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  1. MsCookies

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    hi everyone, I am new and would like to seek some advice. Im totally blank and have zero idea on how/what to do.

    my bf and I plan to ROM end of this year and have our wedding end of next year (partially it is because of his family's superstition from a fortune teller saying that he can only ''wed'' after his birthday next year which is on November)

    But after much thinking, we would wanna follow our instincts and ROM end of this year instead.

    We are looking at doing a simple ROM for our closest friends and relatives. not more than 20pax of guest. Also, I am not sure on the budget , how much should we prepare / what to prepare. and whether if it is better to do in ROM or an outside venue.

    would love to know your opinions / advices. thank you!

  2. kytheon

    kytheon Member

    Hi Cookies,

    Congratulations to you! Hope you have started planning for your wedding next year.

    Mine was just a simple affair between 2 close families and i was also under budget, so went to rom to sign the papers. Then 2 families went to Carousel for makan. Spent about 700++ for the makan. My dress was just a simple long dress and make up was done by a friend. so total around 180$ for me only.

    ROM is really depend on what you want and how much money you are willing to spent. As i have a bto coming, hence budget was my deciding factor. If you are with spending more, then would suggest you to do it at hotels/restaurants (outside ROM itself). I'm sure more BTB here would be happy to share their planning experience.

    At the end of the day, it is really up to you on what is your budget, what other priorities (wedding, bto renovations etc) you have.

    Cheers :)
  3. MsCookies

    MsCookies New Member

    hi KyTeon! thanks for your reply! I haven't plan a single thing for the ROM end of this year and the wedding next year. I would love to have a simple garden / cafe ROM and book a private room however still looking for options. may end up doing it at ROM sign papers and go out for food like you. for dress and make up prolly gonna go for something. thanks for your advice and opinions. cheers!

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