(2008) Brides of year 2008


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the hockhua bird's nest is concentrated. I like the taste too. Was $44 after discount.

straylamb>we're not doing an chuang. No one said must do so I keep quiet. FMIL is giving me cash in place of si dian jin as both she and my mom agree that gold is too ex now.


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rayrachel> thanks for the link! wondering how come the difference between the rental of the rom dress and the wedding gown is such a big difference.


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YL > thank u..ok lah..all the reception gals in the lounge are my buddies,so I will get them to handle him..haha~~nope...my abercrombie slippers are gone.It was my birthday present!!haiz...I will get fake ones next time..haha...

waxie> I will my bunch of keys and POKE his eyes if he comes near me..Keekee~~

rach > cool!!I will get some..haha~~for the price of "mei mei"..its worth it!!haha~~thank u~

crown > woodlands Eu Yan Sheng got offer ah??haiz...soo far~~

straylamb>yah.I was abit worried he will follow me to my room but I got the recep gal to accompany me back...the guy da shan her fren a few mths ago!!this is scary!no leh..ur complexion is ok lah!!!really..not that bad as u think lah. (^-^)
I bought mine in those old old kind of no name gold shops in HDB area..I think they are cheaper lor..I got them in taiwan but I oso went to those goldsmith shops near temples kind..haha..alot cheaper..


clare> sounds like he's a regular "da shan" guy ard that place. n after so long.. still hang ard same place.. weird guy..

i must say "there is no ugly gal in the world.. jus lazy gal".. must do maintenance one.. i'm lazy cos i do basic maintenance nia.. haha


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hi dorisq,
U qite explicit hor...

Thanz anyway...

U mention 'trying to conceive for 3mths oredi'...wow?! I think itz natural for 30s couples to gan cheong but hmmm...under stress our little friends (egg/sperm) may not respond leh...take things easy lar...

For me, after doing, i try to keep my legs upright in e air 2 let e sperms swim better...haha talk abt explicitness...well, i try e pillow too...

I was sharing w my hubby tat we too task oriented... pple in movies like qite enjoy leh...why so fast n quick? Sighz...typical Sporean...efficient n cheong...still dunno how to reach *O...sm yet for e female aspect...

Sounds more like exercise to me, yeh?!


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strawclare>glad to know u are ok. Hee, you go to the hotel so often that the recep girls all know you le?

I think I've slightly less breakouts after taking the bird's nest. I only take 1 teaspoon a nite. some nites skip if I staying over at FH's place. But I've also been trying to mask more often.

Today, for the sake of meimei, I learnt how to use false eyelashes from my colleague. And my big boss walked right in when we were doing it. So paiseh. Oh, she said can get cheap false eyelashes in Taiwan. strawclare knows where?


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WOW so happening!

Very hard to follow liao. I hope i din miss out anything.

Berry> i will add u to multiply. I was already working here. I moved here when we got together.

PSH> my multiply quite deserted le. nobody goes there anymore. I am going to see ur slideshow NOW!! Excited.

Doris> I added u on multiply, i think u're so harsh with urself, u look lovely.And good luck on the babies.

My best friend just got married. it was so nice. i want to get married again. =P


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fionachua, is your tooth impacted sort? i also wanna do but i scared too painful.

For me fh will bring pig to my house when collecting me, and we'll bring it straight to church to be chopped up for lunch reception. But not very nice to bring chopper on wedding day, so must specially bring it to the church hall kitchen the day before.


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Hi Jane, I also staying at amk and my HTB at hougang.

Hi sleepygal, really so qiao. I am requesting Xiaohui to reach my amk home at 5.30am and start 2nd make up at 10.30am at marina mandarin. Are you able to squeeze in any hour btw 7-10am if you don't need to start early? So Xiaohui knows we know each other are using her as the MUA on AD? Will be seeing her tomolo during the PS.


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i paid abt 800 for the animation.. originally have a PG package with them too but due to some reasons, i cancelled the package and went for another PG package.

ya.. they just gave me the reason as i've mentioned above.. i am giving them till end of this mth to contact me.. as they required 2 mths for the production..


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msbean> we bought the top grade one..the one that is $55.. but we had a 20% discount coupon then.. so we got it at $44... its the more concentrated one... we like it.. or rather.. i like it..

I take a big teaspoon every nite after i bathe and before sleeping...it seems to be working well for me..

i think its still okay.. my 1st bottle i could tell the diff already..each bottle last about 2-3weeks..

Yes....u need to refrigerate it..

Bubbly> definitely better la..those 6 in a bottle is nothing one..all so sweet...waste money...

straylamb> yup..every month... i'm there every month since my Hubby came into this line loh... hahaha..can ask me when the time comes... i think its 1st Aug to 9th Aug..


Thanks Iciclediamond, can I call u Icic next time? Keke, cos Iciclediamond, like a little long.. Haha.. Anyway, appreciate your kind comments here.. For me, I'm actually quite a "particular", "yim jin" person. LOL!! So, ya, I think, if I'm really interested, should go for a higher price one.. But, also kinda scare that if pay higher, not sure if the quality comes out, is it really better anot.. So, risk also quite high.. Kekeke.. Dilema..

For your EG, did you did just have a minor alteration? How much more did you spend in the end? Did you also have to do alteration for WG? Btw, is the WG quality better? Cos from your photos, it does looks great.. Do you plan to wear your 2 gowns again for AD? Cos then can maximise your investments mah.. Haha..

Btw, where did u get your acrylic nails from? It's nice.. Thought of buying for PS..


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Hi Charma, wow your timing is earlier than mine.. keke.. ur MUA got charge u additional fees? My MUA told me I got to top up $150.. sianz...

Hi Jo_vin.. keke aiya Singapore so small also wun be alot of diff le.. keke...

Hi Mary Poppins... so coincidence we and our HTB live in the same area.. haha... So how about u? U got top up for ur MUA?


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Hi Jo_vin, I am not sure abt the timing. Need to check with my MIL and my parents.

Hi Mary Poppins, so coincident again, U are staying in AMK and I m in Bishan. So XiaoHui wont need to spend too much time on travelling. I am not sure abt the timing yet. But should be leaving home by latest 8.30am ba. I did mentioned to Xiaohui that we are using her for te AD makeup. I din mentioned your real name to her though. Just told her I know there is another bride using her services on our AD. If you want to 'remind' her again, just tell her that we just had our PS on last tues, she should be able to remember ba. How many times of makeup are we entitled to?


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msclaire, wat u mean by impacted? Actually dun feel any pain at all cos got inject ma zui yao only after tat the effect gone liao then will feel pain but for me still not so painful so no need to take painkiller.


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Wah, so funny!!

And yes, very explicit!!

dorisq & PSH,
we tried the pillow thing.. lie for 20 min and when i get up, still "leak" leh. so lie down again.. my hubby laughs. but he very sweet... he gets me water and whatever else while i'm lying down!
i used this website http://health.yahoo.com/other-other/fertility-calculator/healthwise--calc003.html but donno if it works leh. And i read that must feed hubby with plenty of nuts. Gave him strawberries but he ended up with constipation!

hi Berry,
i agree. Gotta maintain intimacy. Best way to be in the mood for making love (regardless whether make bb or not).

hmmmm, XLB, where have YOU been? Busy in 'action' is it? ha ha.. just teasing.
I've been fed up with work so log in to relieve stress.

btw, PSH
everyone had different ways of reaching 'O'. My hubby tries to make me relaxed and happy. And on my part, i make sure my tummy is quite empty (hungry is best. When I've eaten, sure cannot one) and it helps if i drink abt 3 cups of water (bladder more full) about 30min-1hr beforehand. Oh yes, i realise i reach 'O' better if I'm sitting up!! Lying down doesn't seem to work ;( HTH, but remember, have fun!!
Anyone got other suggestions? Don't want to stick to routine leh....

Now, if only i can figure out how to use Multiply!!


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hi keer!
sure no prob!! :p ya it is a pretty long name but sound like i see i see!! hhaha

It is not a 100% percent thing that higher price one will mean better quality. But definitely with a higher budget, u can request for better material to be used. From my experience from surfing so many stores ( i spent 2 months researching before deciding to buy!! ) , even a v expensive gown from their website is still v afforable after the conversion, a gown with lots of lance costs at most at most S$500, most will range from S$100-300.

My EG only had small alteration, i cant zip it up!! but usually they will have excess cloth on the inside of the gown for alteration allowance. I only spent 20 dollars for the alteration. The people at the store said that if she were to made the same gown will at least cost S$400!!

WG quality is pretty OK. The one i bought is considered a pretty cheap one.. if u wanna wear for AD then buy a even better one :p no alteration required was v fitting.

What type of design u like? Maybe I can help u by telling u which store got what u wan

I only intend to wear my EG for my AD. The WG purely for PS : if anyone keen to rent or buy can let me know :p

For the arylic nails.. i got it from daiso for $2. cheap and good hahah...


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Hi Keer - 2 shirt for PS and AD? My bfrd is thinking of that too, can save $. But then i am thinking i will be wearing 5 outft for PS. Will it turn out to be funnie as i go so many outfit and he got only 2?

Currently, he just bought a grey shirt from Zara, quite nice.
But probably will look out for another nice white shirt.

As for his suit, he got it tailor from Penisular Plaza already, quite good material, cost estimate @$360. You can try to go Men's tailor at 3rd level. The BS suit totally cannot make it one, is very old and dirty one.. even my dad also dont like. keke. :p

I might be going to Orchard area to see if we can look out for any good shirt as i need to go there any collect my Anna Ninc Shoe. Far East there also got quite a number of tailor shop, probably will pop by and see see. I looked from the magz the King mens shop seems to be quite popular and nice. But guess wldn't be that cheap, but then no harm to pop by and see see. hee...

But then will be shop for all as we need to attend a BBQ event later. heehh.. What about you?


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wahts the diff.. when u hv bird nest? more radiant? i heard gals eat too much no good.. is it true? i shld start eating too..

today my boss just told me she cant attend my wedding cos she is plannign a holiday trip at that time. so sianz... i told her a year ago and re-confirmed with her one month back... too bad, she said she got no other more suitable time to go..

btw, my colleague has a rlative that just passed away.. so she is asking me if she should/can attend my wedding.. i hear something like 100 days right?


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Oh J8 also have 20% ( until 20/7 ) , I buy 2 type one is the 44 and one is 52(Yue yan ) after 20% .

The sales say must finish it 10days after open the bottles is it true ?

So i have to drink it everynite before I sleep will do


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Meiling> You this granny sure will protect me from the big bad pussy cat. :p

Lost> Pass me some of the pig trotter beehoon if you hv any. That message is for the rest of the gals here too. And if you managed to get the pig trotter can, do let me know where your MIL get it from. Thanks!!!

Fiona> Do take care and recovery soon!

I've been out the whole day. Morning went for followup medical check, after that to HDB for 2nd appt and lastly to Balestier to source for lights. So tired....

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Hi cfay and keer,
my htb got his shirts made at PIMABs...quite costly but the designer is really very good and the shirts look great.
I went to kingsmen before and their shirt is abt $180 and suit costs min $800....
i think its quite common for the bride to have more outfits than the groom

iciclediamond, how come you are not wearing the EG from your BS? seeing your pics makes me sooo tempted to buy the wedding dresses online too!


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ah net>
i bought my mattress from bedding saloon at a reno fair in sing expo last yr sept also..It's a royal princess king size,non flip mattress from slumberland.we spend 3k inclusive of a nice frame.Nt sure if they still got such offers,we were given free bolster,posturecare pillows and comforter set and mattress protector..i tink it's quite cheap.. probably u can check them out at the monthly reno fair at singex cos i tink they are always there..ha..
u were talking abt avoiding going hospital..ha,i work in hospital counted anot..cant avoid..hee.

Ivy> i tink ur PS pictures look very nice leh..reali different..every pic look like poster pics..haha

rachel>lucky u manage to find out the errors b4 sending out..if nt may lead to probs cos for me,my relatives are very fussy on such things,as they will "sing for 3 yrs" at least...so my mom wanted me to be very careful,thus wanted the ah hwa uncle to write.need to be very prim n proper.tks for ya advice ya!

strawclare>u reali muz be careful ah! tsk tsk..bt i tink u very gd at dealing wif such idio*s liao..cos u so pretty sure always got guys "da shan"..haha..


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so the talk is now abt pork ah...
i like the beehoon cooked with the canned pork too!! yummy!

fionachua, rest well!
i got my wisdom tooth all taken out in one go like 2 years ago.... but strangely, i didn't experience any post-op pain at all! but i got so giddy from the general anaethesia...my giddiness lasted for a few days and couldn't walk properly at all...btw, i lost a lot of weight after the op cos could only drink milo
so girls, this is one other way to lose weight!! - just kidding, pls dun take me seriously :p
Slumberland was at the expo fair last wkend. I won't bother to entertain those "mafah" relatives, I will surely switch off one haha

Hehe the bird nest doesn't work for my complexion. Maybe my skin too "mountaineous" le :p I enjoy it as dessert. U can try birdnest out since it works for other gals.

u me net never bump onto each other at PS last Fri. Guess PS is too crowded! Maybe we rub shoulders against each other but cant recognise each other's faces cos we never meet b4 mah.

So which date do we choose for Aug outings?


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Hi M,
How on earth u noe tat u reach e oh... 'O'?! Can enlighten e clueless Mrs...or mayb jus me lor...

Love xlb...don get sad lah...u 1 of e earliest to get married among us...i still drop by n see ur fotoz n diy stuff...u sure hav great taste in alot of stuff...frm wedding cards/ favour/ deco etc...hmmm a very talented u...perhaps can try some biz along e line...like Wedding Paparazzi Consultant...offering cool wedding ideas...one stop svc...haha can consider lor.
I looking forward to get my coffeetable album...jus curious..wat price range did u pay for ur AD PG? Really stylish shots u hav...i got my AD PG frm Internet...Most imptly, he has no airs @ all + all e strong passion in his work + punctuality...ya i agree w u...every gal loves e wedding feeling...itz going 2 mths but my galfrienz still gushing over our wedding. I keep playing e DVDs over n over again. Never get tired too!...

Hmmm...frm e way we describe abt our 'positions' (ahem u noe wat i mean)...we not tat shy ha...wonder if anyone who reads here will flip...hopefully not...cos itz part of being MRS lor...

Keep e sharing going!

As 4 M, do u hav a Multiply acc? Try following e steps n create one urself. If u really wan to view our sites, perhaps give us ur email address n tell us wat additional details u need to log on.
E.g. UserID/ Password etc.

I too created a blog but for fotoz viewing, Multiply is more user friendly...faster to upload e fotoz too!


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green>maybe you need more time? Guess meet on the day most brides can make it?

msbean>my bottle last longer than 10 days leh. I put in the frige so far no probs.


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florabliss, thanks for adding me in the list.

Jac, ya i also hope tat i can lose some weigth these 5 days cos eat veri little no appetite. My mouth cannot open too big to chew food so only eat a little and drink soup.


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today my office we are talking about frying bee hoon with pork trotters for our bbq. My boss say if we ever can find it would be either very ex or we have to check for the content of the food before use.

fiona, take care and rest well. I think when time to fit your gown, ur bs have to tailor down abit for you liao. ^^


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ya, i couldn't open my mouth then and could only drink milo... guess the giddiness helped suppress my appetite a lot! cos tiny motions that i did sent my head spinning and i felt like puking most of the time. eh, i lost a lot of weight post-op but i think i gained back the weight (plus a bit more) double fast! just taking care of the wound well...do the proper washing ya!

all this talk abt the pig trotters bee hoon is making the cravings come in double quick time...
so s'pore is totally not importing in these pork stuff anymore? can't rem what was said in the news last time...


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crown, you saw me at semb mrt stat??? huh? u recognise me meh? i only went for the first gathering leh... i din go for the 2nd one leh... den hw u recognise me? and i think i did went into 7-11 den i came out cos there's a queue at the counter and i lazy to queue...

crown, u saw eu yan seng roadshow at causeway point?? until when ar? if 2 concentrated birds nest selling for $110, it's damn cheap lor!!! mine is abt 90 per concentrated bottle i think.

wah straylamb, you also at PS dat day?? wah, we din even bump into one another lor...
yeah i will post the corsages and ang pow box in multiply when it's done up. the lace and stuff bot from spotlight, only the ang pow box we bot at daiso.

yeah i think 1 aug expo got this living something fair. think got sell furniture and mattress... am gg to go to expo and check it out!!!

fanny, yeah i also heard it must be after 100 days den can attend... but i guess if ur colleague's relative is nt very close one, den it shd be ok ba. i guess ar...

wow jrgal, ur mattress deal sounds good leh.
hmm, today my ex bf told me to get the best type from brands like king koil, or four star instead of getting the ok ok ones from simmons or serta or sealy, which in end, might end up paying abt the same price... simmons expensive leh, most ppl i knw say simmons 'eat' brand one, dat's y it's so expensive... but then again, yi fen qian yi fen huo.

jrgal, no lah, if work in hospital den no need to avoid lor... hmmm, u doctor or nurse or social worker ar?

gree, hw cld u say u and me never met before? sad.

so which day are we meeting ar?


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waxie... yalo mi lazy also leh... must last min hug buddha's leg now liao... mayb i will check out hock hua and eu yan seng bird nest too...

msbean... e hock hua discount onli at J8 or all outlets?

ah net... thk green referin 2 mi lah... coz i never see u n green before... onli see photos in multiply tat's all...


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fanny> eat too much no good meh?? look at fann wong.. hahaha..radiant sia... hehe..

regarding ur coll..really up to u loh..see u pantang or not.. ;)

msbean> i finish it in 2-3weeks.. not drink..its eat.. haha..coz its concentrated one..and must chew then swallow de..

jrgal>hehe..yah.. relatives are mafan!! hahaa...

YL> see which date is not friday can?? then i can make it..


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It's been quiet for a while now. Guess everyone's busy. Just 4 more days to go! Going to ROM tmrw morning to pick up the documents. Should be interesting


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OMG!!! I'm so tired.. Glad that i separate the dinner and actual day + ROM..
I'm still recovering from the tiredness.. and 2moro back to work.. Sianz..
Lucky dinner will juz be another half day for me.. hee..
All the best to all JUL BTB!!


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All the best to u all too. mine also left with dinner onli, feel abit more relax but my montage not done yet, got to rush on thurs nite, hee hee. Fri I start clearing my marriage leave till next tues, I guess when I'm back, I also will feel sian. now I hope my off day come faster so I can rest. =P


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for me, i guz i really have no time to eat, will leave after my 1st course cos i gotta MU n change into my EG....so will most prob eat a little after my solemnisation when im doing my 1st march-in MU :p

oh, u take care, rest well n hope u'll recover soon
i extracted 1 of my wisdom tooth last yr while i was doing my root canal treatment....strangely mayb cos i extracted only 1 so my appetite is not affected....guz tis is a gd time to lose weight cos most ppl have no appetite....sigh, im d only one who will find ways n means to eat cos have to feed my empty stomach :p

given my size, im sure i can fight big bad pussy cat....heheheh, im d direct opposite of d small n petite old granny :p
wah seems like u had a fruitful day yest....hdb, i wonder when i can set my foot to do d admin stuff, hope it'll b soon, still waiting for my amk dbss :p

wat do u mean by we have to chk d content of d food if we find canned pig trotters? u mean u r not using pork but sth else to replace?
hmmm....mayb i shd consider going to extract d rest of my 3 my wisdom tooth 1 mth b4 my AD, den sure will lose weight de :p but v ex wor, wait burnt a big hole in my pocket :p


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cfay: Guys changing outfit isn't superly obvious...
But if don't want to change shirts, just change tie lor. That should be quite striking enough!

Jac and Icicle: I also very tempted to buy from online lor. But was thinking of buying some of them for my 2 bridesmaids. My BS actually kindly provided 2 gowns for them. But I was just wondering...If both of them also wear white, will it be funny? As in would they look like the brides too? :p If not I might buy coloured gowns from the website lorrr...


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hmm.. what i heard from the news was tat the cans might be coming into singapore in Aug.. so let wait and @@ :p hehe...

eh.. topic changed from pork to tooth.. the last time i extracted.. i was able to eat :p no weight loss for me..

flora, i will keep u gals informed if my MIL managed to get them.. but i doubt so.. :p if cannot find the cans.. then maybe replace it with a ang bao..

i realised that as the Big day is drawing nearer and nearer.. i just want it to be so simple as possible.. but keep having the feeling that MIL is making it difficult (everything also wants, it's like she is the one getting married, replaying her own wedding) haiz..


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Mei, I think can claim under Medisave, so its not so ex that way. You can check with Raffles Dental cos thats where I got my info from.

I've been thinking of extracting my wisdom tooth since 2 months back, but since i finished my exams it kinda slipped my mind...till now. 2 more weeks to PS, not exactly worth doing now rite? scully affect PS even worse.


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hello eunice

bridesmaid will not look like bride when wear white as long as the design not similar to your wedding gown.

eg. your wedding gown neckline and the bodice should be distinctively different from them.
your can wear tube type, where their is spegettie strap.
your gown is long, with train..theirs will be knee length type.
you bun up ur hair, while they let their hair down.


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Thanks Cynthia...

Hmmm, but so far, the gowns that the BS have are also tubes, more plain lah, but tubes like mine...Plus their gowns are ankle lengths? No train...So like that how?! And as for their hair and make-up, I guess not as kua zhang as the bridal one lor. But I might let my hair down!! Haha! But will give them a smaller, coloured bouquet according to my colour theme lor!


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icicle: I also think that can add coloured waist ribbon...Hopefully it suits the gown leh. Wanted to add a shawl-ly thing or something but realised looked quite funny...Hmmm...Now I'm starting to get a leeeetle bit worried...