WTS $250 All-in Betrothal Premium Set, House Decorations and Wedding cards!


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Hi there!

Selling Brand New, *Premium* Betrothal Set for upcoming wedding Hokkien bride, Wedding Cards and Decorations for actual day tea ceremony for $250 all in! *Fiance and I decided to ditch the traditional way* The purchase is heavy hence require you to collect directly from my place via car or cab. All items are stated below and in photos. Meet-up at 18 Hougang Ave 3 (Whatsapp: 87885168 Qwni)

Decorative Items: (Red '喜' Character)
Ceiling Deco
Wall Deco
Window Pane Deco
喜 Stickers

Wedding Invitation Cards: (w/o Inserts)
Red pop-up wedding invitation cards and envelope, Thick art card material, 66pcs

Betrothal Set (过大礼) for Hokkien Bride [PREMIUM SET]:
- 1 x Red Umbrella with gold rosey prints
- 1 pair of bedroom slippers
- 1 pair of bath towels
- 1 pair of Dragon & Phoenix candles (龙凤炷)
- 1 pair of bedside lamps
- 1 pair of drinking cups
- 1 x Red infant potty
- 1 x Red infant bath bucket
- 1 x sewing kits
- 1 x seeds
- 1 x Tang yuan bowl & spoon set
- 1 x Tea Ceremony set
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