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    Cold feet or time to call off the wedding?

    Hi all, I am having some serious bride woes. I'm currently engaged to my boyfriend of 2 years, but the wedding was an impromptu decision because I just found out that I'm pregnant. Have decided to keep the baby so we will be getting married in another 2 months. However, throughout the wedding...
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    Divorce Muslim Malaysian Wife

    Hi I'm a Singapore Citizen, my wife is a Malaysian, married for 1 year, one daughter age 2 months. We got married in Singapore via ROMM. She constantly asking for divorce be cause she can't integrate to our lifestyle here. We both have ugly flaws. I decided to withdraw her PR application even...
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    What Would You Do ?

    After a few months of looking for direction and helped I decided to post my marital life here for advice from forummers who had a good resolution to similar issue ..... "Marriage is a blessing and should not be taken lightly." We are both 56 yos now. Hahaha .... let an old man share his love...
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    Is Wife Having An Affair?

    We just celebrated our 30th anniversary. We have 2 grown children and a 21-yo godson. We had a loving relationship and wife had an emotional affair with her colleague 10 yrs ago (when I was nearly financially ruined). Praise God I was wonderfully restored (financially) to what I had hoped for...