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    Wedding banquet angbaos

    ping jing is given by the groom's parents right? my mum also requested 5 tables. I was thinking ask my hubby mum to give him back the cost of 5 tables. Anyone done this before?
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    Live band for wedding dinner

    any other budget bands to recommend?
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    Dec 2016 Brides

    AD 18 dec can join the whats app group? :}
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    Honeymoon in Japan

    Isit safe to go japan now? I heard tat its still not good for those trying for babies....
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    Simple ROM

    Anyone know can we reg rom via mobile?
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    Wedding bands

    Hi , how much did u bought for your wedding bands?
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    Simple ROM

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    Simple ROM

    I would also like to know can choose timing a not...anyone?
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    Wedding bands

    My wedding band is from JP :)
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    2017 brides

    Have u decided on yr photo/videography? My budget also around 2k for both
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    Anyone can share Wedding Songs

    Could we just convert songs from you tube to mp3 version to play on our actual day? Isit legal?
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    Dec 2016 Brides u le :)
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    Dec 2016 Brides

    Add me? :)
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    Dec 2016 Brides

    Yup master tong
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    Dec 2016 Brides

    Im a 18 dec bride :)