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Uniqueness and simplicity of classical designs


Silhouette The Atelier was established in 1995 in Singapore. We provide individually designed and uniquely created bridal attire for brides and grooms for their special day. All our designs are created in-house and made in Singapore.

Silhouette The Atelier provides a wide selection of specially crafted gowns, ranging from classical to contemporary, traditional to modern, or simply an elegant fusion of styles. Our dedicated team of designers work closely with our clients, advising them with their best interests in mind, designing to suit their style and simply make them look their very best on their wedding day.

Silhouette’s gowns are esteemed for the quality in workmanship. Opulent and luxurious materials, intricate and fine detailing are key features of Silhouette The Atelier’s creations. Uniqueness and simplicity of classical designs still remain Silhouette’s forte.



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Silhouette The Atelier Wedding Show 2012

Your Dazzling Moments wedding showcase

The wedding gown meant a lot to me. how can it not be when it is what makes a bride? So I had all these thoughts about the ideal dress but I wasn’t the greatest at articulating them. Somehow, the petite girl from Silhouette the Atelier who looks great matching boots with any outfit and who has abundant patience and giggles manage to piece my scattered requests into one beautiful dress. Thank you Min Yi, I couldn’t ask for anything more perfect than the mermaid gown sprinkled with laser cut flowers and delicately stitched on one by one by you.

Melodyee and Hao Yong


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