(2008) Brides of year 2008


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waxie- yah i know its heavy. I wonder how the bride carry. Its the one tat show in far east flora webbie with the feather one.

rach- i go home try mine. hee


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crown> Mmm... u can ask for recommendation.. or u can just drink and taste for urself..
generally the price we are getting is about $16-$17 per bottle...that range is good enough for Banquet la...unless u have high budget..

Parkers has GST though... but he's giving us $16+GST..so its about $17.12.

B@rworks is $16.80 nett..

But B@rworks wine... abit not to our liking... and only need $50 deposit at B@rworks...

Parkers need 40%... MMm..thats like $400 for what we need... yah...


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mei, I topped up 27 pics ... our PG was the one who did the photo selection with us and he kinda gave us an offer on the pics ... if he stick strictly to the price per photo, it should be $1750+


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SotongLet>> Wah, 1200 can MTM so many things? Can PM me the details of how u go about MTM-ing a gown at low cost..? Not sure if I can afford it, but I was thinking to have another gown for AD to surprise my hubby.. lol.. Somehow feel that after PS, there will be no element of surprise when hubby come and jie1 me on AD le.. haha...


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wah, have fun nec. I can't remember but think the 2 islands we went were naxos and paros. They were beautiful. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. My fav dish that I had almost every other day was moussaka. If you like lasagna, you should give it a try.


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i selected my pics alrdy, it actually varies frm BS on d price range, it can b frm $65 to even $90 per pic n oso depending on d quantity dat u top up...for me, my damage is $3.9+K for 155 pics in all (topped up ard 96 pics extra) :p dun follow my guide, im a classic bad e.g :p

so which mtm design did u choose eventually after our rounds of voting? wah...lucky u, got ur hubby to take care of everything for u, even BS oso he settle, really power house :p

can i third dat? heheheh.....i simply love to eat, im a glutton but a picky one though :p i enjoy d unhealthy jap stuff :p

hahahaha, it must been a great shock to ur BMs to b bollywood dancers but den im sure they r all sporting for ur idea
do have fun when u go to greece....oh mine, i really long for a gd break but den sigh....


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hey may brides, nice to see u all coming back! i thot only PSH and me left.

Berry3> U DIY the painting! woah....

Colt> are u on my multiply?

And thanks for sharing my joy girls!


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hi ladies, well, for me, we did not have alot of time for the outdoor shooting. Only managed to go 3 places. We did not have many places in mind to go too. Just went to the places that my PG suggested but we did counter-proposed to his ideas. He knows where is the best place for PS than we do. We spent more time in the studio than outdoor.

We went to Botanic Gdn (Big Waterfall), Hort Park and Sentosa (beach scenary).

Hi Chimes, wow you topped up another 27 photos? How many photos does your package originally consists of? Curious..


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erm, i've gone for the blood test. everything is good for me, except tat doctor recomm me for further test, check for thyroid.
will knw result next wed.

i think u all miss my name out for the upcoming gathering.

31 July (Thurs)- spolitbabe, waxie, lsntyl , fanny, ahnetsan
1 Aug (Friday) - waxie, crown, lsntyl, neko, spoiltbabe , fanny
4 Aug (Mon)- green, xiaomei, waxie, spoiltbabe, lsntyl, straylamb, ahnetsan
7 Aug (Thurs) - green, xiaomei, waxie, lsntyl, spoiltbabe, straylamb
8th Aug (Friday) - neko , waxie, green
15th Aug (Friday) - neko, spoiltbabe, waxie, green


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Hi Ladies.. I thought of going the following places for the outdoor shoot:

• Tanah Merah Lalang Field
• Tanah Merah Beach
• Tanah Merah Forest
• Botanical Gardens (Waterfall)
• Tanjong Pagar Railway
• Fullerton Area – Night Time

But I can only choose 3 locations.. What do you all think??


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Hi bluebananas,
Who's yr photographer and mua? the photos should turn out nice.

Hi Meiling,
Thanks for yr consolation. I'm okie now.. was kind of upset on monday because of the layout thing. Am was down with flu too, mc for 2 days liao... haven't recover yet...


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no prob...im sure everything will b fine, have faith in ur BS
im glad dat u r feeling better now after u r upset wif ur layout....oh u were down wif flu too? do take care of urself n rest well ok?


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no prob...im sure everything will b fine, have faith in ur BS
im glad dat u r feeling better now after u r upset wif ur layout....oh u were down wif flu too? do take care of urself n rest well ok?


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haiz Singapore is such a small place.. i bet all the places also got many pple took their photos there already.. no more new places le.. =(

So i tin its better to choose a place that u like can already..


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you shd be thankful... The 2 of us still staying at our rented place and putting up with lizard poop ;( so much cleaning... i've got to wait another 3-4 years for our own place.. hopefully we can extend the lease at the end of the year.. Now staying Bishan.

you've got mail ;) and why is everyone on Multiply? I'm really bad at websites.


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SotongLet: I didn't really check out the prices fr there...But I wasn't too happy when I went there to look at their ready-made invites...So obiang and not say cheap lor! Grr...But was thinking can get other things there...But if ex, then I won't go check it out liao!! Maybe only buy bulletin covers though...You making your own ring pillow?? How? So fun! :p


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hee sleepygal ... my original pkg has 28 pics and we didn't wanna take the bridal car from my BS so we got 4 pics in exchange. I got another pic cuz one of my friends also signed up with my BS, so in total I have 60 pics. (plus the top-up)

charma97, hmmm ... how abt places like Lower Pierce reservoir, restaurants/cafes at Dempsey Hill, airport T3, Blair Road/Club street for shophouses?


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ah net>
glad to hear most things okie=) i also last time always tired(i mean nw also always tired bt guess it's stress and more stress tat's y)and dr also ask me to check thyroids bt i m okie. i believe u will be too=) oh ya,ya wedding PS photos nice leh=p

xiaomei> hee..i go ask my hubby if he wanna go central japan=p if so then can join u liao=p


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Hi chimes.. dat's wat i tot too.. but my photographer told me to negotiate with his boss.. haiz..

so hopefully the boss considers them as 1 location...


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ray > winebos no good ah? santa helena chilean wine. wine tasting means what? mean we buy one bottle to try? or we pay by per glass?

nubra - that time they say got an outlet at suntec? is it still there? or only choice is to buy online? good to use? looks like many types, nubra and nubra feather lite?
I'm not studying part-time.

Haha I won't pull hair lah even if AD is in Sept. Got so much helpful info I can refer to at this forum about the tasks. When my MTM EG turned out to be a diasaster, I have to hide wedding from dad, I gain 5kg these months etc, I also never pull hair. If things dun work well, I'll find workarounds, lower my expectations, close 1 eye to them. Wedding is supposed to be a 1-day happy event, it's not worth killing ourselves over it!
Don't u realise that some of our stresses are actually caused by our expectations?

Guess I'll only pull hair if Bf loses another >20K in stocks again or he delays things for a few months again *touch wood* :p

Yes I'm working as a teacher. Students are basically behaving like customers nowadays. In front of my colleagues, I always called my school as "Childcare centre" LOL.
Ah Net,
U must learn to relax yourself. I notice that you are worrying a lot more nowadays. What things did u observe about your body that made u suspect that u had illness?

Stress will make u tired, lower your immune system n feel unwell one.
We don't have to stick to only 1 outing. U gals can go ahead with any of below outings as long as u gals are agreeable.

1 July (Thurs)- spolitbabe, waxie, lsntyl , fanny, ahnetsan
1 Aug (Friday) - waxie, crown, lsntyl, neko, spoiltbabe , fanny
4 Aug (Mon)- green, xiaomei, waxie, spoiltbabe, lsntyl, straylamb, ahnetsan
7 Aug (Thurs) - green, xiaomei, waxie, lsntyl, spoiltbabe, straylamb
8th Aug (Friday) - neko , waxie, green
15th Aug (Friday) - neko, spoiltbabe, waxie, green


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jia you to all upcoming ones... expect the unexpected. 2 things:

1. forgot wedding bands
2. forgot can-can, acc and veil.
Had to rush home to take! otherwise it is fun and i have upload some pics at my multiply taken by friends. The actual pic only arrive few weeks later in dvd...

Bride crashing was fun, as hubby got friend to pose as policeman knocking at our door, say we are too noisy. Almost the door for him to let him in, till we saw no nametag.

Have loads of fun ahead!


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hehe.. yah loh.. how nice if you can join us!! hehee.. =)

no worries... =) i dont like to pay by instalments but nvm lah.. i also worried about financial but i think suan le.. we cannot dictate how much $ people will give us for the dinner.. now think so much also useless.. -_- just enjoy the process k!


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green>must learn from you. You are always so cool.

Fanny>winebos is ok lah. Best for you to go down, speak to them, try out the wines and decide yourself what you want. Everyone has different expectations and different needs. The wine tasting depends. Winebos and B@rworks give free wine tasting but some places you need to pay for the bottle.

I understand nubra featherlite is lighter than the original nubra.


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Woo... wedding checklist, I still haven't got the time to do it. Sigh... so tied up in the reno stuff that I got to put wedding prep on hold.


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msbean, for me, i recomm fancl tense up ex. it's really good for me, i can see the radiance on my face... as for birds' nest, it's also good, jus dat eat long term den can see results. but i think i stil prefer fancl tense up now. i also recomm SK2 facial essence... haha. and it's eye mask. very good. SK2 facial mask i find ok only, but i thumbs up for the eye mask.


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nelle>> you doing reno oso? Who's your ID? My reno gonna start soon too. May be selecting the tiles this sat. Hoping to start reno on 30th Jul.

LSnTYL>> I'm a jap food lover oso. Got quite a few jap restaurants that I love. Food is really nice there.

fiona>> Good luck to MTMing your gown. You are a lucky gal to have your hubby doing the wedding prep. For me, I do 95% of the work for wedding, hse hunting and hse reno. Really tiring considering I have to study and travel for biz.


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green, i also dunno whether im too stressed or too depressed or wat leh....

my colleagues say mayb i too stressed up with the wedding prep (cos most of the stuff is i do one, i jus delegate work to my bf), dat's y im stressed or depressed without me even realising it.

or maybe it's the evening gown. maybe it's the whole prep thingy. i also dunno.

or mayb my work too stressed until i dun realise dat im feeling stressed.

i only knw dat i dun have ideas like jumping down or slashing wrist, so i guess im nt dat depressed?


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Hi Hi ladies,
Great 2 see all of u all again...even though we never meet, guess e similar experiences in wedding planning has opened e doorway 4 more sharing n in a way make friends too.

Hi Berry, Colt, Crispy and M, glad to hear u all adjusting well in ur marriage.
Still waiting 4 my AD fotoz in great anticipation as my AD PG qite cool in his shots...i uploaded my wedding album in e multiply site.
Will update all once e rest r done...tempted to include e video highlights but only allow 100 MB for 10 mins. More than tat muz PAP^ (pay n pay)...

As 4 M's comments, i do tink of doing it laboriously in my blog, but i simply too tired to add all AD details inside e blog.

Love xlb did a polished job...i guess i getting old liao so fingers a bit crinky...qite easy to get in multiply site. Moreover, this site allows fotoz 2 b uploaded easily, taz why we prefer to load our fotoz up.

As 4 ur bf n his gal who r prospective customers in Sattine, i believe itz an adjustment phase. Once they sieve out all e teething issues, hopefully they can regain e customers' confidence.

Remind them NEVER assume things in BRIDAL svc. Always ask, clarify n expect terms in black n white. Some couples actually feel down cos they get ripped off in e preparation...

Hmmm...since we oredi married n waiting to get our hands on e fotoz...mayb we can share a little bit of ourselves...

E.g. Is married life beri different frm wat u envisage?

For me, I was severely home sick in e initial month...getting better now..

Share share k...

4 those eager to see my AD fotoz, e PG has made use of his blog n did a segment of us...

Just go to http://kenteophoto.com

E section where u see a married couple in church (pix w inverted u arch above; fotoz orangie red tone...taz us...follow e comments where u see

'A simple slideshow - my humble interpretation of the simple love' and there will b a slideshow of us.



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sorry M,
I referring to ur bro n his gal...apologies.

E PG i engage in u may not hav heard of him but he does hav a wealth of experience in foto journalistic shooting. He promotes qite extensively in Googles...

If u like his style, feel free 2 recommend him 2 ur galfrienz...he's qite sincere n professional in his delivery. A plus pt, a rather tall guy too!

Oops... u all decide his skills lah. ;)


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as our resident shopping queen, you must maintain reputation lah, that's why topping up photos also must top up lots, cos it's just like shopping!
;) but then i think you didnt have much choice, seeing your unselected ones were so nice liao, those selected ones sure super mei lor, so must top up lor.

bargain hard, sure you gonna top up lots too, cos ya gonna have beautiful pics!!! your BS is....?

your FH do everything? LUCKY gal! so impressed with your FH.
my FH normal response is anything also can.

kyoto is really enjoyable.
the temples, the palace, the gardens...
the zen temple was REALLY peaceful.
imagine just some stones in a formation, i was so cynical and skeptical, but when i sat down,
POOF! instant deep peace.
i also cant explain.

there's a cheap walking tour, i think it's called jonny's walking tour, kyoto. can check it out.

gion is shiok for the FOOD and you can catch sight of maikos passing thru.

from kyoto, can easily take day trips to nara and himeji. 2 diff places with diff attractions.
so 2 diff day trips lah.

and must must must try onsen.
north of kyoto have some outdoor ones, not very touristy.
i havent been to those, but i did some hiking in the area of the onsen, gorgeous man. and the FOOD.
we ate on top of a river on bamboo 'rafts' attached to the banks and it was just simple fish from the river. but super WOW.

i did go to one of the oldest onsen in japan (they claim), that's in shikoku, the island below honshu. it's in dogo. and i was so freaked out at being naked in front of strange pple, but man, the relaxation is totally worth and after a while, i dun care how many strangers around. lol.


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you're cool.... sometimes i can think tat way, but most of the times i would think of the bad side. It's always the money issue, and my fh likes to drag stuffs. I give up liao, he wan to do he do, if dun do i at most dun move in.

how much is the fancl tense up ex? is to drink weekly?


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Leely, need to see the design and materials such as lace cloth, silk, organza etc and additions such as normal beadings, crystal beadings, lace applique (or watever it is spelt.) This will add on to the cost of making a gown. You can pm me the amount u are willing to spend the materials u wan and the design u going for. I can advise u better like tat

Eunice, yeah making my own pillow. I wanted some thing of satin roses, with crystals and matted white surface. Cannot find the size i like or it is too ex loh.

flora actually we have alot of time, just wanna do some stuff first so that we will not feel so rush when the time gets nearer.


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Hi ladies,

Nice to meet u. My details as follows:
AD: 7th Dec
Venue: Hilton
BS: Bridal De Couture
Multiply Acc: jean0311

I haven't started on my preparation yet. Dun really know where to start. Do ur ladies know where can I get white shoes/ shirts for hubby? =)


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hi polarwhite, do u have the address of the curtain shop? is their workmanship also, to pay $170 for 3 panels, is that considered affordable and reasonable pricing? sorry to be asking so many questions as i am really clueless.

hi bubbly, will you be ordering your 喜饼 from Pine Garden? I had this idea too but havent went to check out in depth their offer. how long in advance do we have to place the orders?

also, me an Oct 2008 BTB. Do add me in the table too k? Thanks alot

AD: 4 & 5 Oct 2008 (Customary and Banquet respectively)
Venue: Shangri-la
BS: French Bridal
VG: Friend


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yl... ic... green is lecturer! mi got eye cannot see tarzan... hehe...

green... ya students r "customers" loh... sian... u not workin in poly rite? mi in sp as admin... also got to face "customers"...
o haf u seen e specialist liao?
ah net... u take care also... mayb take a rest from e preparations for a few daes?
rach... at least u still can Choose to take smaller cup leh... mi got no choice wor... hehee...


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hi all briders, im a newbie here.

by now, many of u would hav gone thru photoshoots. may i noe which is the better BS and photographer ard? theres simply too many BS ard that i cant make a decision. and do they provide a gown for ur ROM?

ur help is greatly appreciated :D


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wow.. meiling u surely live up to ur name nia.. but 3.9k for 96 pics.. i think it's worth..

nec, my bs is signoria.. my main album is the whole fantasy album.. the other album i converted to digital magazine style.. but think might need to top up ard 2-2.5k.. let's hope i can stay ard this range...

flora & nelle, could you share with me ur reno quotation? need to start on this soon too..

good news.. i completed my invites yesterday.. should be able to collect them soon.. one thing off my mind.. yeah..