WTS: L'Atelier / Malena / LoveStory AD Package (Includes Designer Range e.g. Jimmy Choo)


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Dear Brides-to-be,

I'm selling my L'Atelier / Malena / LoveStory Bridal AD Package that I managed to get at a very good deal! Original price is around $5.5K++ but I'm letting it go at a discount for you as I'm proceeding with just ROM for my wedding.

The package I've got includes dresses from their sister brands - L'Atelier / Malena / LoveStory

The designer gown includes Nicole Milano, Jimmy Choo, etc.
You may see more from their website here.

What's included:

Actual Day:
1) 4 Gowns (2 wedding gowns, 1 ROM and 1 KUA. For gowns + ROM, you may choose any from the designer range)
2) 4 Suits (3 suits of your choice + 1 MAKUA)
3) Morning and Night AD Make up + Hairdo and 1 trial make-up
4) 2 Suits for Dads
5) 1x Silk Flower Car Decorations
6) 4x pc Follow-Car Ribbons
7) Fresh Hand Bouquet
8) 6 Corsages

* Includes alterations and dry cleaning for all clothes!

It already includes GST for $3,988. It's a very, very good deal (you can compare designer gown prices at other places). Wouldn't have let go if not for unforeseen circumstances!

PM me if interested!