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September 2022

6 Top Selling Wedding Jewellery Sets From Singapore’s Leading Jewellery Brand

Gift the ultimate gesture of love to your loved ones as Goldheart accompanies you along your journey of love.

Many precious moments are born out of love, an intangible emotion that is felt more than seen. At Goldheart, love becomes a tangible keepsake that you can hold onto and cherish.

As one of Singapore’s largest fine jewellers, Goldheart is here to accompany and celebrate moments of love as you go through life’s most important and memorable milestones, such as birthdays and anniversaries, and of course, weddings, immortalising these precious moments of love into everlasting pieces of jewellery that you can pass down to future generations. As part of their service, they also offer bespoke bridal consultations to help couples curate and style the best look for their special day.

Goldheart is loved for their modern and trendy designs as well as gold heirloom pieces that marry traditions and style for modern day couples. To help you pick out the perfect pieces to express your heartfelt love and appreciation for your loved ones, we turn to Goldheart for their expertise and recommendations.

Moments of Love Worth Immortalising with Jewellery


Timeless and precious, jewellery makes the perfect wedding gift, especially from the elders. Besides dressing up your wedding look, they are also treasured keepsakes of love and blessings, and family heirlooms to be passed down for generations.

Goldheart Flourishing Bloom Gold Si Dian JinGoldheart Flourishing Bloom Gold Si Dian Jin

The gifting of jewellery most commonly occurs during Guo Da Li and tea ceremonies, where elders acknowledge and bless the bride and groom’s union. Known as Si Dian Jin, the betrothal jewellery gifted by the groom’s mother to the bride is a symbol of the acceptance of the bride into the family, and her blessings for the newlyweds.

The 999 and 916 Gold Si Dian Jin collections from Goldheart comprise of beautiful heirloom and wearable pieces that wonderfully marries traditions and modernity for the contemporary bride, taking her through many other special and meaningful occasions, even after her wedding.

Goldheart Exclusive Enamoured Destiny Gold SI Dian JinGoldheart Exclusive Enamoured Destiny Gold Si Dian Jin

Exclusively designed by Goldheart, the new Gold Si Dian Jin is favoured by many couples for its unique and seamless waves, a representation of the unity and bond between the couple for a lifetime of conjugal bliss. With plenty of designs to choose from, brides can take the opportunity to bond with their mother-in-law as they spend time picking out the perfect set of Si Dian Jin, creating one of the most precious memories of their lives.

Wedding Anniversaries and/or Renewal of Vows

Beyond your wedding day, commemorate your wedding anniversary with jewellery, an invaluable and everlasting symbolism of your love and marriage.

Goldheart Celestial Occasion SetGoldheart Celestial Occasion Set

For the lady in your life, there is no better gift worthy of her brilliance than Celestial, the world’s first 73-facet starburst diamond, exclusively designed by Goldheart to emulate an eight-point starburst pattern for magnificent scintillation reminiscent of a star. The new collection features a unique eight-prong design that sits at the edge of the brilliant Celestial diamond, representing the joining of two unique individuals who share the same dream and vision.

There simply isn’t a better way to express your affection for the love of your life than to gift her with the brightest star there is, as a tribute to the light and joy she has brought to your life, and as a token of your everlasting love and promise to her.

Birthday Celebrations

The day your loved one was born is definitely an occasion worth celebrating. Show your affection and appreciation with a cherished gift that will add glamour to the important men and women in your life.

Goldheart Kstyle Illuminating Romance Occasion SetGoldheart KStyle Illuminating Romance Occasion Set

Inspired by the trendy and vibrant city of Seoul, the KStyle collection is designed to showcase individual personalities and styles, be it classic and feminine or minimalist and modern.

Goldheart KStyle Interlocking Hearts Occasion SetGoldheart KStyle Interlocking Hearts Occasion Set

While you’ll be spoilt for choice with the new collection launch, the Interlocking Hearts set is an especially apt gift for the love of your life, a beloved family member or friend. Featuring interlocking links adorned with dazzling diamonds, it is the ideal gift of everlasting love and devotion to celebrate a loved one’s birthday.

First Dating Anniversaries

Finding love amongst a sea of people is more than a stroke of good luck; it is the hands of fate at work, connecting you to your one and only soulmate. Celebrate the day love blossomed between you and your partner with diamond solitaires in the sweetest shade of pink.

Goldheart Star Lab Pink DiamondsGoldheart Star Lab Pink Diamonds

One of the most coveted diamond colours around the world, pink diamonds represent love, happiness and romance – every sentiment you want to convey to your loved one on your first dating anniversary, or any anniversary for that matter. While natural pink diamonds may be costly due to its scarcity, Star Lab’s series of pink diamond rings and earrings are perfectly affordable and equally dazzling.

Star Lab diamonds are diamond alternatives created through cutting-edge technology that replicates the natural process of diamond creation. Comprising of identical chemical structures and brilliance, Star Lab diamonds are indistinguishable from a natural diamond to the naked eye.

Take your pick from Star Lab’s range of pink diamond solitaires, set and framed with a row of sparkling pavé diamonds or simply on its own, and show your love just how much she means to you.

With the wide range of beautiful and unique collections of jewellery at Goldheart, suitable for all celebrations of love, you can be sure to find the perfect style and design for your proposal, wedding, Si Dian Jin, birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions of love worth celebrating and commemorating.

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Join Goldheart for an intimate and tailored shopping experience as you search for the perfect jewellery for your special day.

Take your pick between three bridal consultation sessions happening from 22 to 24 September at the Jem boutique, from 13 to 15 October at the newly revamped Bugis Junction boutique, and from 27 to 29 October at the ION Orchard boutique, and RSVP now to receive a door gift worth more than $200. Limited slots are available, so hurry and RSVP here.

Goldheart is located islandwide with boutiques in 18 locations such as ION Orchard, Jem, Bugis Junction, and more. They are also available online on Goldheart, Shopee and Lazada. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Telegram to stay updated with their latest launches and promotions

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6 Top Selling Wedding Jewellery Sets From Singapore’s Leading Jewellery Brand