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My Dream Wedding

My Dream Wedding provides the most stylish, sophisticated and elegant wedding, so that you are the highlight of the wedding.


My Dream Wedding has carefully tailored its services to provide a one-stop wedding experience, so that you can easily plan your wedding with our professional advice.

Our Designer Gown Wedding collection brings together fashion and art, re-defining modern aesthetic and the gowns are crafted specially in Paris and Hong Kong.

My Dream Wedding has also created countless photography styles, as well as quality products and services, ever since it started.

With new themes every season, the My Dream Wedding team works hard to bring the latest trends to our customers.

Not only are we dedicated to growing an international brand, we hope to create a dream wedding for all couples who are expecting nothing but perfection.


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Simple Sophistication 2023 Collection

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Resplendently Bold 2023 Collection

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Radiate in Ruffles 2023 Collection

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Floral Elegance 2023 Collection

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Stunning Versatility 2023 Collection

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Fashion Show @ 1 Degree 15

We just had our photoshoot with My dream wedding on the July' 2016. I contracted with MDW for pre-wedding shoot and rent a gown for AD. Based on all the mixed types of reviews found online and checked photos, I would actually say MDW did a very good job. After inquired basic informations with Wendy Chen (Wedding Consultant) by email, me and my fiancé went directly to MDW only. They have wonderful and awesome staffs who go the extra mile to make things work out. Wendy helped me a lot and emailing me whatever I asked for her help. During my fitting day Wendy was busy and I met another lady, Wan Ying. She also really took out my gowns for me to try and was very patient. She gave honest opinions on how the gowns look on me and advice which gowns' cutting made me looks slim. Only one disappointing thing was not a variety of choices for groom.

On that day when I reached there, I was attended by another Wendy. Then I knew she was my make up artist. She was very gentle, friendly and asked me if I had my preferences in how I wanted my make up and hair to be done. I just told her that the hair styles I don't like and let her decided others make up things and I was ok. She then really did above my expectations and made me look so good. She was so creative with each hairstyle.

Ours photographer would be Jason (In-house PG). I was relieved based on the good comments I read on him online. Jason was even better. He was so fast and efficient. He teached us how to post, made us relax and reminded us to make big smiles all the time. He went the extra miles on his knees on the watery grass and in the hot sun just to get the perfect shots from different angles also even carried my heels. I would definitely say we had the most memorable experiences in MDW-SG. The photos turn out very nicely and received many compliments.

As for my AD gown, Wendy assisted me to get the perfect lace gown with long sleeves( groom's fav) and long train (bride's fav). Special thanks to Wendy and MDW team.

Over all highly recommend to MDW!
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