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    Small wedding dinner of 8 tables?

    Think hotels with smaller rooms, like Four seasons has the ones on the top floor, fullerton as well, should offer.
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    How to Address ILs

    Perhaps ask your in laws how they prefer to be addressed?
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    Seeking outsiders' advice

    I don't think that if Jane_wine calls it quits = aborting the child. There are also definitely situations when having a fatherless home is better than having an abusive father type of a home. Jane_wine, I agree with you that a marriage should be mutual respect and support for each other. While...
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    Seeking outsiders' advice

    Has this always been the type of communication that the both of you had, even before marriage or living together? Could he be under some sort of stress that he is not sharing with you, but has made him touchy and reactive? Have you tried asking him what he thinks your plans together for the...
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    I believe that there is a medical condition where the foreskin is too tights to be pulled back. If this is the situation that he is facing, it is solvable by seeing a doctor. You both have to work together to figure out the spot where the pain occurs and decide if the foreskin is possibly the...
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    Advise needed..

    For every sad case, there is also a happy case. However, one should not be so scared of being unhappy or hurt that one cannot live life. Without the downs, there will be no ups. It just depends on how well the person is able to recover and move forward.
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    How do you know that he is the ONE (to marry)?

    I don't think it is possible to know that he/she is the one to marry. Afterall, the people you have met is a very tiny sampling of all the eligible men/women out there. I think the first big thing is compatibility. You need to be able to see eye to eye on major life decisions and have similar...
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    Individual plating or self service?

    In some places, they will present the fish first, then let the guests know that it will be portioned. You can check with your hotel or request that they do that.
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    Individual plating or self service?

    If your wedding is a small-ish one, then I would go with an individual plating. However, if its large to the extent where some of the wait staff may be temp staff, then I would go with self-service, as it would take too long for the food to be distributed and by the time the food reaches your...
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    Four Seasons Hotel

    I went with the deluxe menu, but I changed some stuff, like the dessert was yam paste instead of mango sago (that many people liked), the wasabi prawns became salted egg yolk prawn (that the chef prepared a small portion for us to try on the spot during the food tasting after our feedback), and...
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    Four Seasons Hotel

    When you do your food tasting, it will be at Jiang Nan Chun, and the chef will come out to talk to you. We also made modifications to the menu, as we didn't like some of the dishes. Like we had salted egg yolk prawns instead of prawn balls that was originally listed. We had 26 tables, and heard...
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    Four Seasons Hotel

    No No problem. Perhaps for the tea ceremony, see whether they can place screens for you in the reception area? The reception area of the crescent ballroom is larger (I feel) than the bigger ballroom, so I think there should not be a problem to screen off a part of it just for the tea ceremony...
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    Four Seasons Hotel

    Hi Sher1234 There is probably not enough space for 20 people to be in the room. Did your coordinator offer you the reception area in front of the ballroom for the tea ceremony? Because I know that can be arranged. I did not have a problem with a projector screen. The images are sharp and...
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    Four Seasons Hotel

    Hi Sher1234, We felt that the suite was quite spacious for our needs. There is a living room area and then the bedroom area that is separated by a door. I guess how you find it will be dependent on how many people you are planning on having in the room - i.e. whether your sisters are going to be...
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    1st dish song

    We played Valse d'Amélie.