D

I always tell my frens the same thg now.. even though they only wana marry in their early 30s, but unless they have the cash to buy resale flats, or else they must start Q-ing nw for BTOs liao. Or else later will panick :p


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viv... soo good! can spend ur vdae in chalet ;p
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