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April 2024

A Handy Guide on What to Splurge and Save on For Your Dream Destination Wedding

Get your dream destination wedding without breaking the bank with these handy tips on what you should splurge and save on for your overseas wedding.

A destination wedding is an exciting adventure, but planning one can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to budgeting for it. It doesn’t take you long to realise that planning one can get very costly and suddenly, it feels like your dream destination wedding can’t be brought to life without going over budget.

Here’s the good news – you can have your dream destination wedding without spending more than you have initially set out to if you know which items in your wedding you should splurge on and which you should save on. To help you with that, we’ve put together a list of 10 items in your wedding you should splurge and save on to bring your dream destination wedding to life.

What to save on in your wedding

1. Airfare

Since you’ll only be spending a few hours on the airplane, your airfare is one area you can easily save on, so you can channel the rest of your budget to more important areas of the wedding. Compare prices between a low cost carrier versus a full fledged one to determine if the savings is worth sacrificing the frills of a full fledged one.

Stretch your dollar by booking your airfare at the right time by watching out for discounts or collecting airline miles as you pay for your wedding essentials using a credit card.

2. Save-the-date card and wedding invitation

Linette and Joshua’s Autumn-Inspired Bohemian Wedding at Hotel Fort Canning by Androidsinboots

If there is one area of your destination wedding you can definitely save on, it is the save-the-dates and invitations. While a beautifully designed save-the-date and wedding invitation make a pretty addition to your wedding, the majority of your guests are unlikely to keep it after the celebration is over, nor will it enhance their experience in any way.

Instead of spending money on something that your guests will throw away and probably not remember much of, why not go digital with your save-the-date and wedding invitations to make your wedding more cost-effective, and spend more areas that will make their experience at your destination wedding more enjoyable and memorable?

3. Gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen

Instead of a lavish gift that your bridesmaids or groomsmen may or may not use or like, try to prepare a gift that you know they’ll enjoy to show your appreciation for their presence and support.

Arrange for a morning after brunch or lunch at the resort after the wedding or treat them to an indulgent spa session. Or, you can even offer to cover their accommodation costs to help them with the cost of travelling for your wedding instead.

In fact, gifts for your bridal party need not be expensive. After all, it is the thought that counts. If you’re pretty crafty, you can personalise a gift for every member of your bridal party on your own to show your sincerity and heartfelt appreciation.

4. Wedding Shoes

Khye Theng and Tony’s Romantic and Timeless Wedding with Pops of Blue at Villa Plenilunio Bali by MomentsbyJeremy

Now, let’s face it, if you’re having a beach wedding, chances are, you will either be wearing a pair of sneakers or sandals, or perhaps none at all!

While it may be your dream to strut down the aisle in a pair of beautiful high heels, it may not be appropriate for your destination wedding, especially if you are exchanging your vows on the beach or in a forested area.

Besides, your guests may not even notice what you’re wearing on your feet if you are dressed in a floor-length dress. So, instead of splurging on a pair of expensive heels, you might want to consider sprucing up your favourite pair of sneakers or sandals for your destination wedding.

5. Wedding Favours

While favours are a wedding staple and somewhat expected by guests, most guests do not wish to bring home an item that they do not need or want, especially when they have to travel home with it. Consider doing away with gifting wedding favours; instead, use the money saved to enhance their experience at your wedding, such as a drinks or food bar for them to enjoy while waiting for your solemnisation or dinner reception to begin.

If you must include wedding favours, consider items that do not add on to their baggage. Perhaps a bottle of a local drink to quench their thirst before the ceremonies begin, a small bottle of mosquito or insect repellent they can use for your outdoor solemnisation, or a party pack of a popular local snack that they can enjoy before they catch their flight home.

What to splurge on

6. The Venue

Calista and Christopher’s Beautiful Bali Wedding at Tirtha Uluwatu Bali by Iluminen Singapore

Where you choose to get married sets the tone for the entire celebration and where you and your guests will make memories to last a lifetime, so you should definitely splurge on your wedding venue.

Since your guests are committing to travel and accommodation costs to attend your destination wedding, your destination wedding venue will have a place in their hearts forever, be it in a good or bad way, even if they may not remember what your dress looked like or what colour flowers you had at the wedding.

So, give them a memorable and positive experience by splurging on a renowned venue that is experienced at hosting weddings and overseas guests, and has received excellent ratings from previous weddings and celebrations. And if the venue is already spectacular the way it is, then you can save on your wedding decor to dress it up for your big day!

7. Photography (and videography)

High up on your list of things to splurge on for your wedding should be hiring a professional wedding photographer to immortalise the beautiful and heartwarming moments of your big day.

Planning a destination wedding is a costly endeavour and after taking the time to painstakingly choose the perfect overseas location to say “I do” and coordinating the wedding remotely, you definitely want physical keepsakes of your big day alongside the memories in your head to revisit this beautiful occasion.

You might want to consider engaging a wedding videographer too, so you can have both still images and a visual recording of your wedding day, ensuring that every single touching moment of your big day is captured.

8. Wedding Attire

Grace and Nik’s Modern Oriental Tea Ceremony and Ethereal White Wedding at the Apurva Kempinski Bali by Iluminen Singapore

You’ll only be getting married once in your life, so why not splurge a little on your wedding attire? Investing in a beautifully made wedding gown or suit that seamlessly complements the breathtaking venue you’ve chosen to exchange your vows at can elevate your wedding experience by making an unforgettable wedding even more memorable.

9. Entertainment for guests

Your guests will be taking the time to travel to your destination wedding and the least you can do to show your appreciation is to make sure they are well taken care of and entertained during the celebration.

Whether you choose to hire a live band, a DJ, or other performers, investing in high-quality entertainment can keep guests engaged and create a lively and festive atmosphere.

If the wedding celebration is held across multiple days, you should also consider spending extra on activities or special events such as a group excursion to a historic site or welcome lunch to make your guests feel welcomed and appreciated.

10. Wedding decor

Joy and Josh’s Summer Coral Wedding in the Surga Villa Estate, Bali by Jiwa Photography

Decor plays an important role in setting the mood and ambience of your wedding, so if you can, splurge on your wedding decor to transform your venue into a stunning and unforgettable space that’ll give you and your guests a celebration to remember.

You can make your dollar go the extra mile by having moveable decor pieces that can be repurposed for your solemnisation ceremony and dinner reception, and include soft, fairy lights in the decor to beautify and illuminate the venue after the sun sets.

Credits: Feature image from Calista and Christopher’s Beautiful Bali Wedding at Tirtha Uluwatu Bali by Iluminen Singapore

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A Handy Guide on What to Splurge and Save on For Your Dream Destination Wedding