Not to go there ever again.


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Earlier this month they had a sale of gowns. (well know boutique)

Each couple was only given 15 mins to select and purchase.

It was a rush and I was forced to make a decision on the spot.

Telling me that if there's anything about the gown, I can bring it back to the shop. The sales person kept insisting that I take the gown she presented to me.
I knew it right away that it's a size smaller hence I asked if I can alter for free accordingly.

I was told that I can just bring it back to the shop.
Sales person did not mention anything about me bearing the cost of alterations and no exchange is allowed.

I bought 2 short dress and 2 long gowns.
During selection, sales Person told me that she will give me the string to tie the back of the gown (should come with it) but when I got home, it wasn't there.

I tried calling the shop, but there was no response.
I emailed and request to alter/exchange it of the same value as well as to collect the string for the gown, I was being rejected totally upon request.

What should I do with the gowns now?
Totally disappointed with the response and service.