1. Charsiewping

    Perfect Wedding Taipei prewed shoot

    Just sharing our experience since we don’t see much reviews online. We bought our wedding package with Perfect Wedding by chance at one of the bridal fair at Orchard Central. The whole experience had been superb and we were very well taken care of throughout. The gown selections for the...
  2. Y

    Wedding Dinner @ Bintan Resorts..

    Hi, I would like to ask if anyone had their wedding or friend's held at any of resorts at Bintan? Need help please!.....
  3. B

    Letting go my Overseas Pre Wedding Package

    Hi BTB, i wanted to sell off / letting go my Melbourne Pre Wedding Package with only $ 3088 Reason for letting go cause i'm mom now! hehe, so will get married Asap now..^^ Package including shooting day's accommodation and transportation ( air ticket not included ) The package also included...
  4. 7

    718am photography

    Heyo! Edmund from 718am photography here. Just wanna share my DIY pre-wedding overseas shoot that was published on SingaporeBrides (link to article). Check out my other photos here and if you are looking to do a pre-wedding shoot, feel free to drop me a message!