(2003) Brides of year 2003


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Hi all

Whew.. the weather's getting hot. Me just got back into the office.. sian.. donning suits when weather is starting to warm up..


Yeah, can post in market place.. or in 2004 thread.. or can oso post in seletar thread.. post in multiple relevant thread might increase your chances of hitting someone keen to take on their pkg

Meow meow

Me FH was from PLAB, but now in HQ. He's a Cpt and is an AEO.

Wat brand of fridge you get? we love the big industrial looking kinda refri with thos icecube and water dispenser.. hehe.. but think nt v practical.. and prob new plc no room for such huge monster.


I was assigned another guy, Danny, but i requested for Elizabeth to take over too.. err.. you can try lar, but i've never met Danny and started with elizabeth from beginning.. she's v gentle and nice. Hehe.. but firm though.


Eekss. envy.. House of E's Kwa lagi like v nice leh.. v fitted and modern.. not at all like those loose fitting kwas we normally get from the boutiques...

Me going to start my rounds of bridal hunting again 2 weeks later.. nt sure if too late.. haiz.. but v sian leh.. me frens keep asking me to try as many gowns as possible.. but i lazy lazy... grrr...


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What is engagement 'day'?
Got this type one meh? Sorry, i don't know.

hi beibei

Actually, buy minimal can liao. Yr auntie surely ask u to buy stuff like slippers, toothbrush etc everything must 1 pair one rite? no need lah. Waste money, waste space, waste time 2. Anyway, tell yr auntie u r the one getting married, not her. U tell her now modern, no need such things liao.

Pooh, u yet to decide on yr EG or WG? thot yr WG decided liao? Just left EG rite? My EG very simple one. Cannot too elaborate - me plump plump

Hi Priviledged and Yvonne

So nice u all peranakans. I like those beaded shoes, very nice. Can get to wear kebayas. Me wearing kwa for tea ceremony.

Shanice's bridal shop so nice, 10 gowns!! If for me, pooh and beibei, maybe we will buy a lot of extras hor


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shook: is it thick? i find it very thin leh..
ur idea of the flower girl and page boy is great. i can vision that, but how old is both of them. wld they fall down wearing the shoe.

like to ask all. between u and ur FH. who is more creative? in terms of hse renovation, preparation of wedding, PS, how u want the nite program or day program works. who is more reserve and who is more daring?

I always wanted to do sthing very diff but not too daring. but my FH always say he dun want to get too much attention. Both of us are so diff, stime i have to give in to him cos i can see the look of his face that he really dun enjoy it. however, i like it very much. it is so boring and sad that the partner can share the same kind of excitement together.

Did all of u ever ask ur FH. If ur mum(whoever is impt to him beside u) and I drop into a river (happen that both cant swim). who wld u save 1st? Stupid qns rite! but i ever heard of a very touching answer. anyone have interesting ans to this?


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hi gals!

Lilac, my other half also want to have the Guo Da Li before the Lunar 7 Mth....i was wondering if it is too early??

what abt the rest?

for me, my first choice was actually 13/7 but my mum didn't like the sound of the 13 and 7 together...so bo bian we swop to the 31st august....


hi bluebonnet,

I have emailed you the link liao.

Enjoy viewing.

hi icemilo,

Wow, PG21 is real far from me! hehehe


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Hi meow

I cant make it for the 3 dates given. Thk you gals enjoy yourself I shall miss this gathering. Btw I cant make it for all the saturday if gathering fall on saturday.


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FYI: there is going to be a NATAS fair 2 weeks from now, but no point for us to book coz most of the travel completion date is before July 03.

Another NATAS fair is scheduled for early Sept, which is prob more relevant for us.


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Yvonne, yes, I got my shoes from that shop. But I wanted a very special kebaya, different from normal, which I don't trust the guy to make properly, cos the shoes that he's made for my mum and I all don't fit properly. Too big.

It will be exciting for you, first time in a kebaya. For me, I wear kebayas reasonably often, until now I don't have any new ones to wear already, and am too stingy to make new ones!!

I'm not wearing kebaya for the tea ceremony. Will probably wear the kwa provided by my bridal shop. Kebaya is too troublesome. Sarong is very difficult to put on, and cannot bend properly after that!!


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Hi Pam

Have visited them...tried on some gowns to get a feel of Michelle's work....kinda like the clean lines....

I have made an appt to go to see him this thurs. THink i will check with him if he can accomodate us.


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hi naturally,

yup! i'll moving into my husband's house after marriage.. our new flat in SK will only be ready in end 2004.

now headache over wat to do with all the existing furnishings & his collection of magazines....


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Hi gals,

Confirm 7.30pm at CityHall.

<FONT COLOR="green">Jady</FONT> - I'll try to make it at about 5.30pm if not 6pm...ok? Meet you at cityhall bodyshop. You click onto my nick &amp; email me your mobile no. &amp; actual name so that I can get in touch with you.


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Hi Mrs Quake

Saw that you are looking for journalistic style photographers....b/w???

If so, I can recommend Wesley from Memphiswest. His style is good...my good friend used him for her wedding...i had wanted to book him for mine but he is unavailable...
however, his fees might exceed your budget, but give him a shot....mabbe u like it so much that u are willing to compromise your budget

let me know if you happen to come across anyone with similar style....i am also actively looking for one..


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Not very nice to change now, right? Think it is ok lah. Thomas is just a bit too professional to be nice.

So what are the bridal that you are considering? I am also looking for my gown now and hope that can decide on one by end of this week.

I am also thinking of renting a kua from them. But they charge about $300. Can make a simple tea dress already. What u think?


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Pausini: u sure you want to give the kids bubble gun? I have heard of stories that the couple in the end cant walk down the aisle gracefully coz they are busy dodging the attack. Plus, you sure you want to wet your face and make-up.

Vin: how was Daniel as the MC? I actually wanted to ask buy my hubby not comfortable with a stranger. So gave up the idea...

Shook: i also intend to ask my hubby niece to be flower gal. She will walk down the aisle first so i not so scare..ha..ha...

I dont think it malu to ask them wear adult shoes, i will be more afraid that they will trip and fall...

In my case, sometimes i ask hubby to join me for the free accommodation, then we extend for free holiday...actually save alot of $$. No planning for honeymoon, i realise everything so x. Plus i have been so spoilt with all these 5 stars hotel and suites...

Pausini: I think i am more creative than my hubby. He is so boring...but again he is in the engineering line so i do expect him to be like this.
I never tot of asking abt the falling into sea question who to save. I cant swim so i do expect him to save me. dunno his mom can swim or not.

I also had this idea for our wedding banquet. I tot of using digital cam to record our thank you speeches and played it at the dinner instead of doing it on stage. I dont why he is against the idea. He prefers to do a thank you speech by powerpoint presentation? Can u gals believe it?
R u all planning to do thank u speech? This shld b done by hubby right? i refuse to speak anyway...hmmm...i think i can understand your frustration - pausini.


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hi cherubies,

had my ROM last week, everything happened in a blink and whoa, now i'm a 'mrs'.. heehee..

we finally decided on fullerton, at least the whole ballroom is ours

europe is a wonderful place for holiday... saw your post in another thread that yours is a 20 day package?!? wow.. i have only been to france and switzerland but love it so much. hope to revisit europe when hubby goes on overseas biz trip

i wld probably end up in japan, nz or perhaps maldives (heehee) for honeymoon... me bery fickleminded


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Hi Besse,
Tried posting in some of the thread here and up to most only got 3 ask for more details but mostly they wanted the ROM gown to be included but too bad cos I use the ROM gown and make-up already.

Meow and Shirlynn,
But sorry I lost the address for the shop that sells all the customary needs cos I think I threw it away, heehee cos the magazine is lasy year Jan issue, if I am not wrong...!
How do we delete a message we have already posted in the thread?


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Meow jie jie,
Where you planning to have The gathering?
Me have suggested Esplanade at one of its restaurnt but no one reply on my message.
So what do you suggest?
MAybe I suggest you putting afew restaurnt on the thread and let us choose, what do you think?


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Hi May:

Stime my FH got to go training in Thailand so i will tagged along, like u see free accomodation.
I like ur idea of thank you speech. Like those oscus award wining but not able to attend the prize presentation.

Are u showing anything during the dinner? like some montage? if yes, then add on thank u speech is olright. if only thank u speech then a bit weird. ANyway, it is also a new creation too.

My FH very shy, dun like attention. he doesnt want all the limelight even if he is the groom that day. *sian* we wldnt be giving TQ speech. he doesnt even want Yum Seng on the stage. He say he will do it table by table. anyway, it is so tiring. Due to his upbringing so all the family member is like that. PIL also like that one. very very sian.....

As i am calling all my very close and best friend, i guess the yum seng wld be fun. look like we wldnt be having.


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hi priscilla... i second esplanade. but i've oso heard tat its quite packed if there are gd performances, so i guess we juz gotta try our luck? i oso hv a suggestion, wat we mentioned for last gathering, b.boss. if going in afternoon, sure very quiet one.


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HI Pausini and Gals,

Want sth special for your wedding...emmm here we go:-

1. fr the march-in, ask ur FH to sing a romantic songs from the stage and slowly walk down towards the door and lead you in then.

2. Choose a lively songs, then dance in together. Is perfect if the door at two diff. side, then you can march in diff. fm ur FH's march in door.

3. For those who hv solemnasation but dun hv flower gals, can ask your friends (gal and guy), walk in b4 you both.

4. Can put on the roses petal on the petal near the aisle so that the guests sitting along the aisle can throw the petals when you both walk by.


Hi Gals,

I think having a thank you speech during the dinner is more romantic and meaning and touching instead of record them down.. Just my opinion.


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Hi Pausini,

Initially I also dun wan Yam Seng party. Then FIL also think of like is modern time, so just let the couple do the yam seng party will do. But the end... all of them come up the stage themselve and they enjoy it very very much. Describe by the MC, my yam seng party very very empress.

And both me and my hubby quite sporty. We tag get along very well with both side friends. And they do enjoy themselve as well. Maybe my dinner is a small one which is ard 400 guests.. so is cozy.

And gals, me very very surprised, my FH hv a last min thank you speech. He even sleep aft our morning event. Then sleep till last minute wake up by the co-ordinator to do the rehersal. He panic coz we were very very bz to entertainment the guest during the cocktail time. He speech hv been prepared by him. in his speech, he do sth very touch by thnx me fr always being with him when he needs me... let me feel very touch and feel like crying.


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Hi everyone,
Sorry can't make it on 29/3.
Just realised that day is Company D&amp;D.
In that case, can only join next gathering


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Hi May,

Daniel is fantastic.. not worry....
You know what, most of my bf's guests tot daniel was my ex-bf... hahha... make me laugh.

He's simply nice, helpful and very very good.


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22/03(aft/eve) - Meow, Pris, Besse, Are
28/03(eve) - Meow, Pris, Shirlynn, Besse, Are, Leo29
29/03(aft/eve) - Meow, Pris, Shirlynn, Besse, Are
Not attending - Wen, Sunnyling, Are,

Venue: Esplanade?

Which issue and what magazine? Her world brides? My sis got pass some past issue of her bridal magazine to me.

Still searching for reno. Today go down to get a quote from one of my ex-colleague. Granite top? Not solid surface meh?

Oh he's a Cpt. How old is he? He's a scholar is it? HQ? You mean Mindef? I work around there too.
My fridge is LG. My family use this brand for at least 7yrs and its working fine. So i jus stick to it lor.


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Hihi Pausini, May
Flower girl p2, page boy p1. Don't think they will trip. They even won the 1st prize running in school.
I more creative, my hubby sames as May's hubby, an engineer, so can't expect much. My hubby conservative at times.

Hihi Pausini
Find those mirrors in the showrm v thin n nice.
I never ask my hubby the save who when fall into sea question. Did u? The romatic ans is save the mum n die wif the wife if can't save wife after saving mum.
Your FH very shy huh.

Hihi May
Initially my hubby oso dun wanna get Daniel bcoz he doesn't wanna get a stranger (ENGINEER!!) I kept telling him how gd n experience is Daniel n Daniel can help here n there wif our banquet. Then he agrees to have Daniel. Happy n excited after met up wif Daniel.
I thot of having 1 thank you speech. My hubby does it in Mandarin n I translate it in English. My hubby said he doesn't wanna give thank you speech. Think your idea of not doing the speech live is gd. Dun have to worry of stage freight.
Gd dat your hubby can tag along n have holiday during your business trip. So no honeymoon oso never mind. Afterall both of u been to many places I presumed.

Hihi Vin
My hubby is 2 shy to sing. He always says he can't sing. He told Daniel never never make him sing.


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22/03(aft/eve) - Meow, Pris, Besse, Are, Yve
28/03(eve) - Meow, Pris, Shirlynn, Besse, Are, Leo29, twinklets
29/03(aft/eve) - Meow, Pris, Shirlynn, Besse, Are
Not attending - Wen, Sunnyling, Are,

Venue: Esplanade?


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Hi Rinoa,
Let me know again if he can accomodate both of us. That way would be good. Then we can share our preparation progress esp. since our wedding is on same day.

I didn't try on any gown on when I last visited the shop as my FH was in a hurry to see his car at the workshop.

Looking forward to hear some good news from u!


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Maya.. I'm a teacher so my close close friends are all teachers. So now you know why it's so difficult for me to find Ah Yees.

Vin and all.. I do intend to have flower girls (3 of them) and a flower 'boy'. They will walk before us and throw flower petals. Both a girl and the boy have just turned 3. Don't know if they would make a mess out of things, but I think if they do, then at least the guests will enjoy and be entertained and the attention wouldn't fall fully on us. So that's a good thing.

Shook.. so I think it's not malu to have the niece and nephew to walk in front with adult shoes. But provided the kids are enjoying themselves.

Regarding thank you speeches, I have thought of doing a thank you speech live. My FH is too shy to do it
But my FH's family is also very conservative and if I thank them, then I don't think they will truly appreciate it. In fact, I think they will be annoyed. So actually I thought of doing a power point presentation that would be played before the dinner. If they catch it, so it's good. If they don't, then they can ignore it and pretend nothing happens. I think that's better than thanking them, and then having the whole room look at them, causing them to be embarrassed. Anyway, I'm still open about this. Don't know how to approach this knotty issue too.


Pausini: if gown color cannot match your WG's shoes, i guess no choice have to get one pair for EG. I intend to get one pair for EG but now wonder what about my ROM? Haven't gotten dress and shoes.
Vin: Don't think will have rose petals. i heard some hotel don't allow you to do that in case stain their carpet. i haven't ask but was thinking of saving cost. Will print one list for my FH but guys, you know them lah, they not very interested in this kind of stuff. : )
May: yes, FH may be away for one full year after wedding. i cannot stay with my parents because my FIL don't like me to go missing in action. in fact they did hint that not everytime when hubby not around you go running back to mum's place. this was the comment passed when his brother got married cos his brother also fly constantly except mostly short trips like one to two weeks. now i also worry. if he not around, i will be home with FIL and that nasty SIL lor. His brother is still ok. in fact, i was so tempted to push back wedding but then push back till when??? he has to fly so often. if i keep pushing back, i most likely won't get married! As for toilet habits, hmm........... guess i can only pray. i wish i have my own toilet. actually i feel that is one of the most important place to relax!
Shook: only 2 toilets lor. no choice. : (


hi 1027,
Thnks 4 yr info. Wah... so fast go 4 trial makeup fitting already? haha... I think u r the most well-prepared among us. Hee...

Geez, I dunno wat 2 look out 4, except bring some hairstyles u like 2 show them n discuss wif them yr concerns abt certain angles of yr profile during PS. Eg, m quite chubby, so m gonna tell them I can't be photographed from a lower angle, or they'll put darker tones arnd my jawline to make my face slimmer, dat sort of thing... Otherwise, m juz gonna hv fun being made up, kekeke..


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Hi are,

Its call Min Sheng TV &amp; Radio Trading, a very small shop but they can give you price if you know what models you are looking for


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Hello all

I'll be back in early June to carry on the preparations. I hope nothing goes wrong. I do feel a bit helpless now when something pops into my mind yet I can't do anything. The invitations are also a headache. My folks say people dun normally distribute during the lunar 7th month. That means we have to do it by 28 July! Don't even know if we have enough time to get the cards and have them printed in time.

I'll be having my guo da li on 22 Aug. It falls within the lunar 7th month but the consultant my parents approached said that it's an auspicious day for this. That's about a week before my actual day.

With so much to do from June till the big day, I hope I don't get an outbreak



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Hi meow,
Can't remember already cos I was clearing my room during the spring cleaning so forgotten liao but I think is last year one, either her world or Female magazine.
Me just now got send you afew chair cover decor, did you see it in your e-mail?

actually can make reservation if big group and the reservation I can on behalf of Meow to do it cos got a few of their numbers for the restaurant over there.

On the 29/03/03 cannot join us then join us on the 28/03/03 lar... the more the merrier mah.


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Pooh, similar to you, I'm only going for my EG discussion end March...a bit late hor...?

your EG sounds so intriging...how to have a kebaya covering over your EG ? can elaborate ?

Shanice, I agree with Abrinas, so fun to have 10 gowns to change into
too bad I big big size too....bleah...:p

I'm having a 4 inch stilettos for my WG shoes....must practice man...else that day will fall down...hiak hiak....

Anyone wearing cheongsum ? I saw many wearing kwa...


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Yeah i saw them. Thanks. Didn't take a closer look. Was in a hurry to meet up with a contractor, i jus came back only. Die, then how i find for you? What you looking for? Any special features?

Think roughly know where he should be. That place got a lot of crabs running around. Dun really like to go there. Only require than i go there. My fridge how big huh
Its 2 door silver in colour, about 1.8tall? Handle got a 'S' shape. The measurement not with me, its with hubby. Y? You interested is it?


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Hi Pausini: The wrist corsage u made is very nice. I think I'll go Spotlight to buy some materials to try. Have been delaying this 'project'...better do it now or else time is running out.

Hi May: U r really capable. Busy with work &amp; can still find time to add crystals to your shoes. If I were you, I'll just buy OTR or make one pair.

Hi Vin: Your dinner @ Sheraton right? I attended my friend's wedding there &amp; the hotel prepared the rose petals for us to throw when she marched in. It was very thoughtful of the hotel. Actually, I tot of marching in with my father just like a church wedding since I'm having my solemnisation in the hotel. So, my father will hand me over to my FH.

Hi Shook: FH &amp; me also thot of getting his niece &amp; nephew to walk before us during the march in but we are worried that they might be too shy and back out half way. My FH not shy one, he said he will do a thank you speech. I prefer to let him do the talking then.


Welcome! U are so lucky! When i enquired for Fullerton &amp; Conrad for 2nd, 18th &amp; 30th Nov, they told me it was being reserved...SOB! So i confirm wif Pan Pac..lor.
...indeed very nice ballroom...Gd choice made...Cheers to U!

Oh ladies &amp; Meow,
i might be away during your gathering..cos i might be leaving for France on 19th(Wed)...be back in April for my sis engagement. Pls keep me update on the meeting though...if can, someone snap some digital pictures &amp; send to me?

Oh btw i'm STILL cracking my head on the Bridal...
I went to Emunael B Coulture &amp; Le Galleria today.
Still can't find one bridal that really calls out to me...nor a gown that my FH prefers...


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Hihi Kare2711
How abt asking your sis n cousin 2 b your ah yi?
Your flower girl n pg boy 3 yrs old only muz b v cute. R they scared of strangers n attention fm crowd of ppl?

Hihi Jan
Ask X-Zen to provide u ROM dress.
Oh poor u. Gotta separate fm your hubby after married. U visit your hubby more lor.

Hihi Sue
So nice of your FH to do the thank you speech all by himself.

Have u gals start searching for march-in songs?


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Morning Gals

was thinking i'll do my guo da li either b4 the 7th month or after the 7th mth. Since our big day is actually the 4th day of the lunar 8th mth, that means i have only 3 days b4 the wedding 2 carry out the guo da li if i choose to do it after the 7th mth. Hmmmm, kinda rush hor?
muz also check out the almanac 1st.

i think 4 the distribution part of the invites, its good 2 do it earlier plus can avoid the 7th lunar mth.

snoopy, yalor, im so terrified of breakouts too!
but bo pian, when big aunty comes visiting, Argghhh! hope im not so 'suay'during my wedding.


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Hi all,

Miss me? been busy lah..
anyway going for my PS on the march 19th..

finalised almost everything except for my tea dress. going to settle it on this Sat.

mine was MTM package. Was thinking of using another simple white gown to replace tea dress..
what do u gals think?
i heard that it is not advisable to wear white back to the brides family for tea ceremony..is it true?


Hi rinoa: Thanks for your recommendation. I checkout his website and found that he charge in US$. If I'm not wrong, the fees for actual day photography is US$1150 which is approximately $2000! Don't think I can even consider him for this amount. FH will definitely jump boy. Ihad better keep to my budget of $800.

I'll be goping shopping with Dang this afternoon. Will keep you ladies informed tomorrow about my shopping trip!


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Hi abrinas,
havent confirm the EG lor.

Today going to collect my wedding cards liao.
Will just have simple printing for my cards so wont spend much on it. I think no one will keep the cards after that.

Any recommendation of printers?


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Morning Seiko!

Wow you really wake up early hor! Early bird catches worms
. Not to worry, you will not be so unfortunate. You may actually approximate its arrival, right?

Yah, guess we all have to take care of ourselves especially during this critical period of time. Stress can also make those pimples appear.

Anyone care to share your experiences with the catering sales manager of your chosen hotel?