Robbed of feeling happy about wedding planning


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Hi everyone, just wanted to get something of my chest and to seek some advise if you guys faced something similar. I got engaged in 2021 and my fiancé and I have agreed that we will hold our wedding in 2023. I have very traditional parents and they insisted that we seek the advise of a fengshui master on picking a suitable date to get married. Co-incidentally my friend announced that she will be getting married in 2023 as well and this happened before we picked a date with the master. I didn't want to clash with her wedding as we are very close friends but the master picked a date on the same month as hers. This meant that we can't be each other's bridesmaids and be around each other's morning ceremonies according to the master's advise. After breaking the news to her, she cut me off for a few months and now even though we have decided to put this matter behind us for now, I couldn't carry on planning my wedding with happiness without thinking about this matter. Just wanted to know if anyone has faced something similar?


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But it behind you, what really matters is who you're with. Your partner is the one that will always be with you till part.


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One of my close friends also picked a wedding date that was within 3 months of my own wedding ceremony. We both picked the dates based on fengshui (since both of our families believe in that). It's unfortunate that we could not be each other's bridesmaids or wedding guest, but we put that aside and wished each other well!

Although we technically cannot be involved in each other's wedding ceremonies for the actual day, we still update each other on how the wedding planning is going (e.g. where to get guo da li items, our Pre-Wedding Shoot photographs etc) to share our joy. It's actually been really rewarding having someone on the same wedding planning journey as myself.

You can consider (a) talking to your friend about wedding planning to share joy without actually going to each other's wedding (b) have a joint bachelorette celebration or (c) ask each other for advice about the wedding planning. But on the other hand, if your friend is totally unwilling to talk about wedding stuff with you, and "blames" you in any way for the clashing wedding dates, then I'd say you should reconsider the friendship. Weddings should be a joyous occasion, not about anyone's ego.