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Why $200 loss? How much is your per table?

I roughly know the angbao rates, so I make sure my table doesn't cost more than $900 each. I persuaded my Bf to drop his idea to take another hotel which charges $900++ per table.

The banquet losses and guest absences can make couples bogus one!


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ya agreed angel MUA rate reasonable. from her photos, her makeup skill look gd.

just met my solemniser to sign the consent form. Look v friendly. Face full of smiles. haha
I'm not providing hard liquor at my banquet. I'll just provide beer and red wine. Many other friends are not providing liquor too. Some hotels expect couple to pay corkage charges for the bottles u bring in and they must be duty paid. Do check this out before deciding.


green> erm.. nothing caught my eye leh.. my purpose to buy hair dryer.. but dun have..

another SALE
Philips Warehouse sale 23-24 Aug at Toa Payoh

bean> me also no hard liquor.. nowadays hardly see ppl order that.. mine no free beer also.. only free corkage for wine


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wow.. so much activity on the thread!!

Jane: you are a very pretty bride.

BuBu, pinky81 and charma97: add me in multiply too.. id is duffykelly.

I have also collected the wedding cards from hotel but not yet print the inserts. JP found but signing form only in Sept. Montages done.

Things are mostly on hold till after FH come back from his 3-wk overseas trip.


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ok, i ask him not to provide hard liquor too. he said he wanna have 5 bottles of hard liquor.. my hotel waived corkage for hard liquor. but charged for wine, and he wants to order from hotel LOR. hotel wine cost $35 per bottle, so exp... but he say he want to order cos he dont want inconvenience of transporting the wine to hotel. we're not getting a lot of extra bottles, cos hotel give one bottle per table.. so we be buying only another 8 -12 bottles... so he said wont make much difference is costs.. not much difference meh..a couple of hundred i think..

bean> i love your batam spa.. now i pay $55 per hour of massage plus free scrub.

talking abt paris, heard the euro now is very high... shopping spree (for bags) may not be worth it. heard from colleague that the prices after tax refund is abt the same (or little difference only).
If it's a few hundreds, I'll buy from outside. Nowadays Banquets are likely to incur loss liao.

My friend recived 1 angbao with tissue paper inside, another one was $50 for a family of 5. LOL


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nehoc: nice pics! i met wansheng at his house. he was my final 2 choices. did u see his mates' dogs? how come one eyeclick become wansheng?


fanny.. how much ur hotel charging for corkage per bottle? if lets say ur hotel charge $20 per bottle for corkage and u get a $15 wine = 35 also ma...


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Hi charma97, ya, of cos we do get more n more excited. Especially we get one thing done after another.

Hi bubu, i'll add u on Multiply too ok? my id is marigold81. I think compared to u, I'm like very kiasu. I actually finished all my PS in May. Haha..

Hi bluebb, I think the date is fine. My HTB will only be coming back 2 weeks before my AD, so my GDL will also be around that time. No worries!

Blanqq, i will add u on Multiply too ya?

Hi jojo, i've done almost the same stuffs as u! Looks like most of us are quite on the track.

Sleepygal, think now u can think of your march-in songs, print ur invites, do up your photo montage, confirm ur guest lists, shop for AD wedding shoes, go for facial, etc. Haha.. Still lots to do!

Hi Kelly, ya, this thread is very active now! I got so many notifications in my email and its flooding. Haha..

I've also sent sms confirmation to 90% of my guests. Cards are printing now, should b able to collect by 22nd this mth. J.P also found, montage also done. Oh, still got animation not finished yet.


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rach>76 tables? That's really a lot...

green>wah, ur colleagues give so little? must update them a bit so they know current prices. Then u won't lose too much. :p

I know what you mean about enthusiasm. A lot of friends ask me if I'm excited and my honest answer is no. Just want it over with. If I can, I will only ROM and have meal with close friends and immediate family. No banquet. But bo bian...

msbean>think its your call. Is ok not to serve hard liquor bah. My FIL is asking some of his friends to the banquet and will be serving them hard liquor. For that, he will prepare the liquor.

waxie>heard oso got a loreal sale at suntec. You got go?

Fanny>you need to calculate the cost of your wine from outside + corkage. Might be about the same price with the hotel wine after adding those 2 up


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Hellooo nlimm and Celest: My hotel, I just found out, is also using Tdragon, but I thought the price is ok leh, 20c per card...So if I have 350 guests, printing is $150 (for normal printing lah...)...

Do you know if they do postcard printing also?


yl> aiyo.. i tell u.. the loreal sale is inside the tangs one.. no physical loreal products.. but brands under loreal like biotherm, lancome, shu umera.. *shake head


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Zep> hehe.. its 76 tables now... sigh.. worry worry....I just did some simple calculations.. and its really headache...
We've still got $53k of stuffs to pay for by 1st Sept.. including the BQ la... and i wonder how to get the money leh...
scary.. coz mum will pay me the 15 extra tables they wanna invite... and we giving her 7 tables...
So... we still need to pay for 61 tables..of the 15 tables they she's supposed to give me...she already gave me 2/3 of the money on GDL..
but i've used it to pay for other bills liaoz... gosh... and even if she gives me the remaining 1/3.. i still need to go find another $7k to top up...
And... not including the animation... PG.. VG... Ang Pows ($2k++)...extra screens + projectors + red wine.. + beer (if we exceed whats given..)...

$53K...???!!!?? Suppose even if all 54 tables give average $80 = $43200...
I still need to find $9800???!!!?? Siaoz liaoz la......

Now is empty loh.... faint faint faint... panic atttack liaoz... now my head is hurting.. man.....
That day still happy happy think should have surplus.. now... i think... siaoz liaoz.....
And even if everyone gives $100 each... i would just have surplus of $1000.....
and that is soooo unlikely... i've a few tables that i know sure is lose one....
Coz they are youngsters.. siao liaoz la....

Mad mad mad... i'm going crazy....

Ah Net> if i were u.. i also crazy liaoz.. thank God my parents and ILs has gotten their guest list long ago... i've like gone thru with them the sitting and groupings at least 4 times with my mum...
at least 2 times with MIL...and its almost final liaoz....
MIL was telling us yest that some of the relatives children (our age) cant make it.. here cut cut there cut cut...already got 1 table lesser...
Waiting for frens side to cut cut... then see how many left.. jialat man... faint.. really can faint loh.. sigh...

But i think more or less confirmed le la... just need to RSVP some of the people.....
And i've also put the groups into the floor plan liaoz... now i can have a better idea of who is going to sit where... but i suppose it'll still change..
Coz... change is the only constant in life! hahaha...

Yah.. my fren Pan Pacific.. i give $100..realised also not enough lo... wah liaoz.. now hotel is $120 liaoz la....
But only if relatives are sooo kind to know that..
Frens at least will help to cover cost.. but i hope my frens will be nicer to me la.. sigh...... but then... mine is at OCC.. sounds cheap.. but its not that cheap loh...
Even the pricing on SB Forum is outdated liaoz...

I just emailed the moderator some time back..told them to update their price.. haha..and i sent them the Quotations i got from certain hotels also..
ask them to go and update la... wah liaoz.. OCC $508??? wait long long lo... hahahha....
And some hotels also write $600++.. faint.. its like 2 years ago the pricing... sigh....

wah liaoz..$10.. i pray that and reject that in Jesus' Name!!!
Blessings!!!! Please come my way!!! Amen!!!

Can tell... i have some symtoms of insanity liaoz..... u all got watch 9pm show??

Huh... i tot i ever sent u my file?? no have meh?? i was wondering why u need mine again. haha..
its the 1st time u receiving ah?? okay... you are welcome... but its an outdated file for me la....
Mine is already... added till dunno where liaoz... sigh.... i'm going to faint......

msbean> what is diva 6"?? leg 2"? can ah....how much is it?? u need a height of 20" ah?? thats almost 2 feet wor...
how come ur head frame customised like that de??

so u put in the mattress its sync throughout ah??

Fanny> your mums not coming to the hotels meh? i got them to come to my hotel room early for MU loh..

No need to transport the wine de....when u place order..the wine shop will deliver to the BQ venue...and pick it up from there after the event..
We no need to transport them de la... the only thing is to go down and try the wine and see which one u like and make deposit only..

Depends on how much ur corkage also... my wine is $17 + $15 corkage will be $32.. but i no corkage la.. check out what is ur corkage loh..

green> same.. only beer and red wine.. now i have only 180 glasses of beer to go around... and thats defintely not enough..
if they open more.. i die.... red wine we are getting from Parkers' Wine.. $17.12 each after GST..

we ordered 72 bottles.. can return 20%....

We'll just bring the 2 bottles of hard liquor that was given during GDL there to open loh..

My corkage are waived..so at least I'm saved for that... yah.. all hard liquor brought in MUST be duty paid..regardless of venues..
but some places i heard not so strict... then u can smuggle in some not paid one loh.. hahaha...

ur frens really receive all sorts of things in AP hor?? MMmm.. but is it ur frens's very stingy kind? or the people really stingy??
Gosh.. cant believe it man....


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waxie>har, so no good buys. lucky my mom never go down today. :p

rach>wah, u must seriously think carefully before you buy anything else wor... your wedding cost double mine, I think... U try not to stress too much. Wait fall sick again...


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hee ... have some of my pre-wedding photos on my multiply too ... my id is jazzywindchimes ... however, need to added as contact before viewing
Erm..I dun plan to drop hints to colleagues. I find it a bit rude for me to do that unless they ask me for my table price specially. Guests are already giving me face if they are willing to come to my banquet.


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YL>already think very carefully liaoz.. no more extra spending le wor... sigh....
yah.just now i was thinking..then head like wanna expolode... i think i go sleep liaoz... siaoz....

green> i definitely agree with what u said.. thats provided i have the money... they dun give also like that.. coz we want them to come and celebrate with us... sob sob..
but when u cant afford..and yet still want them to come.... its..... just gotta bang on the APs....
If die die can't make up $$ amount, maybe can consider GE loan (Singapore Post Office). I heard that the processing speed is quite fast one. One can loan a few Ks. You can pay banquet with credit card 1st, that will give u 1 month to make up the $$.

That's super duper stress leh. 53K! *Pat pat on shoulder* I admire your strength. I won't be able to put up with this type of stress. In your situation, I will consider hinting guests liao or postpone my wedding day.

That friend is generous type. We can't control what ppl give us inside angbaos. I have more horror stories about angbaos which I will not share here, later all of us panick. I know my colleagues will give $80 angbao, thus I already opted for a hotel banquet that's $800++ and factored 5K into my wedding budget for banquet loss le. I estimated 4-5 tables of colleagues to turn up.


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Hi chimes, haha, ya lor.. No choice, HTB leaving this mth 25th. So we cfm as much as we can first. When he leaves, i can try to arrange the tables. And because we will be printing names on sticker paper to stick on invitation cards, so more things need to be done. So cfm guest list now, then when he is not ard, i do all these lor.. And most of the ppl we inviting actually alrdy knows we are getting married la.. Just waiting to get the red bomb only. LOL!


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Hi bubu! U accepted my invite le, thanks! N saw ur photos too! Nice Nice! There's some pictures where there seems to b an old building behind. Is that the wallpaper taken in the studio? I also see some with u playing the cello. Is tat urs? U know hw to play? Tats cool! I like those shots taken at the seaside! Nice nice!!


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I think not many pple will drink hard liquor these days. but also depends on your crowd. I prepared abt 10 bottles just in case...
My venue charges $38++ for each bottle of red wine lor. With that money I can buy 2 bottles of v good wine fr wholesalers... my corkage is $20++, so if I can buy red wine fr outside for <$18 it's considered money saved.
So whether u buy fr ur hotel or fr outside depends on wat's the corkage charge lor. If not much diff then better to buy fr ur hotel, save the trouble.

nowadays hotels are easily $1200-$1500 lor, and restaurants are easily $700... How much I bao depends on how close I am to the person, rather than where the person hold the dinner. For good friends I can bao >$200, for not so close, ones will be $80-$100.

I calculated I need each of my guests to bao $100 for me to break even... so I'm prepared for a loss, just hope we won't bleed too much.
I agree with you. I have seen the latest quotes from hotels. Some haven't include the 10% + 7% charges in the quoted prices yet. If need extra flora decor &amp; band, must pay more.

Yah I always give more for closer friends. I saw how stress they were about $$ matter.


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I guess you gals are right. I've been too stressed out. Lately I've got too much on my plate to handle. Priority given to house reno and work. A bit fed up with myself oso coz I can't complete my work as schedule and as a result, my biz trip to Japan has to be postponed to end Oct. May not be able to extend my stay there for personal leisure coz may need to travel to Shanghai rite after tat. Then FH oso not around in Oct and Nov coz going for reservist. And to make things worse, Oct and Nov is the period where we should be finalising some wedding details.


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hmm... to add, I'm entitled to 1 round of corkage waived for confirmed tables, after which $20++ is charged for each additional bottle opened.


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green>I agree totally with u wor. I won't tell colleagues how much to pao. Leave it to their discretion. At most, when they ask, I tell them restaurants now oso not cheap and is almost the same price as hotels.

Actually, the topic of my wedding comes up quite often. Colleagues want to know how much I spending on rings, gowns, banquet, etc. All I say is everything now oso not cheap and give them a rough figure if they really insist on knowing.

All along FH and I told ourselves expect to make a loss. Don't even expect to break even so we won't feel disappointed. But we never factor in loss amount. :p FH and I are splitting the cost of the bill 50-50.

Rach>gambatte. Try to go home and makan more. Pak tor at his place or your place. save a lot of $ this year actually. :p


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green> mmm.... u dunno my current situation la... my credit already.... burst... u want me to burst more after AD... sigh.. can i dun have AD???

yeah man... my fren that time shot gun... close fren some more.. i know she need money.. i give $200 for her wedding loh... of coz i dun expect anything from her in return..that time i still rich.. can afford... now.... i'm in deep deep shit loh... sigh.....


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That's a lot of money you're going to spend on this wedding!! God Bless You!!
I nvr knew we had to spend so much on this wedding lor, it's 3x of my initial budget.
I'll ask my colleague tmr about his banquet's table cost when he passes me the card. Hope he hint hint me.

Cham I heard 2 colleagues saying about giving him $80 angbaos.


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Yo Jovin..though i can only see ur profile pic, but u look very sweet frm there..=)
the old buildings frm the One Eye Click pics? if that's the one,the place is at Linden Drive, quite near Turf City..that's the place where my photographer's place is.
Hehe,i used to play the cello but has stopped playing for yrs...did the pic with the instrument as i thought we could at least have some different posed shots since we didnt really knw hw to pose..
The other pics were taken frm the previous BS which i had signed up with but i had terminated their services


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green>hee, I hope so. But this is the group I'm closest to and lunch with most often lah. All guys. After mixing around with them, I realise guys can be even bitchier and gossip even more than girls. :p Quite fun although sometimes I miss girl talk and shopping during lunch.

Rach>take care, k? fall sick worst. body don't feel well and have to spend $ on medical.


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Sentosa where? rasa/ beaufort/ amara? Price different leh.

ya lor, we kiasu mah. Come to think of it, 10 bottles is quite a lot for a sunday dinner. But we hv quite a lot of elder folks... abt 20 tables of them, who might still enjoy hard liquor. If left over then just keep at home n slowly drink lor.

My bf is paying for everything himself lor, keke.. Actually I rather not hv the banquet, and ask him give me the $$ or go for a long holiday or use the $$ to invest.


Ya man tago is the name of the dog. Joho is definetely a better choice we didnt meet up with him thou. We actually signed up with Oneeyeclick out of impulse &amp; glad we ended up with WS.


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He has enough savings for the whole wedding lah, but just v disgusted by the amount of money spent. I can't help but keep thinking abt what we could hv done with the money lor.


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Hi Gals..sigh...read the thread then realised I am actually quite behind time..I only completed my PS last fri. God knows when can see the photos and when album will b ready. Another thing done is my invitation cards printed n collected only. Others...all haven do...in dilemma like too early to send invitation cards &amp; sms or emails etc cos even if peers confirm they can atd the Wedding in Nov, scarly last min they say cnt atd oso no use...I'm so busy @ work &amp; so tired after work..think of the wedding preparations i si bey sian...sigh...so tiring and troublesome...my PS I tink I not quite happy oso...though I am just keeping my fingers crossed hoping that my photos will turn out nice...praying &amp; hoping can kenna 4D so I can re-take my PS again and tis time, with the PG I liked &amp; had always wanted but cldnt afford...haha

P/s: Have added some of you gals out there and had sent invites to add me as well..love browsing beautiful photos of u gals and will definitely share with you gals once I have mine in possession... ;)


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Dor>hee, I agree. But FH and his family insist must have dinner so no choice lor. Seriously rather take the $ to go hols.

FH paid for his degree course by himself so he has even less savings than me esp since I've worked longer than him cos of NS. Don't want to wipe out all his hard-earned savings at a go just cos of wedding. Split 50-50, he still got left-over savings which is impt since we still have housing and renovation to worry about later.