(2003) Brides of year 2003


Hi Ally and Shirsweetiepie

You don't sound long-winded, in fact, I wanna thank you for highlighting all these points to me. :eek:)

My WG and EG gown choosen, OTR for WG and MTM for EG and it is still tailoring. My PS will be on 26 May. Booked Nick Goh as my actual day photographer, bought wedding shoes from Vivie (Metro paragon has the widest range), done up guest list liao.. no need to source for wedding favours as Regent will provide.

Now, I have a big headache, my mom violently oppose me marrying on the 13 Sep and wanted 6 Sep. But the hotel function rooms are all fully taken up. Therefore, she suggested splitting the wedding into 2 days, customary on 6 Sep and dinner (including solemnisation) on 7 Sep. Is it weird to do so? Also my makeup artiste is fully booked on 6 & 7 Sep and now trying my best to persuade her.... I am even willing to adhere to her timing.


You can find nice shoes in Metro Paragon. The brand is ViVie, mostly 3-3.5 inches high, strappy and sewn with swaroski (spelling) crystals. Mine cost $89.. not too expensive compared to custom made shoes


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Hi Cin,
ya someone did say that also. My hubby say dun look like Phyllis cos i fat fat.

My photographer is the inhouse photographer from my bridal shop


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aiyoh, why ur hubby say dat? u not fat at all...

no plans for HM yet. wld postpone it till sep.

went to choose fotos already. chose sooo many of them... had to top up abt 2.4k, but getting all sample prints and negatives back.
no fotos to show yet cos all will be done into albums for me, ven those rejected.



my mom said it will 'chiong' to the whole family. She took the tongshu and turn to the date (13 Sep 03) and as you know there are lots of chinese words written with some in red and black. She highlighted 2 chinese word which is in black (I can't remember as my chinese sucks and wasn't listening intently) and cross reference to another page which basically say that it is no good, will 'chiong' to me and indirectly affect my whole family.

My sister tried to mitigate but also receive a resounding 'NO' to my wedding held on 13 Sep.

Will find out more and let you know..

Now, I have another problem, my FH also violently objects to splitting the wedding into 2 days. He ask me to speak to my mom again. I tried to explain to him but he said he just touched down from a biz trip and too tired to discuss. I am stuck in the middle, feeling very frustrated. :eek:(


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hi everyone

is it a better idea to have the solemnization before dinner in a separate function room, say around 630 for just a few people to witness, or just before dinner is served, like 745pm in the ballroom?

if let's say we choose 745, do we really have to march in 3 times?!?! 1st time march in for ROM, then march out for hotel staff to clear tables. then 2nd time march in for cake cutting, and offical welcome as mr and mrs XX. then 3rd march in for champagne (in evening gown) ... duhz, march so many times, like national day parade!!

can i just march in for solemnization, then after its over, proceed to cut cake, then get down the stage, and proceed with 1st dish presentation. after that, hotel staff removes the table from the stage .. can anot huh?? i wonder with the solemnization during dinner, what if guests arrive late etc etc ... CONFUSED!!!


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hi shir... thanks for ur email addy
enjoy ur weekend! ^^

hi angel... wow, u are definitely on track and has nothing to worry about!
looks like i'm the one falling behind since i haven't gotten my shoes yet
thanks for the shoe info. i was just looking for 3' high silver strappy heels with crystals
will check out the shop.

hmm, there are people who do hold their wedding over 2 days, with solomnisation/customary on the 1st day and the dinner on the 2nd day. the upside is that things would not be so rushed and the downside is the incurring of extra charges such as rental of car for another day, makeup and AD photographer.

in ur case, i see holding ur wedding over 2 days as a last resort ya? don't be too upset... there might still be a way to hold ur wedding on 13 sep and give ur mom some peace of mind. mebbe u can try consulting a fortune teller to find out what can be done to mitigate the supposed 'sha-qi' of that particular date for u and ur family. even if u dun believe in all these, at least ur mom would be more assured with some measures in place
however, at the end of the day, do remember that this is ur special day and that it's u and ur FH whose opinion should count most. much as we try to accomodate our families, we should not let them dictate our weddings
wish u all the best and let us know how it turns out!


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hi cherubies, hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday!

hi sleepy,

how come your additional photos are so expensive? artwork charges? i prefer to spend the money on long long honeymoons.. heehee..

me and hubby are not bery young, so wanted to settle down faster and start a family lor...i'm 30 already and dun wan to risk complications in pregnancy.. good enuff reason?? hehehehe

i have a makeup artist and actual day photographer originally, but both are not free on my new actual day. the bridal shop will allocate another to me perhaps, but worry abt her skills.

hi maya,

same same, me old bride also.. my mum sure is relieved that i'm finally getting out of her house! so how did you manage to get the studio to "let you off" on the add'l pics? any good lines or excuses to share? i hope i can resist the temptation too


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Hi Pooh,
Alamak you where got fat?? Anyway, i have seen phyllis quek in person several times before. She is not as skinny as you think she is... oh, she is slim, but not stick thin like fann wong or irin gan....


Hi pausini,

am trying to finalize my actualy day program too *headache*. do u think u can share yours with me, please? thanks!

Hi gals,

think it is inevitable that we would have problems with guest attendance for the wedding banquet cuz of the current situation. guess we can only try our best to be more diligent in calling up the invited ones for RSVP.

i have told my family and in-laws that we have to be understanding and not be offended if people decide not to attend. but that is provided they are frank with us when we call them to check so that we can strike them off the list and give a more accurate confirmed no. of tables to the hotel. what i hate is those who say ok ok will come then end up dun turn up!

just hope that everything would go smoothly for all of us here! must all be mei-mei may brides

may day

Hi girls,

Sounded as if everyone are ready for the big day.
I need help again. My wedding is on this Thurs, my In-Laws wanted a video done on the day, anyone know of any cheap videographer. Thanks.


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Hi enya

I am going to have my holy matrimony in a function room at 6pm before cocktail begins.

If you want to do it just before dinner - What my Auntie did was march in, go up stage to do solemnisation and then the pastor invited them to cut the cake together. They then sat down and the dinner started. Second march in was in evening gown. I remember they didn't have a table on the stage - probably signed cert before/after dinner. There were a few latecomers but were told by staff to wait outside till the ceremony was over - she started at about 8.40pm.

Hope this helps.


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hi all!!
Long time never come in to chat.

Pooh, I wanna see pix can ? email : [email protected] Sorry,no PS pix to share as we are only doing PS after the wedding itself...

Shanice, I'm currently out of the country, so cannot work out with u till end May leh...sorry

Any idea how long it takes for the printers to print the cards?


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hi tiara

since my solemnization is outside ROM premises, how early should i call to book a JP? and how soon should in inform ROM / efile etc? CONFUSED ...


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hi enya

Oops...can't help you there as I will be getting my church pastor to solemnise our wedding, me not going to ROM. My sis-in-law got in touch with her JP like 3 weeks before, i think.

Maybe other gals here can help answer your qn?



u can start sending out e mails to d hotels u r interested in. give them a number of possible dates. easier for them to wk out soemthing for u...

not to scare u but pls do fast fast. we started looking around in end jan but some hotels we wanted already had no slots left. esp if it's a wkend slot.


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Hi angel

Tks 4 the recommendation,wil go Metro Pargon to check it out.

well,I supposed ur mum had her reasons for opposing the wedding to be on 13 Sept. Maybe U like to see whether can U all work out to be alternatives dates in Sept wif both ur parents and Regent,instead of the 2 above dates U pending on hand. if not,u might end up making ur mum unhappy over the incident.
Maybe u like 2 choose another date out of the above,might helps. But of course,must see whether do the hotel had the avaliabilty or not!

This works,so as to have it all within 1 day loh..

*sigh* I do agree and understand the kind of worries U faced, when u r " sandwiched" between ur man & family.

I agree wif Ally, try as much to accomodate your families. Coz u won't want both families to be unhappy & uncomfortable on ur weddding day 2,rite!!

Hereby,I wish u luck in persuading sessions and hope it turns out to be better than expected.

Cheer up,my friend!

Look on the bright side.


hi cherubies, cookiemz, maya & sleepy...

besides 'chatting' to cherubies and cookiemz before, guessed i have not talk the rest of you....
i'm also a july bride. banquet on 6th July. well, don't think i will be postponing the dinner. hopefully the situation improves by then!!!

i'll be doing my PS next Wed. praying it won't rain on that day!!!

actually i don't think i have done much prep. been so busy with work. just finished our home reno. and very 'pai seh' cos my hubby seems to be the one making most decisions. as if he is the only one staying there!! *SIGN* luckily he has been very understanding, and i try as much to contribute whenever i can.

and in the end, we decide to engage a wedding planner. she will heip us organise the entire banquet. thank god, at least i don't have to worry about RSVP, invites, and who and what on that nite!

cherubies - which part of Europe are you going? who did you book your tour with? we hv also booked our package to Spain, Portugal & Morocco with Insight Vacation.

maya, cookiemz, sleepy - me not very young either.... am 28.

oh speaking of additional pictures..... i'm also pretty worried that i would succumbed to the temptation!! i hv a fren who paid additional $2k for the pictures!! a 3K package became about $6k!!!

wow, i'd been hearing about Danial - Emcee.... how much did you guys pay for his service? does he use english & mandarin?


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Hi Soyabean,
Which bridal studio you with? How many photos did you get for $2.4k top up?

Hi Sweets,
I got mine in about 7 days, depending on how many cards you printing i guess...i printed 300.

Anybody rom-ming soon or rom-med already? I have a question...might sound silly, but how do we use a ring pillow? ie. when do we bring it out or who carries it in or what?


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Hihi Kare

I took up a tour package. The trip is cancelled bcoz many ppl withdrew so dat there isn't enuff ppl to form a gp.

I m so sad n depressed.
Of all the yrs, SARs break out in the yr of my marriage.
My period is fairly consistent, it went haywire few mths back so now my period falls in the danger zone, either b4, during or after my wedding.
My carpentry work is late supposed to finish in 1 1/2 day, 3 wks gone there r still outstanding things here n there.
Honeymoon trip cancelled.
I already did so much preparation yet things went against me which is out of my control. Why why why?????


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Hi pie,
PArdon me for shortening your nick, its really too long..... No i do not stay in Admiralty. Me moving into Sengkang, going to get my renovation started soon. AS for the shoes, it really depends on how much u r willing to pay for it. If u want the best, leaping lizard n paradox will be good choices. They do MTM, but prices r all above $100. Riccino oso has not too bad a range. For more affordable ones, can try JWest. In fact Isetan at Wisma have quite a bit of strappy silver shoes priced at around $40++.

Yup, i worked in the hospital n everyone here wears a mask. Hubby is IT based, but he was in triple science in JC, therefore a number of frens r from hospital or medical side.

I know wat u mean abt the dates.... But i really have to warn u not to have too high hopes abt getting a date on 6 Sep. I'm a 6 Sep bride n i can't get the dates i wan even when i tried to book last year. 6 Sep is a HOT date! 7 is tough too. Most of the hotels (or shld i say ALL) r oredi booked on 6 Sep, 7th r almost out too. Mine, i have it on 7 Sep (Sunday). Met wif a bit of resistance initially too, but we got it worked out. But u really have to act on it quick b4 its too late. Actually getting it done over 2 days is a good idea, u don get to shack out n still looked radiant during dinner. Oso u get to be involve in the decor of the banquet, since u can check in the hotel the day b4 n make sure everything is according to plans. Me n hubby were prepared to go down on site in shorts n bounced back into out room only at 5pm. So we can do watever rehersal, arranging table decor n wedding favours at ease. But do be prepared to pay extras for things like your make up artiste, photographers etc. Mine was fine, wif negotiations, we do not have to fork out any extras for them. And even if u really have to, we r only talking of abt $50-$100 extra.


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Hi Cin,
I am with Bridal Link. We topped up 2.3k for 50 photos. the other 1k was paid to the shop to help us do proper album for all the sample shots we are getting back. We thot let them do instead of finding normal albums and put them in.


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Hi Shook

DOnt be despair, many of us here at May Brides, not only yourself. Whatever that is going 'against' your normal plans is applicable for ours too.. so dont be depressed.

My Qanats airticket also changed cos not enuf pple fly to that location.. so we have to make adjustments to it.

Think abt the positive side, now that your package is cancelled, you can go on cheap & good price for SIA tickets! Perhaps u can quickly book now to avoid disappointment... many tickets have been snapped up.

Hotels are also willing to go down to tables... do it may be blessing in disguise cos it will mean that the ones who attend are mostly your close friends.

As for yoor period, you can see a doctor to get it out before your wedding if possible, if not delay it.

SO that leave you with only 3 things on top of your list to do:
1. Get back money from your Travel Agent
2. Book the alternative air ticket
3. Chase after your carpenter

I know easier said than done. Stay strong & pretty ok?


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May Day
Scroll up a little and you will find recs from Pausini and someone else.

May, Pausini
I tried the salt. Wah.. stung my skin wherever I used it. I think I'm off better with normal body scrubs! I did taste it LOL! It looks like nothing but salt
Any of you wants a new jar? I would give it away.


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cherubies, happy belated birthday!
Ok, now that u blow your candlesssssss, pls study hard....

Hi Maya, I'm curious, are u chinese? I think u r right in the photos. Maybe should not spend too much. I did not manage to see my bridal on Sat.
My colleague's daughter spent almost $10K on her bridal alone....Waaaaaa...terrible huh?

Hi LT, Daniel is offering his service for free. Go see his thread under Free Emcee. If u r interested, you can check if he is available on your day. He is bilingual. July so far quite empty... BTW, how does wedding planner charge? I dun have the $$ luxury.

Hi Ladies, hahaha...seems like I'm the youngest here! Salute to my elderly...
(nay, just kidding...hee) Yup, sometimes age got to do with marriage. My elder sis too getting married next year, gonna be 30 too. She only 'pa tou' for less than a year. Me 5 years!!

Hi Cookiemz, ya..photo super X..It include the artwork. But now my studio forum got problem with artwork issue. So I got to check it out. All complain said it's super plain. Think I can do a better job. U guys happy with your artwork?


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Hi Beibei,
My invitation cards should be ready at the printers in a couple of days time. But I haven't had time to re-look my guest list yet.

I'm very stressed because we just got our flat and my in-laws want us to 'consult' on every little thing. Also my fiance does not have so much initiative and I'm still doing a lot. Have to try to encourage him along more. His family is also very fussy about everything, so I cannot make decisions without them and things get delayed in the process. I'm also trying to finish writing my Masters dissertation at the same time. Photoshoot is next week, I'm getting pimples!


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Hi LT,

don't worry, the weather will be bright and sunny for your PS
mine was last friday and weather was fine.

on my side, i'm the one doing most of the preparations but i'm not complaining coz its fun!

as for Daniel the emcee, i understand that he offers his services for free. i emailed him before but he didn't respond, his mailbox must be flooded with mails from SB brides.. hehehe


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hi sleepy xiao mei,

i have not chosen my photos yet, but can foresee that the studio will not pass up the chance to "chop" us, coz another bride at my studio topped up 4k+ for pics alone... :mad: my jaw dropped.. btw which bridal are you with?

o ya gals, my wedding date will be postponed to september.. hope i can still hang around here... :p


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Gals, very happy to have something done over the weekend. I went down to Konota @ Pennisula Plaza, #01-40, and bought a slip-in titanium-greyish black cover photo album (hehe... actually I liked the cover more than anything). I was actually looking for the stick-on type of album to stick my proofs from the PS. And the lady in the shop say it's not possible to interchange 'cos the stick on album is much bigger. Then I went popular, saw another black album, but is stick-on, so bought that one as well. I was so happy 'cos that album from popular is the same size as that of Konota, so I switched the insides of the album.
The albums (esp the slip-in ones) from Konota are quite nice, so in case you guys want to buy something like this for your actual day picts or proofs, one possible look out is that shop. They have for 3R and 4R sizes I think. The one I bought is for 3R.

May Day, what's your budget like? You can try to call this guy, William Loh @ 97388481. He's my fren's uncle.

Shook, don't get upset. Me *sah yang* you.. don't worry, "chuan dao qiao tou zi ran zi". I'm sure things will turn out fine for you.
Heard that SQ is slashing prices on the flights to UK, about $800 per pax for min 2 people. You might want to go free and easy or something like this. How about trying other places, maybe, a nice resort @ Maldives or something like this?

Pausini, how about a short weekend getaway at Sentosa or maybe at some chalet? Had wanted to host my dinner at Sentosa 'cos got 2 nites stay at Rasa Sentosa, but elders object 'cos very far. So I booked the a chalet (so called executive suites) with Aranda CC, so can spend a few days relaxing there instead.

Pausini, Kare, May, now I'm confused. So 11am to 1pm cannot have tea ceremony, rite? Can I hit the road and take pictures during this time, or do I have to stay at the place where I do tea ceremony for the guy's side (which will be at my house)?

May, I worked in Alexandra area, how about you? I lived in Sengkang, do you happen to leave somewhere near there? When are you flying? Hehe... you'll need lots of won if you want to buy stuff 'cos the most stalls do not have VISA. You can get the ginseng stuff from the Nandaemun market. It's cheaper than at Itaewon. But don't worry if you run out of cash, I redrew from the ATM there using my DBS ATM card (or another other ATM card with the plus sign). There is this bank at Nandaemun called Woori Bank (or something like this). They have 2 ATM with the "Global" label. You can redraw money from there. S$100 is about 65000 won. We realized that the exchange rate was much better if we change at the Incheon airport than in Singapore. But do bring some cash in case. We brought about S$800 but it was not enough, so we had to redraw more there. :p


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Oh shook: cheer up...dont be too upset. I saw on the sat's papers that SQ is offering 50% discount on its airfare to Europe so perhaps you can check it out. I know it is sickening after you have done so much homework and now you got to start all over again. Perhaps, you can now check for tour packages that have guarantee departures. SO that it wont be cancel again.

I also dunno why we so unlucky that this outbreak has to happen ard our wedding. Now, i just hope that all will go well for our big day.

You must be very stress lately.

What is wrong with the carpenter? u must be firmed. Call the boss everyday and insist that they must finish within teh couple of days. Just be real nasty ok.

Thanks for your concern, the blue black is not that bad...lately i have been into lots of homehouse accidents. I cut my hands so many times that i know got 2 plasters on each of my hand. And my right palm is peeling. Not to mention all mu nails have broke...Sigh...not suited for housework.

Jan, Shook: I went to star cellar last sat and tasted the wine as well. Ok..here is the information..

The cheapest red wine is the Thirsty Traveller... i cost S$15.50 for a bottle. It is medium body and in my opinon it taste too thin and dilute. I personally do not prefer it. But it is easy to drink - which means that your guests may drink alot.

If you do not intend to go for consignment, teh price can be lower to $15.

The other wine that i prefer, the brand is Penfold and it is a merlot. It more of a full bodied wine so the taste is stronger. If you consumed many glasses you can get drunk - so perhaps pple will not drink more than 2. The price is $18 for consignment and non consignment is $17.50.

The prices are nett and inclusive of delivery. You will need to go downto order and payment mode: cash, cheque or nets.

My verdict - i am a wine drinker...so i prefer the Penfold brand. But i feel that it is too x.

So after the visit to Star Cellar, hubby and i went down to NTUC..i saw on last Friday's newspaper - they were promoting Lindemans Cawarra 2001 Merlot for $15.30 (UP: $18.38) to buy a bottle to try. I like it very much - it is full body and acceptable to my standards. SO most likely i will be buying this for my banquet. I just need to c if they will give a further 5% discount for more than 6 bottles purchased.


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hi gals,
it has been some days since my last visit here... hee..

right now i'm doing some cfm headcount for my guest list ... prob will go to my rest. to cfm the no. of tables tis coming thurs..i tink tis is more diff to settle

2nite, im gg to my BS to see how's the outcome of my photos b4 they put in into the album ..

juz bought my GDL stuff yesterday .. at least 1 thing is settle ..

still hvnt decide from where to get the red wine ... caterer or rest ... sigh ..

im gg to start seeing ur pix after tis post... hee


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Hi Blackcurrent,

What about Daniel Yan and Just?

My friend got her rom dress from Just. Includes alteration. Cost around $150 for a white long dress. Looks fine


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Kare: I guess u are not used with the salt. it did give such effect. Are u sensitive with it after using it?

MayDay: u wanna try Derrick @ 9-641-0030 @$550.

I got to call my Photographer, he have not contacted me and i hope he still remember my big day.

Shook: when things goes wrongs it will not matter how well we planned.... i know how its feel.. i started to learn to relax then i got called from my father which i didnt invite him for dinner and i didnt invite him. I dun even want him to know abt it. I am so afraid he will find out and come making noises on my big day. That is enough to stress me to the extreme...

So look at it, urs is still not as bad as mine.. cheers up!


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Hi Jazz: after so many on and off case. we decided to go on with the msia dinner. that mean i can go for my short trip. Yahoo!!!

Actually, the bad timing is very subjective to each one lor. i came back at 11am to have my tea ceremony at my hubby side. so i have my photo taking outside till 10:45am and reach my new hse at 11am. To me as long as not outside ok..

On the other hand some old pple feel u shld have ur tea ceremony before 11am. so u can go PS after that. then this doesnt apply to u anymore. Just as ur bridal card driver to take note of the "white ceremony". I remember i was the Ah yee of a friends, his hubby specially instruct all the drivers to avoid the crematory.

May be sometime we all think too much, like my FH keep complaining why last min have to follow so many rules. When his mum say she dun pan tang. Like some say new bed cannot sleep on it right! but my MIL want my FH is sleep on it the day before and wake up to fetch me. I was also very shocked! but never mind lah my FH sleep not others.

May: the wine really that good, i like wine too. May be i can buy to try. I will not have red wine that day, cos dun want to incur too much $$. Broke liao!!!

My friends give me a bridal shower on sat and i drink till puke!!! feel terrible but happy cos i still have friends to celebrate with me.

Just rx a few news that one of my colleague was down with fever, althot not SARS but he decided not to come for my dinner, another good friends also having fever now. then another ex-collagues wife is from Beijing. he decided to come alone.

I feel good that i only need to go thru the wedding hassle one once in my life time (till my children next time) *cold sweat*

Oso: i send u mine schedule... woh u also same day as me leh


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Happy belated b-day cherubies! Heheh, looks like I'm big sis to all here.......my mom quite resigned to me single and all. Not sure if she is relieved or happy for me now. Long story lah but she don't like my FH.......
Sleepy, me 100% chinese, why you thot otherwise???
And yes ladies, it's horrendous spending more than 4k for the bridal package. THat's my personal opinion. I know a friend who spent 7k in all!! I wld rather put my $$ into something more worthwhile, better honeymoon, nicer reno/furniture, spas......:)
Well, I was really tight on $$ bec me and FH really got prob with that so it wasn't a lie when we told them (repeatedly) that we don't have $$. We just tell them that we got to pay for this, for that, we got budget, where got money? After a while, they stop when they know I'm determined not to give way. You cannot waver for a bit, they will catch on that and push and push. That's why impt that you discuss with FH 1st what's your limit and help each other not to go over that limit.......


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Hi cherubies, happy belated b-day. Looks like I'm big sis to all here......My mom dunno relieved or resigned. Anyway, long story but she don't like my FH.....
Sleepy, I'm 100% chinese, why you thot otherwise?
YEs ladies, personally I think it's crazy to spend so much on bridal pckg. I know someone who spent more than 7k!! I wld rather put it into something more worthwhile, nice honeymoon, reno/furniture, spas.....:)
I do have $ probs so it wasn't diffc to push them off. I just list out (can lie a bit also) all that I need to spend and tell them really got no $ left. After a while, they will stop but you must not waver. THey will catch on that and puuuuusshhh! It's best you discuss with FH 1st what's the limit, agree on that and must help each other when you go and select......


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Hi cookiemz

Mi with Universal. Their photo and makeup very nice...but can't say much for the layout lah...

You are welcome to hang around...anytime!!!


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Hi Maya, Yup, I sometimes did that too. heheheh..blur blur

Your nickname seems more Indian leh..hehehehhe...very simple...u know from my nickname..I always sleepy...by 10pm sharp, my eyes will close shop!!!


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hi blackcurrant,

Tangs is a good place to look since they have a few boutique names there...Arthur Yen, Daniel Yan, and of cours Tangs Studio..


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Hi enya,

I think you should start looking for a JP first, confirm your date with him. He will probably ask you to call him again nearer your date to confirm everything and he'll probably advise you on the procedures or he may even do everything ready for you.

So first thing first, go book a JP!!


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hi... juz checking if the thread is still active? really shocked to receive the mail from pris. maybe we should get chin leng to help look into this...


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Yup, this thread has been quiet... but think it would be better if we can have the updated news from Pris about the status of it. She might have solved. If she need any help, then we can consult Chin Leng's advice


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looks like its a blue monday huh???

i'm even wearing blue today... *sigh*

anyway ...
i'm sure things will pick up soon ;)

'cos we've got an unbeatable spirit!
right gals?

so what's new?
did anyone go to the Koolcreations sale?