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    WTS : Pre wedding Photoshoot in JB & Actual Day Package at less than SGD2000

    WTS : Pre wedding Photoshoot in JB & Actual Day Package Bridal Boutique : Spozami/Dolce Vita Couture What is included in Package: (Pre Wedding Photoshoot in JB or Desaru) 4 Gowns + 4 Suits + 1 Casual Wear (Own clothes) 1 12x24 photo album 1 20x24 photo frame 1 12x30 photo frame 2 table top...
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    WTS: PWS in SG/TW (France Paris Bridal)

    Just bought this on an impulse recently on 29th October and decided to let it as I already have another PWS package. Bought it at 1800 (fully paid). Letting going at 1650. You can PM me or telegram (cookie0330) for more info! Pre-wedding shoot Location: Singapore or Taiwan (flight tickets not...
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    Letting go of Wedding Photoshoot + Actual Day Package!

    Hi all, letting go Pre-wedding shoot + Actual Day package from a Bridal Boutique at an extremely valuable price! Letting go as my partner will be posted out overseas and there’s a change of plan, hence we decided to shoot overseas instead! We managed to secure a package which is rly worth it...
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    WTS: France Paris Bridal PWS/AD Package

    Company: France Paris Bridal Package validity: Lifetime Letting go both at S$3,288 nego. Open to discussion for selling separately as well if the price is right. Please contact me at 92293436, thank you! Pre wedding photoshoot: Can choose between Taiwan or Singapore. Flight tickets and...
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    PWS and AD packages

    Hi All, I am sell my PWS + AD Package (2years validity). The PWS package includes: Singapore (3 outdoor) + JB (1 indoor) 4 gowns + 2 suits 1 make up + 3 hairdo (MUA to follow outdoor till 3rd hairdo done) Album (42 poses) 1 photo with frame 1 table top with frame 1 crystal mirror frame...
  6. Korean Artiz Studio

    Korean Artiz Studio

    Singapore only authentic Korean themed pre-wedding photo/videography Artiz Studio was founded in Busan, South Korea in 2008 and has since become the most fashionable and popular Korean style wedding photography brand around the world. Korean Artiz Studio Specialise in High-End Korean Theme...
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    La Fatte Taiwan Pre Wedding Photoshoot Package

    Hi all, I'm letting go of my La Fatte Taiwan, Taichung Pre Wedding Photoshoot Package Package valid for 5 years, till 2025 It includes the following: - 4 bridal outfits (with one free upgrade to VIP Premium gown ~worth $1k and above) - Free tailoring to suit your body size at no extra cost - 4...
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    Letting go of Pre Wedding Shoot at good price

    Hi all, letting go of a pre wedding shoot due to personal reasons. Got it at a fair for a reasonably good price! Pre-wedding photoshoot 12” vertical album x36 photos 30" portrait with frame CD- selected and edited photos Thank you card 400 pieces signature booklet x1 Bride: 4 gowns with 4...
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    WTS Overseas preWedding package

    I’m letting go an overseas PWS package, you can choose to go Melbourne/New Zealand/Japan/ Korea and many more of your choice. Details of the package as follows: 10 hr photoshoot 2 gowns 1 casual 2 suits ALL soft copies Stylist to follow 12 inch crystal cover album with 48 photo 20x24 inch...
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    WTS Overseas PWS of your choice or AD Package with $500 Discount

    Hi all, I’m letting go an overseas PWS package, you can choose to go New Zealand/ Prague/ Greece/ France/ Japan/ Korea and many more of your choice. If not, the package can also be changed to a local shoot. Details of the package as follows: 8 hr photoshoot 4 gowns 2 suits 36 soft copies 46...
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    Selling prewedding photography package Indonesia

    Selling prewedding photography in Indonesia for SGD1, 912 - available in Bali, Indonesia and globally. Package includes makeup artist and stylist for the shoot. Have made down-payment of SGD956
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    $588 ONLY for $1,800 pre-wedding photoshoot

    Hi Brides to be, I am selling a $1,800 pre wedding shoot package at Hong Kong with Arlene Wedding at $588 only. The package is inclusive of: - 1x bride’s wedding gown - 1x groom’s suite - Fitting of wedding gown & suite in Singapore - 6 hours photoshoot with makeup and styling - bad weather...
  13. Sherisse


    I would like to sell off the $500 deposit I paid, because we decided to buy from another shop. You can use this deposit to purchase any packages that you want. Expired Year: 2028 Please feel free to contact me. Thank you
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    $688 ONLY for Overseas Pre-wedding Photoshoot Package

    Overseas pre-wedding photoshoot with Arlene wedding at Hong Kong - You can try on the gowns in Singapore before going for your photoshoot Inclusive of: - 1x bride’s wedding gown - 1x groom’s suite - 2 hours makeup and styling - 4 hours photoshoot - bad weather plan included - 20 free digital...
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    [WTS] Overseas Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at HongKong

    Overseas Hong Kong pre-wedding photoshoot with Arlene wedding Inclusive of: - 1x bride’s wedding gown - 1x groom’s suite - 2 hours makeup and styling - 4 hours photoshoot - bad weather plan included - 20 free digital photos Selling at $1,200 RTP SGD $1,800 Singapore Office Address: 49a kreta...
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    Letting go Pre-wed photography service to taiwan & actual day gown rental package

    Hi, i am letting go my Taiwan Pre-wed photography package thats also includes actual day gown rentals. Reason: They do not have plus size gown for me. If you are a regular size bride, you have no worries at all with their large selection. The bridal studio company is Wedding Dress. Letting go...
  17. A u think i could get a refund from bs?

    I signed an open date pre-wedding photography package to taiwan which includes actual day gowns rental with a bridal studio during a roadshow in 2015. Payment for the package has been fully paid for. We made a trip down to the bridal studio in april this year to arrange for our pre-wed shoot as...
  18. Antelope Studios

    Antelope Studios

    ANTELOPE STUDIOS Our mantra towards photography has always been first about the heart and then our techniques. If photography is simply about memories without feelings, it will be nothing more than a documentary. We seek love, we crave fun and we are incredibly passionate about what we do...