1. S

    WTB wedding banquet for Q423/Q124

    Looking for brides who are selling their wedding packages. Between 100-150pax, price must be $140 or less per pax
  2. K

    WTS: PWS and AD Photography Package (valid till 2021)

    Hi all! Am letting go the following PWS and AD photography package. The package validity is until end 2021. Price is about $3200~ for both sessions with a great vendor! (negotiable) PWS Photography Package Up to 3 hours of photography service 2 locations of your choice Complimentary photo...
  3. P

    Looking for Wedding Venues

    Hi Dearest! I’m looking for a wedding venue that is about to be let go. We’re open to 15-20 tables! Please let me know if you’re keen! You can email or pm me! Thank you!
  4. Samuel87

    WTB: 5* Hotel Dinner Package on 5 Dec 2020

    Hi All, Looking to buy a 5* Hotel Dinner Package for between 12-15 tables on 5 Dec. Kindly drop a message if you have any. Thank you. Best Regards, Samuel 98737523
  5. P

    WTS: Any 2019 Date Crowne Plaza 20 table Banquet

    Hi, Looking to sell a 20 table Crowne Plaza Banquet @ $1028++ per table. Any date in 2019. Willing to absorb $2500 of your cost. Please reach me at 9006 2308. Flexibility to Choose Any dates Within 2019. Rates are as followed: [Weekend] Lunch Banquet @ $1028++ ($1209.96nett per table of 10...
  6. S

    WTB Wedding dinner banquet oackage for Dec 2019

    Hi, looking for wedding dinner banquet packages. Preferably hotel. Around 20 tables. Please pm me the details if you are letting go.
  7. Qwni.K

    WTS $250 All-in Betrothal Premium Set, House Decorations and Wedding cards!

    Hi there! Selling Brand New, *Premium* Betrothal Set for upcoming wedding Hokkien bride, Wedding Cards and Decorations for actual day tea ceremony for $250 all in! *Fiance and I decided to ditch the traditional way* The purchase is heavy hence require you to collect directly from my place via...
  8. M

    WTB: Looking to buy Feb 2019 Wedding Package - Weekend (Shangri-La / St Regis / JW Marriot)

    [WTB] Looking to purchase wedding package for Feb 2019, Weekend for Shangri-La, St Regis or JW Marriott. Do PM me!
  9. K

    WTB: Fullerton Hotel Wedding Lunch - Oct 2018

    Will be keen to take over the wedding lunch package for Fullerton Hotel. PM me!
  10. lawdio

    WTB: Wedding package for Sept 15,22 or 30, 2018.

    Hi, looking for packages only on these days Looking for dinner or lunch on these days. Kindly email or PM me suitable ones. you can email me at [email protected]
  11. pokiepokie

    WTB Conrad Dinner 2018

    Hi all, Looking to buy any dinner packages for Q4 2018 for Conrad. PM if you are interested to sell (: Thanks!
  12. N

    WTB Banquet Lunch Package - 2nd Half 2018

    Please feel free to PM any lunch packages for 2nd Half 2018 (June - Dec) that you would like to let go :) Thank you very much!!
  13. L

    WTB: Wedding Banquet for dinner March 2018

    Maximum of 25 tables, looking at 10/03/2018 tentatively.
  14. Mlry

    WTB: Wedding Lunch. (5-10tables) Preferred Sep - Dec 2017.

    Hi All, I am interested in buying over any wedding lunch with min. 5 tables packages. Please do email me your package details. mlrylim04@ G M A I L . C O M Thanks.
  15. F

    WTB: Bridal Packages for 07 May 2017

    Hi Everyone, Really looking for a bridal package (preferably on the day wedding set (makeup, gowns, suits), chinese kua (optional, would be used on 25 April), photography and videoes included) for Sunday, 07 May 2017. Please reply to this thread or e-mail me at...
  16. F

    WTB: Wedding Package for 7 May 2017

    Hi Everyone, Really looking for a wedding package (preferably lunch!) for Sunday, 07 May 2017. Solemnisation not needed, open with locations and food types. Please reply to this thread or e-mail me at fatpenguin25gettingmarried[at]gmail.com with your current packages! Yes, this fat penguin...
  17. H

    WTB: Odelia Bridal

    Hi, is anyone letting go Odelia bridal package? Thank you.
  18. A

    WTB: Lunch / Dinner Banquet 14 May 2017, Min 30 tables

    Hello there, I'm looking to purchase a wedding banquet package specifically for 14 May 2017, Sunday. Please note that I will need your venue/ package to accommodate AT LEAST 30 tables. I am open to either lunch or dinner time. To offer your package up for consideration, kindly send over...