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    WTS: L'Atelier / Malena / LoveStory AD Package (Includes Designer Range e.g. Jimmy Choo)

    Dear Brides-to-be, I'm selling my L'Atelier / Malena / LoveStory Bridal AD Package that I managed to get at a very good deal! Original price is around $5.5K++ but I'm letting it go at a discount for you as I'm proceeding with just ROM for my wedding. The package I've got includes dresses from...
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    Tiffining Beauty

    Hi All, I am a BTB2023, and had an unpleasant experience with Tiffining Beauty which I would like to informed all Brides who are planning to engaged her or have engaged her. She is a dishonest and disrespectful makeup artist. When I engaged her, I thought that she was honest as most of her...
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    Robbed of feeling happy about wedding planning

    Hi everyone, just wanted to get something of my chest and to seek some advise if you guys faced something similar. I got engaged in 2021 and my fiancé and I have agreed that we will hold our wedding in 2023. I have very traditional parents and they insisted that we seek the advise of a fengshui...
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    Selling Wedding Deco & Misc Stuffs

    Interested parties, kindly comment/pm and I will get back to you. Please take note that for bulky items only meet up is available on WEEKENDS. If you would like postage option, kindly note I will only be mailing it out via REGISTERED MAIL and buyer to pay fully the additional postage cost based...
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    Cold feet or time to call off the wedding?

    Hi all, I am having some serious bride woes. I'm currently engaged to my boyfriend of 2 years, but the wedding was an impromptu decision because I just found out that I'm pregnant. Have decided to keep the baby so we will be getting married in another 2 months. However, throughout the wedding...