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September 2022

Nicole and Suren’s Chill and Intimate Wedding at Artemis Grill & Sky Bar

Nicole and Suren planned mini surprises and wrote personalised thank you messages for each of their guests during their chill and intimate wedding at Artemis Grill & Sky Bar.

Suren made Nicole go on a scavenger’s hunt that led her to places that brought back many happy memories. It ended with her kayaking to the beach at Sentosa, with Suren appearing to surprise her with a proposal. This fun-loving couple planned to have a chill yet multi-cultural wedding ceremony where they could spend time with their family and friends, who turned up to give them their blessings in the middle of a pandemic.

What drew you both to each other when you first met?

Nicole: His chilled demeanour, as well as his sense of humour, which is very similar to mine.

Suren: Her pretty face and ability to have funny conversations and laugh at most things. As we dated more, I also realised we have similar thought processes and are happy to bounce off ideas with each other regarding everything in life.

Nicole and Suren's Chill and Intimate Wedding at Artemis Grill & Sky Bar

What is it about your partner that you love the most?

Nicole: He has a very good heart and an amazing ability to strike up conversation with strangers with ease, which is something I admire. He also can be very calm under pressure, which also makes me more relaxed in those situations.

Suren: She’s caring, funny, loyal and super efficient in making decisions. She’s always happy to go the extra mile for the people she loves and makes it a point to find ways to contribute back to society.

What was the proposal like?

Nicole: It was an ordinary day where I thought we were just going for a walk in the morning. He was late to pick me up (not completely unusual) but I noticed a paper bag placed at my house gate. I opened it and realised he had planned a scavenger’s hunt for me that day. I figured he was going to propose at the end of it but what made it very special was that he had planned for my dog to accompany me for the whole thing.

With each challenge I had to attempt, he brought me to the places we made good memories at and had a sweet note written about each place. Finally, I kayaked to a beach at Sentosa where he had written “Will You Marry Me” in the sand. Unfortunately, I did not see this as it was 12 noon and the sand was burning my feet. The most impressive part was that he did all this during the semi-lockdown where most shops and restaurants were still closed. We then went to Capella Singapore for a staycation with my dog, Finn.

Where was your wedding held?

Suren: We knew from the start that we wanted a small intimate setting instead of a big hotel ballroom as it was easier to manage, since the pandemic created a lot of uncertainties. We were initially looking for a dog-friendly location but we ended up at Artemis Grill & Sky Bar because we liked the view as well as the roof top bar where we could do post-dinner drinks (we were unjustifiably optimistic about the restrictions when we booked our venue).

Our solemnisation was at Holy Family Church in Katong, as Nicole’s parents were married there and she was also baptised there. It was also here that we had attended our first mass together. Nicole grew up in Katong and I eventually moved into the neighbourhood as well, so we spent a lot of time on dates there.

Nicole and Suren's Chill and Intimate Wedding at Artemis Grill & Sky Bar

Did you have a wedding theme?

We did not have a theme but the main aim was to have a day that was chill, fun, personalised and which also showcased both our cultures. For example, we didn’t have an emcee at dinner as we didn’t want to place that “burden” on any friend and wanted everyone to have time to enjoy dinner. We also wrote personal cards for all our guests and so did away with the wedding speeches. The only “themed” item was during the solemnisation ceremony at church. Our wedding favours were coffee and bagels, as a nod to the dating app that brought us together. To incorporate both our cultures into the wedding, we also had a tea ceremony, a bangle ceremony, a Hindu ceremony, a walk-in in the style of traditional Indian weddings and a Chinese-style walk-in at dinner.

What was the day like for you?

Nicole: I was excited and wasn’t as anxious as I thought I would be. I was also pleasantly surprised that I did not get to the point where “I can’t wait for this to be over” and so could actually enjoy the day. The weather was amazing that day and having almost all our friends and family there made us feel really blessed.

Suren: I was actually really excited on my wedding day. It was, after all, the day that we had been planning for and it was finally all coming together. I was feeling slightly nervous about the weather because of our photoshoot and the outdoor segment of our wedding but I remember feeling relieved when it rained the night before and the forecast looked good. The day naturally flew past quickly but I did manage to savour all the really important moments and they’re still etched deeply in my mind.

We really managed to pull off so many different segments of our wedding together in one day and I just feel grateful for all the help we got on the day from our friends and family. It was just one big blessing for both of us.

Nicole and Suren's Chill and Intimate Wedding at Artemis Grill & Sky BarNicole and Suren's Chill and Intimate Wedding at Artemis Grill & Sky Bar

What did your family and friends say about your wedding day?

Nicole: My family and friends all had a good time and liked that it was so chill and intimate. I think one of the highlights for most of them was when Suren and I danced, as most of them know we both are not the best dancers.

Suren: I think everyone at the wedding thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Many of them found the mix of different ceremonies interesting and it was a new experience for most of them. We also had mini surprises for the guests, like the different styles of walk-ins, as well as the personalised messages for each guest.

What were the most memorable moments of your wedding?

Nicole: Probably walking into church with my dad and seeing Suren at the end of the aisle, followed closely by the moment we said our vows and had the nuptial blessing. We had decided that our “first look” would be as I walked down the aisle, so that was the point when I thought “Okay, this is really happening”.

Suren: Hmm this is a tough question because there were too many memorable moments on that day for me. If I really had to choose, it’s probably when Nicole walked down the aisle.

Are there any lessons you’ve learned from your wedding planning that you’d like to share with other couples?

Nicole: Plan the big things that are important to you first (eg photographer, venue, makeup artist, dress) and then everything else will follow. Take the time to write a heartfelt speech for your family – this is one thing I did not plan as I thought I would just wing it but there was definitely more things I wish I had said on that night itself.

Suren: Please be like my wife, Nicole, who started planning early. We started booking our vendors and getting our outfits really early so the week before the wedding day was not too stressful. Also, the wedding is meant to be a celebration of the union of the couple so it’s perfectly okay if some things don’t go according to plan.

The Venue: Holy Family Church and Artemis Grill & Sky Bar
Cost of Wedding: S$40,000
Size of Wedding: 250 for church and 130 for dinner
The Gown: The Gown Connoisseur (gown) and Mama and Misse (cheongsam)
The Suit: Hugo Boss
The Wedding Rings: Tree & Bee
The Wedding Photographer: Love Me Tender
The Wedding Videographer: Love Me Tender
The Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Their own
The Groomsmen’s Suits: Their own
The Page Boys’ Suits: His own
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Tangyong Hair & Makeup
The Wedding Cake: Edith Patisserie
The Florist: Happy Florals
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: withjoy and Christashell
The Wedding Favours: Sonder & co; Dignity Kitchen; Two Men Bagel House; Komala’s Restaurant
The Solemniser: Rev Fr Jude David
The Wedding Car: Family car

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Nicole and Suren's Chill and Intimate Wedding at Artemis Grill & Sky Bar

Nicole and Suren’s Chill and Intimate Wedding at Artemis Grill & Sky Bar