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    Not to go there ever again.

    Earlier this month they had a sale of gowns. (well know boutique) Each couple was only given 15 mins to select and purchase. It was a rush and I was forced to make a decision on the spot. Telling me that if there's anything about the gown, I can bring it back to the shop. The sales person...
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    Solemnization in ROM Office

    Wow! Really? In this case I won't even need so many people to be present too lo? Haha.. Thanks for the info!
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    Solemnization in ROM Office

    Hi mayqueen! Thank you so much for the above information! In this case, do I also need a handheld flower?
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    I can't stand my Husband's Brother's gf!!!

    Hi Emer02, I do not know what's the fake side of it if by being polite is something that you say it's irritating to you. Unless you say that she is being rude to you in some ways. It is good to be polite if the family is very traditional. It could be the way she's being brought up. I'm a...
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    What should I prepare for solemnization?

    Thank U so much @Loveinstills ! I appreciate a lot!
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    What should I prepare for solemnization?

    Hi all, I need some guide as to what should I prepare for my solemnization. My HTB and I had decided to solemnize at ROM office in May. Following are the questions I have: 1)Do I need to prepare angbao for the in-house JP ? 2)Will my guest be seated or standing? Appx 20 pax. 3) is hand...
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    Pastors as Solemniser

    Hi babe, I'm also a Christian but my HTB isn't. So I've decided to have my solemnization at ROM office instead. So i wouldn't have to worry about the awkwardness of both sides. I believe most pastors only solemize if both are Christians.
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    Solemnization in ROM Office

    Hello! I'm going to have my solemnizatiin at ROM office in May. Will there be seats provided or guests will have to stand? I'm only inviting my immediate family members of about 10-20pax. Do I need to have an MC? Or how will the whole session start? What do I need to prepare prior to the...
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    How much Ang Bao to give to Solemnizer

    Hi BTB, Do we need to give even if we are signing it at the ROM Venue?
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    Emcee Script from ROM

    Hihi, can anyone send me a copy too? Appreciate alot! [email protected]