(2007) Brides of year 2007


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hi all... came back to this thread last wk... but i think nobody rem me liao.. haha... Anyway, congrats to Cactus... Made in Paris... hehe...

Mine's Made in Spore de...

So far i only maintained contact wif tracy... If u all dun mind, can also add me...



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hi claire & Gwen,

my AD is also on 11/11.

hi Qing2,
may i know how the ampoule is to be used? not sure is not same usage as in beauty salon.. but they used with machine..


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Hallo ladies....

Tried posting my gal's pix but unsuccessful!

My gal is hospitalised today for jaundice and will be discharged on Wed. I cried when she is being hospitalised... So heart pain to see her! Currently, i m suffering a bit of depression, thank god for my Mum & HK Auntie, who rallied around me... And told me that my gal is in safe hands.

My CL is not taking good care of my gal coz she kena diaper rashes and skin rashes... especially when the PD told us today abt the rashes.

My Mum has no choice but to come down and help me out. I dun want to tire my Mum out... but no choice. I cried so many times in these few days plus, my in laws irriated me with their expression of concern.

I told my hubby that i appreciate their concern but their expression is just noise to me. Now, i just want peace & Quiet....

Once my gal is discharged, i will be taking care of her full time w/o the confinement lady help. Keeping my fingers crossed that i could cope!

Mei, njoy ur bangkok trip!

Von, wat HK series u going after now?

Piglet, what did u bake last Wednesday?

Reading your posts does keep me sane!


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HI ladies,

I planning to go taiwan for my HM in Mar 2008 then start my CPA. Baby mabbe wait for another 3-4 yrs bah. Want to enjoy my life first although already enjoy for 3 yrs plus.


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my wedding is over too... on 20 Oct... it was so fun & both hubby & i really enjoyed ourselves very very much.....

cant wait to see the photos & video... hehehhe


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Hi Petrina,

I remember you! You were in Catholic BTB of 2007 thread too! Yr wedding 1 week b4 mine. hahha....

Shall add you on my Multiply.


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Congrats Petrina! Wow Wow! You all very power leh. I have a few girlfriends who got pregnant within 3-6 months after wedding and I thought that is already super fast...hehe...

Next prob Law & Len then. Hehe! I have always like children but the thought of having one who is mine, still sounds very far and scary for me now. Haha...prob no maternal instincts yet =P

So happy. The mood in this thread has changed so much. From irritation, frustration, anxiety...all of us are so relaxed now =)

Those with Multiply, can add me too: http://michon.multiply.com

BTW, any of you doing cooking at home? Any simple recipe to share share?
My wedding is over too..... on 20 Oct...

Fun especially seeing the kids playing with the lightsticks and running around in open space...
Thank for good weather and indeed great help especially we are doing an outdoor banquet....


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I had a friend who got pregnant 6 months after her wedding. I thought that was very fast already... didn't expect myself to be pregnant immediately after the wedding...

I used to think I'm not prepared for a child. Absolutely didn't want to consider having a child until a couple of years later. But it's funny... cos when I knew I was pregnant, I felt more "ready" for a child. Maybe we can never be "too" prepared..just have to go with the flow.


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Thank all for ur congrats...

cactus: i agree wif u... mine too was unplanned... but after 4mths into preggy, feeling the bb kicks... i was like OMG!! My precious bb is responding to me... I miss my bb in every sleeping hr... I wanna spend every min of my waking hr soothing my bb...
I can't wait for my bb to be out. But i enjoy being preggy at the same time.. haha!!

Kyra: so far, mostly the foods i cook was black sauce chicken, spinach soup, stir fry *tang hoon/shrimp/moh guey*, stir fry green pepper beef, any other common foods...
Pls specify wat type of food receipe u wan...


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JY: my GDL is also on 27Oct. haha. yup, Nail Xpert have a bridal package, it come with nail art and some crystal. already book my appt with them for Nov slot.


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Hi Petrina, you are soo lucky!! I dun know if my baby will make it to 4 months and after.. I'm just very anxious about things but need to remind myself to relax.


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I always believe that to be a mummy, the foremost criteria is to be Happy! You musnt stress yourself up with the nitty gritties leh. Maybe like you said, we can never be totally 100% ready or prepared. So just relax & enjoy pregnancy!

For me, I think I am not prepared emotionally & financially. Physically, we are at a suitable age. We both took care of 4 puppies by ourselves since 7 years ago. We handle everything A to Z about them and thus know all about proper care-giving to a vulnerable one and also the commitment on time & finances.

But I worry about my dogs too much at times. And thus I know I will be lagi paranoid when it comes to a human kid. And I always feel that having a kid is a very expensive affair. I told hb that I would only try conceiving if we have EXTRA 20K savings on top of what we have now. Maybe I am selfish still, I dont want to forgo my shopping, hairdo, mani/pedi, presents for dogs at this point in time still.

Wow! Petrina, you can really cook! So far hor...I can only manage this:
- Maggi Mee
- Eggs
- Luncheon Meat
- IKEA Swedish Meatballs
- Fried vegetables (normal, with oyster sauce)
- Campbell Soup
- Fish Fingers (Microwave)

So you see? Mine arent real cooking at all

Any simple Chinese dishes for 2-3pax intake?


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kyra: ;-P i tot those foods r very common...

Of course convenience foods r easy, but no nutrients... actually those foods i cook have no recipe at all. Juz go wif the flow. All u need is the necessary ingredients. I din put any particular spices. Juz simple salt/pepper/light soya sauce/dark soya sauce/oyster sauce etc.. to the appropriate dishes...

My fav foods cooked r scallop pork porridge, corn/pork rib soup...

I can literally survive on the porridge for a wk... hehe...

The food i wan to takle is sweet n sour pork... Made it twice, taste horrible... I can't master tat dish... Sob sob... I love to eat this dish...


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Petrina, Kyra:

now I really feel stupid for typing that post. Yes... I'll relax and enjoy the pregnancy. And stop worrying. As if worrying can help matters right?


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Hi cactus,

Heeh, dun worry so much.
Just take good care of yourself, enjoy being pregnant and look forward to seeing your cute BB!

Heard pregnant moms have this glow about them...comparable to a bride? Heehee...

Congrats Petrina!
Hehe, now you and cactus can exchange pointers here liao.

Cooking can be really fun. Try those stir fry dishes. Very simple. Like petrina said, the basic sauces also can cook out nice yummy dishes.
some easy to cook recipes are-
-Sauteed french beans (chopped onion, tomato and french beans)
-mixed vege soup
-al dente pasta (can be creative here and throw in diff types of ingredients)
-chicken stew (chicken, onion, potato n carrot)
Maybe I can email the cooking method to you and you can try?


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Yes, being preggy is good, but i looked fat in my gown - face n arms due to water retention n sudden gain in weight... Now more balance liao... The morning sickness started too late... haha...

I also like chicken stew... hehe same same cooking style... But hb prefer black sauce chicken...
I also love french beans... But i always have to *steal* my mom's sambal sauce to cook the sambal long beans... haha...
Hmm, pasta, so far i haven't managed to succeed in creating my own sauce. Been using convenient sauces... San Remo type...


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Hi ladies,

my wedding is over too!! 21 Oct 07.
We had lots of fun. Now it's over, feel a bit sad lor. My friend did a bus stop poster placed in the bus stop near my new place. Really touched.



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keye. ur girl will be fine. not to worry so much.. u need to relax and stay happy...

i'm watching a HK series by sei si men (story abt 4th generations)... i think is good..


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I think being pregnant does add glow to the face. My 2 yr old nephew recently started calling me " ah kim pretty"...also dun know why.


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Hey ladies.
My GDL just over too.Phew. Everything went on well.
Most headache is the guest list. Its seem to take forever..and now only 3 weeks away!
My parents and My IL keep adding on more and more people. Very frustrating. I keep telling them cannot add any further but they seem to ignore me! Say they have NO CHOICE.


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Yup kaye, ur girl will be fine, don't worry. im sure ur mum will be more than happy to help take care of ur girl, just like my mum commit her whole to her grandson and no complain at all

Mei, enjoy your holiday. Me too, going KL next week for a short break and celeb HMT's birthday


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Hi all,
Can I know what are the Ang Baos that the bride gotta give? My mom keep saying she need to give, my PIL too, thought all AngBao supposed to be prepared and given by couple?

Like to ask also, anyone know how much AngBao I should give my friends who is helping me be emcee at the dinner?



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Kaye, Claire is so pretty

Hey she has lots of hair and realli doesnt look like a new-born.
You r realli lucky to have your mom n aunt to help out.
Claire is in good hands. Don't worry too much k?
Tis stage ez to get depression must try to keep your spirits high ok?

Piglet, yup!! another 7 wks more to go

Jhoo, now tummy has expanded more dan 10" already. So tummy no longer small but somehow pple still comment my tummy tiny. I not very big built lei.. any bigger i will fall flat on my face. ha!!

Mei, enjoy ur BBK trip !!


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kaye, Claire is so lovely!

Yes, like what the others mentioned, your mum & aunt will help take good care of her, so don't worry too much, ok? *hugs* Now, just take good care of yourself during your confinement. I'm sure with your hubby's love & support, you'll be ok. You can come in here to talk to us as we're here most of the time.

jhoo, enjoy your KL trip!

smilez, yes, I agree... if your tummy is big, it'll be unbalanced.. hehe... my aunt was like you.. when she was 8 months pregnant, her tummy also looked small.. but she is petite like you... now her son is very big sized! So I feel it doesn't matter so much.


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Morn ladies!

Thanks for the encouragement... Hehe, yup i think my gal looks very mature... I din know that she is considered a big baby!

I will be sending the confinement lady home soon once my baby is discharged. Yesterday, i told her to brew some chinese medicine for me and we instructed her on the amt of water etcc...Gave her full instructions and still dun do it properly...

Now, i think i have to take care of Claire myself. Only problem is no one to cook! I told myself that i must be strong......

Smilez, now must rest more and also walk more.. Supposed to help in delivery but it dun work for me coz i got epidural! Hehehe!

jhoo, enjoy ur KL trip!


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kaye, if your confinement lady is not good, it's better to send her home. Don't worry, you can take care of Claire, especially with your mum & aunt's help, everything will fall into place. Don't paisey, you can leave it to your mum one.. it's important you get ample rest during this time.

Sorry, but what's epidural? Trying to know more so next time I can be more aware.. hee.


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Hi Twinkle Star*, same here my is next week hor. then both side parent just told me they actually need extra 2more tables. I faint. already told hotel is 42 now become 46. So squeezy now. And they keep saying no choice, didnt even think of us. So bz so many things to do liao still give last min crap.
Haiz....so stress lor.

HEy ladies, so you all intend to give how much to jie mei huh? And MUA PG VG, ang bao must give around how much?


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Hi Belle,

Im hving the same fate as you. My PIL also kept adding tables which gave us headache. However, we managed to solve it. I guess we hv to explain to them that there's a max table the ballroom can hold. I'm sure they dont want their guest to sit uncomfortably that night right?

As for jiemei, guess total AP given by FH n i will be ard 80per pax. VG & PG im giving 28 each


hi gals..wah seems like very little posting now hor. everyone busy with AD prep now?

anyone sent out the invites yet? me going to do that, order the cakes, and also in the admist of finalising the video montage and the AD programme list. done the ang pao box, settled our photographer, mc..now left last fitting. did i miss anything out?


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hi kaye, claire is lovely.. hee.. how heavy is her when she is born.. average bb is 3kg..

if you worry of food, you can look for those food caterer. i know there are some caterer do coater for confinement food.. do a seach online.. shouldnt be that diff.

most impt is to stay cool and relax.. no matter what happened.. dont be depressed