prewedding photoshoot + actual day package

  1. F

    Letting go bridal package

    Hi all, My fiance and I had signed a very good negotiated bridal package which we got it during wedding expo. Letting go because we have change of plan as we’re going to have wedding at 2 countries. The package is from Taiwan HQ photo studio. They’re flexible if want to take photoshoot either in...
  2. H

    Letting go of Wedding Photoshoot + Actual Day Package!

    Hi all, letting go Pre-wedding shoot + Actual Day package from a Bridal Boutique at an extremely valuable price! Letting go as my partner will be posted out overseas and there’s a change of plan, hence we decided to shoot overseas instead! We managed to secure a package which is rly worth it...
  3. C

    WTS: France Paris Bridal PWS/AD Package

    Company: France Paris Bridal Package validity: Lifetime Letting go both at S$3,288 nego. Open to discussion for selling separately as well if the price is right. Please contact me at 92293436, thank you! Pre wedding photoshoot: Can choose between Taiwan or Singapore. Flight tickets and...
  4. C

    PWS and AD packages

    Hi All, I am sell my PWS + AD Package (2years validity). The PWS package includes: Singapore (3 outdoor) + JB (1 indoor) 4 gowns + 2 suits 1 make up + 3 hairdo (MUA to follow outdoor till 3rd hairdo done) Album (42 poses) 1 photo with frame 1 table top with frame 1 crystal mirror frame...
  5. cnyrere

    WTS: My Dream Wedding Pre-wedding + AD photography

    Dear future brides and grooms, Due to personal reasons, am letting go my PWS & AD photography package with My Dream Wedding. Package details as follows: Pre-Wedding package - 2 Wedding gowns - 1 Evening Gown - 2 Tuxedo - 1 Hand Bouquet (Artificial flowers) - 1 Bridal Make-up with 3 hairdo...
  6. T

    WTS TWC PW Video, AD Photo and AD Video Package

    Looking to sell Thomson Wedding Collection (TWC) packages (till Feb 2023). Listing the packages (2x) below, you can take either 1 or both. Total for 2 packages is S$6,574.93, negotiable especially if BTB takes both packages. PW Video + AD Photo and Video Package (S$2,938) - 100% paid - 8 hours...
  7. C

    Selling Pre-wedding photoshoot and Actual Day package@$2000

    Hi all, I bought the pre-wedding photoshoot and actual day package from Bridal Concept. However, due to change of plan, we decided to scale down the wedding thus letting go of the package. Pre-wedding photoshoot *All gowns are off the rack* Photography: 4 sets of Bridal gown and 3 sets for...
  8. S

    Selling La Belle PWS and AD packages

    Hellos! I am letting go my Bridal and Photo/Video packages from La Belle Couture Weddings. Bridal package (Signature package) Includes: 2 Off the Rack Gown to Rent 32 Wishing Stars Note: Wishing Stars are a flexible way for you to customize your package. Use these wishing stars to redeem...
  9. W

    WTS Bluebay Wedding Package

    Hi, Letting go a package with Bluebay wedding. We have negotiated for many perks and the package is open to change perks and locations (overseas or local). If you are keen, you can let me know where is your ideal shoot location etc and we can fix a meeting together with Bluebay to discuss...
  10. J

    Letting go: All-in Pre Wedding & AD Bridal Package (2019)

    All-in-Package available! Pre Wedding Shoot (one full day in JB studio) Actual Day, Videography & Photography (on your wedding day). PM me for more details.
  11. A

    Last min taiwan pre wed shoot in Nov 5!

    anyone interested in going for taiwan pre wed shoot in nov 5? Letting go my taiwan pre-wed shoot + actual day gown rental. All in for ur wedding. Let me know. I got the package at $3988 and letting go at $3388.
  12. M

    LOWEST CASH CREDIT DEPOSIT PAID! IMMEDIATE TRANSFER! Photoshoots / Wedding Gowns / Wedding Packages

    LOWEST CASH CREDIT DEPOSIT PAID! IMMEDIATE TRANSFER! Photoshoots / Wedding Gowns / Wedding Packages / Wedding Photoshoots / Graduation Gowns / Family Portraits! Recently purchased a $800 CASH CREDIT worth from a LOCAL GOWN COMPANY situated in TOWN, and selling the cash credit / package off with...

    WTS/LETTING GO: Gown Forestry bridal package (PW + AD)

    Selling gown forestry bridal package (local prewed + actual day) as we plan to have ours overseas given that my finace is going for overseas study. The shop is located at Suntec and the gowns are really pretty! You can go down to take a look :) We are willing to let go at cheaper rates so its a...
  14. K

    WTS my preWedding package to Overseas^^

    Hi, i'm Kay. WTS / transfer my package who ever needed than me:). My package valid until mid 2019 . My package are included AD package 3in1 ( Mua, PG & VG ). My package are to Australia Melbourne. ( date can be arrange by us ) with AD SGD 4.5 K without AD SGD 3.2 k Below are my package details...
  15. M

    Letting go of The Aisle Bridal Package

    Pre wedding photoshoot: 5 Gown Indoor studio Outdoor (2 – 3 location) GROOM: 2 suits and 2 pants Trial make up + hairdo Actual day: 2 white gown, 1 evening gown, 1 KUA Make up artist 1 Bouquet of flowers Main Car Deco Fathers blazers Rental of 8pcs of bridemaid dress + 2 pcs 8pcs fresh corsages...
  16. S

    Letting go: ZTAGEWedding Bridal Package

    Hi BTB, I have a korea (seoul) bridal package with ZtageWedding to let go. Prewedding Photoshoot (Seoul) 1) Basic Package - 30-page Photo Album made in Korea - 20R Korean with Frame - All Original Copies and retouched photos - 4 Dresses: 2 Korean Long Wedding Gowns, 1 Korean Evening Gown, 1...
  17. A

    My Dream Wedding package let go at discounted rate

    I am letting go my dream wedding package. I have negotiated for 2 hours and managed to get a good deal. However, due to work commitment I am unable to utilise this package. I am hoping that someone else could enjoy these perks I have negotiated. Prewedding Photoshoot Korea Studio 《$4374.16》*...