1. B

    Can I do ROM 2 years before a Catholic church wedding?

    Hi! My future husband is non-catholic, I am catholic. I’ve done my research that there’s no issue on getting married in a catholic church. As long as one of us is a catholic, good to go! So now, with financial contraints, we want to separate ROM and wedding in catholic church. Is this possible...
  2. B

    Second solemnisation on Actual day

    Hi all❤️ Was thinking of having my solemnisation tgt with my AD wedding dinner but as my Fiancé’s twin brother is planning to have his wedding dinner the same timing as us, we are thinking to postpone the AD dinner ☹️ But as my fiancé is planning to apply for a resale flat asap , we will need...
  3. L

    WTS Solemnisation Booking for The Armenian Church

    Letting go Solemnisation Booking to any BTB in 2022: The Armenian Church, 60 Hill Street 12-6pm $2,500 (nego). Fits 50+ pax. Contact 9 1 1 5 3 1 0 1 if you’re looking for a venue in the city for your Solemnisation. Very nice venue for ROM and 1 min away from ROM Fort Canning. Open to any date...
  4. C

    Looking for Catholic Church Service slots in Jun22

    Hi there, here’s a long shot to all here. I am looking for a wedding mass service slot at Church of St Mary of the Angels or Church of St Peter and Paul in Jun’22 or 11 Jun’22, if I can be specific. Kindly reach out if you know someone who would like to pass on their slot. Much appreciated...
  5. A

    Selling Authentic Cartier Double Ring Box

    Hi! I’m selling this Cartier double ring box at $200. (Negotiable) Authentic and brand new ✨ The staff has given me an extra box after purchasing rings from them! PM me if you are interested! ☺
  6. B

    Catholic Church Wedding Advice/Opinion needed!

    Hi everyone, I am a Catholic and my FH is a Buddhist, I am looking at holding a church wedding and he has check with his family that they are okay to hold a church wedding as well. However, as I look through all the details and the sample wedding service, I am not sure if he or his family is...
  7. Sherisse


    I would like to sell off the $500 deposit I paid, because we decided to buy from another shop. You can use this deposit to purchase any packages that you want. Expired Year: 2028 Please feel free to contact me. Thank you
  8. fishballie

    Wedding Hashtags

    Hi there, I need some help to generate a wedding hashtag for us, and it's been quite hard to think of one as our names are quite challenging. I thought it would be a lot easier but it's been awhile and we still can't think of a good one we like :( Our names are Lynn How & Marcus Tan And our...
  9. H

    WTB Chijmes ROM/Solemnisation Package

    Hi all, looking to buy Chijmes ROM/Solemnisation Lunch Package to be used in 2019. not sure if they allow transfers of packages. Do PM me. thank you.
  10. G

    Orange Clove catering

    Hi all, I have an $800 Orange Clove catering voucher that I would like to sell at $600 The validity is until 9th July. By the way Orange Clove catering is Halal certified. Please PM me if anyone is interested.
  11. G

    SELLING: Seletar broadway Prewedding+Actual Day package

    Price: $3,388 + GST (Special Exhibition Rate) (I have already paid a deposit of $2,140 ($2,000 + $140 GST)) Package purchased in May 2018 (Open Date) Please see the following for the details of the package: ROM Bride one short dress Makeup and hair styling Pre-wedding Shoot: *All gowns are...
  12. S

    WTS: France Paris Bridal Package for PWS in Taiwan/HongKong/Singapore + AD + AD 10HR PG (法國巴黎)

    Dear all, I am letting go of a bridal package from France Paris (法國巴黎) which includes 1) Pre-Wedding Shoot + 2) Actual Day + 3) Actual Day 10Hr Photography as we have some unfortunate family issues and will have no choice but to give up the package. Below are the details: 1) Pre-Wedding Shoot...
  13. A

    Anyone has the recent wedding vows at ROM?

    Just had my ROM two weeks ago at ROM but forgot to take a picture of the vows exchanged then. Any kind soul who has it can share? Thank u!!! We said a few “I do” and “i will”s, seems different from those that I found which is back dated to 2005. Thanks u again!!!
  14. M

    Rom Long gown for sale

    $350. Wear once only. Just finished rom on Dec 2017 In good condition. Dry cleaned. Comes with a veil. Suitable for M size to XL size gals Bra padded. Long gown. Off shoulder. Suitable for ROM or as evening gown Whole dress laced Feel free to message me for more details
  15. ckjmxx

    Solemnization venue & lunch

    Hi BTBs & graduated brides! Any recommendation for solemnization venue with nice view/scenery? (eg. overlooking MBS or outdoor nature view) Am considering buffet or Chinese restaurant for 80-100 pax :)
  16. X

    Wedding Day Outfits Help!!

    hi brides! Having a dilemma now over the number of outfit changes for my AD. Any brides or graduated brides have any advise or similar problems! Program for the day would be like this: - fetching of bride - tea ceremony at brides house only (ends at 2pm) - rom ceremony before banquet at 6pm -...
  17. MsCookies

    ROM advice needed

    hi everyone, I am new and would like to seek some advice. Im totally blank and have zero idea on how/what to do. my bf and I plan to ROM end of this year and have our wedding end of next year (partially it is because of his family's superstition from a fortune teller saying that he can only...
  18. L

    WTS New shimmering wedding heels

    Brand new in box Shimmering simple but classy silver heels Very comfortable to wear as height is only about 6cm Size 41 (255mm) or size 9 which is usually my size but a bit tight for me :( Think it fits size 40 or size 8 better. The photos don't do the heels justice as it is brighter silver and...
  19. D

    Solemnization on a yacht *Please Read*

    To all couples who are planning on doing your solemnization on a yacht, please read this before you proceed. We met lots of issue and it caused the happiness level for such a special occasion to drop tremendously. All thanks to for giving us a hell lot of problems!!! :mad: I...
  20. A

    problem, need advice please

    Hi there, I have a big problem and really don't know what to do anymore. my fiance and I decided to finally get married in Singapore. My fiance is an muslim and living in Indonesia, while I am a US citizen being born and raised in Germany and a christian. now the problem is... I am supposed to...