1. J

    Wedding Hashtag

    Hi all! Have been trying to find suitable hashtag for IG, and couldn't get any nice ones :/ Would appreciate if anyone can help and give us some ideas? Groom: Evan Bride: Joanna
  2. N

    wedding hashtag

    need some ideas and help for wedding hashtags, feel free to contribute wedding date: 11 Dec 2021, Sat bride: leong lu ting 梁绿庭 groom: ng wei ghee 黄伟义 together for: 10 years
  3. S

    Sad and looking for help about annulment..

    Hi everyone, I am new here.. My fiance disclosed to me few week back he was married before and the marriage ended. He said they annulled it. It breaks my heart that he told me after so many years together and we plan ROM. We are supposed to get married in June this year. Even so I forgive him...
  4. MsCookies

    ROM advice needed

    hi everyone, I am new and would like to seek some advice. Im totally blank and have zero idea on how/what to do. my bf and I plan to ROM end of this year and have our wedding end of next year (partially it is because of his family's superstition from a fortune teller saying that he can only...