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January 2022

2022 Chinese Zodiac Love and Romance Forecast with Yuan Zhong Siu

Grand Master Hillary Phang gives us an overview of what the year of the Black Tiger will be like for our SingaporeBrides readers who may be embarking on a new phase in their lives in 2022!

The last time the world saw the Black Tiger was 60 years ago in 1962. Having been in wait for that long, the strong and fast Tiger energy will push us into action. After a year of hard work and perseverance from the Ox, perhaps this will be the year you will spring into exuberant action and get things moving in your life! Grand Master Hillary Phang from Yuan Zhong Siu gives us the 2022 reading of the 12 animal zodiacs, focussing on the love and romance aspects for each sign.

2022 rat


Birth year: 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008


Auspicious stars lie ahead with a bright outlook for your career and wealth in 2022. Good networking lines your career path with success; grasp the opportunities and you will receive recognition for it. This year, individuals born in the year of the Rat will see better financial rewards from unexpected places but do pay heed when making large investments. Enjoy an increase in indirect wealth in the 3rd, 6th, and 11th lunar months. Good career prospects may inevitably take you down the path of overworking. Don’t let health and your family take the backseat when you are busy at work. Take care to regulate your meals to protect your digestive and respiratory systems while keeping an eye on your calorie and sugar intake.

Love & Family

For Rats who are single, 2022 gives you bountiful chances to meet potential partners. Love is in the air and romance might whisk you away! Give yourself some time when entering into a new relationship and pace yourselves well. Taking it too quickly may result in the relationship fizzling out. Be sure to resolve any misunderstandings early and practice healthy communication with the help of your auspicious crystal, Aquamarine, to strengthen your budding relationship. If you are married, relationship problems may surface due to the appearance of an inauspicious star. Focus on the virtues of your partner and take steps to uplift the atmosphere at home. You can do so by visiting scenic places together or have a scheduled date night fortnightly to rekindle the spark in your relationship.

Lucky Number: 7662
Lucky Colours: Yellow, Orange, White, Black
Auspicious Crystals: Orange Moonstone, Aquamarine, Rainbow Obsidian
Overall Zodiac Ranking: 7th
Career: ★★★★★
Wealth: ★★★☆
Romance: ★☆
Health: ★★

2022 ox

牛 OX

Birth year: 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009


For individuals born in the year of the Ox, 2022 is a year that reaps rewards with an upturn in career, wealth and health. It will be a strong and steady year for business owners to expand businesses and open up new markets; tap on the right people with the right skills to welcome new streams of revenue. Finance-wise, you can expect a stable direct income as well as an enhanced boost in your indirect wealth! Take advantage of the boost in luck to milk your earnings but remember to set aside some money for savings too. This new year will see you in the pink of health but do take extra care when you are out and about due to the presence of an inauspicious injury star.

Love & Family

It is natural for relationships to enter a lull period, so keep them strong and healthy by putting more care into them. For married individuals, you may be bullheaded on certain viewpoints, but communication and mutual respect will be essential to overcoming disagreements and long-standing issues with your spouse. If you are single, learn to let go of the past and trust that true love will show up when the time is right. Ease your bullheadedness with blue or white furniture or decorations to reduce anxiety and building a relaxing and calming atmosphere at home. Kyanite crystals can help you rebalance your energy and spark joy in your life.

Lucky Number: 4678
Lucky Colours: Silver Grey, Gold, Blue, White
Auspicious Crystals: Strawberry Quartz, Kyanite, White Turquoise
Overall Zodiac Ranking: 3rd
Career: ★★★★
Wealth: ★★★★
Romance: ★
Health: ★★★★★

2022 tiger


Birth year: 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010


It will be a jittery and challenging year ahead as individuals born in the year of the Tiger clash with Tai Sui in 2022. Be cautious in decision-making and your courage to face each obstacle will tide you through the year safely. Career-wise, it will be tiring without rewards in sight; adjust your mentality and put in your best efforts to secure a stable direct wealth. This year, do not stir the hornet’s nest so that you can avoid being the target of gossips. Instead, work on maintaining good relationships with your colleagues because teamwork makes the dream work. You might find yourself stressed out this year. Avoid burning the midnight oil. Instead, head outdoors more often to give yourself a break while keeping illness at bay.

Love & Family

With unfavourable stars in sight, you might find yourself feeling a sense of loss in your relationship. Your stress from work may cause mood swings and hotheadedness, resulting in frequent arguments with your partner. This year, work on strengthening your relationship by showering encouragements and praises on your partner. Take up hobbies together such as cooking, painting or cycling to reignite the spark. It is recommended for you to spend more time with your family members and strive for a greater work-life balance. If you are single, you will enjoy the exhilaration of having suitors knocking on your door, bringing your popularity at social gatherings to a high. For ladies, moonstone crystals can enhance your feminine charms and bring luck in love. For men, wearing blue tiger’s eye on your left hand can elevate your charm and enhance your allure among potential partners.

Lucky Number: 9207
Lucky Colours: Purple, Red, Amber, Bright White
Auspicious Crystals: Citrine, Blue Tiger’s Eye, Moonstone
Overall Zodiac Ranking: 12th
Career: ★★☆
Wealth: ★
Romance: ★★★
Health: ★★★

2022 rabbit


Birth year: 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011


Perk up your ears because this is a year where you’ll have to spring into action! Thanks to Tai Yang star, you will find that putting in effort will see you reaping rewards towards your career. However, this is not the time to rest on your laurels because of an increase in cash flow. 2022 is full of business opportunities as well as money traps, so do not let greed cloud your judgement. Even as you are exploring different ways to diversify your income, you should steer clear from high-risk investments or partnerships to mitigate financial risks. This year, watch your health especially with issues pertaining to blood and lymph nodes. Enjoy a healthy year by maintaining an active lifestyle and a healthy diet.

Love & Family

Congratulations! Love is in the air for individuals born in the year of the Rabbit. You can hop into the year with good career prospects and blissful relationships! There will be great affinity with those of the opposite gender, paired with opportunities to meet a potential partner. Make sure you dress up and take proactive steps to meet the love of your life. If you are already in a stable relationship, this year is an auspicious year to take the leap to consider marriage. Choose an auspicious wedding date to seal the deal. For married individuals, this is a good year for family planning and to welcome a little bundle of joy. However, under the influence of a temptation star, there may be others who may show an interest in you. You need to practice prudence with the opposite gender to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings. Harmony begets success. The harmony in your family should not be disrupted.

Lucky Number: 3228
Lucky Colours: Beige, Yellow, Light Blue, White, Silver, Gold
Auspicious Crystals: Green Seraphinite, Yellow Tiger’s Eye, Kyanite
Overall Zodiac Ranking: 10th
Career: ★★
Wealth: ★★
Romance: ★★★
Health: ★★

2022 dragon


Birth year: 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012


Swoop into a better year in 2022! This year, changes and new beginnings are ahead, and these are perfect for adept Dragons at work. Tap into your flexibility and adaptability to uncover hidden potential and soar to greater heights. Dragons who are in business will enjoy growth opportunities with the expanding market. With an enhanced wealth luck, your property investments could also give you substantial rewards. Health-wise, pay attention to your immune system because cough, colds, and headaches will be a common occurrence. Load up on your vitamins and make sure you are getting sufficient rest too. Remember to seek immediate help with a healthcare professional when needed so that your family members do not have to worry about you.

Love & Family

Sparks will sizzle and single Dragons can fan the flames of love with new relationships. Take part in outdoor social activities and be proactive to draw possible romance into your life. This year, singles may see a new relationship bloom while married Dragons, on the contrary, may drift apart from their partner. Work on communicating better with the spouse and prevent fiery showdowns at all costs. There may be petty disagreements but make sure to put in substantial effort to shower love and concern on your spouse. A healthy two-way communication and a dose of patience can restore harmony in the marriage. Keep the passion alive in your marriage by placing rose quartz crystals in the Northeast sector of your bedroom. Wearing labradorite or moonstone crystals can also help restore harmony and purge negative energies.

Lucky Number: 1180
Lucky Colours: Khaki, Brown, Beige, Green
Auspicious Crystals: Labradorite, Jadeite, Moonstone
Overall Zodiac Ranking: 6th
Career: ★★★
Wealth: ★★★
Romance: ★★★☆
Health: ★★

2022 snake


Birth year: 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013


Be prepared for a bumpy ride ahead as individuals born in the year of the Snake are at odds with Tai Sui in 2022. While persons of the opposite gender will be your wealth benefactors, do take heed to avoid relationship complications arising from financial ties, affecting your reputation and finances. This year will be a challenging year for your career, so lay low and steer clear of malicious and gossipy individuals. Wealth wise, work on building up your savings for a rainy day. Overall, snakes can enjoy a strong immune system but do be careful of old ailments and seek help as soon as you feel unwell. With the presence of an injury star, be alert while travelling and driving.

Love & Family

Get ready to look good! Snakes will be easily charmed off your feet this 2022, especially if you are single and looking for a relationship. There’ll be many suitors lined up so ensure that you are well-groomed and reveal your inner qualities to leave a good impression. Try to understand yourself better and what you really want in a relationship to help you make better decisions. The last thing you want is to be dating aimlessly. Married Snakes may feel stressed from work but keep in mind not to neglect your other half. Go on a short vacation and strive for quality time with the family. In times of difficulty, your family members will be your biggest supporters.

Lucky Number: 9306
Lucky Colours: Gold, Silver, Black, White, Mahogany
Auspicious Crystals: Blue Sandstone, Kyanite, Citrine
Overall Zodiac Ranking: 5th
Career: ★★
Wealth: ★★☆
Romance: ★★☆
Health: ★★★★

2022 horse


Birth year: 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014


2022 will be an easy race for Horses. There will be benefactors who will offer opportunities for you to shine, and you will be recognised for your efforts. Gallop into the year with a promotion ahead! Your wealth will also see a steady increase in 2022. Business owners can mount up for expansion and expect higher returns by adapting suitable marketing models. Capitalise on this auspicious year by investing in income-boosting stocks, bonds and property. Stay humble and remain vigilant in order to handle your interpersonal relationships well. Overall, mind your health in 2022, look out for possible anxiety attacks and spleen-related issues. Watch your diet and refrain from eating excessive fast-food. Focus on boosting your immunity to prevent any illnesses from escalating.

Love & Family

Saddle up for a lovely ride as the love star shines brightly on Horses in 2022. Love and harmony are in the air. Relationships are positive and great romance luck is in sight for single Horses; there’s a chance for you to meet your life partner. Keep your options open and be ready to mingle. If you are married, you can look forward to a harmonious home. No hurdle is too great even in matters with your children as finding a common ground can be easily achieved. Seek healthy communication with your spouse to better understand each other’s point of view. It is recommended to spend more time with the family by exploring local sights or going outdoors for a picnic to sweeten your relationships. Should time and money allow, an overseas trip could also benefit your relationship.

Lucky Number: 7816
Lucky Colours: Brown, Grey, Purple, Green
Auspicious Crystals: Black Rutilated Quartz, Amethyst, Blue Tiger’s Eye
Overall Zodiac Ranking: 2nd
Career: ★★★☆
Wealth: ★★★★☆
Romance: ★★★★☆
Health: ★★☆

2022 goat


Birth year: 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015


Rejoice! Good fortune and reputation await those born in the year of the Goat this year. Auspicious stars will assist and enable you to find success in your work and business ventures. The presence of benefactors will also direct profitable opportunities your way. Business owners, this is the time for you to seize the opportunity and expand into new markets. For Goats in the office, a promotion and pay raise await you. Work hard and you will be duly rewarded. Wealth-wise, because of a powerful auspicious star, you can enjoy both direct and indirect wealth. However, don’t put all the eggs into one basket and refrain from the temptation of greed. Overall, a weakened immune system plagues those born in the year of the Goat and your health sector flashes red. Pay close attention to your health in 2022, do not ignore warning signs and go for comprehensive checks.

Love & Family

Love will bloom for Goats and those seeking a partner will find one this year. Thanks to friends and family, single Goats will gain opportunities to meet a few potential partners. Dress appropriately and spend some time getting to know them. Wear more of your lucky colours to double your chance and to enhance your charm. Yellow and orange colours can bring zest in your life to spice up your relationships! For Goats that are married, you might end up locking horns with your spouse in disagreements. Keep in mind that healthy relationship and communication is a two-way street, be the giver instead of staying on the receiving end. White turquoise crystals can help realign your chakras, helping you manage your work stress and keep you away from unwanted temptations.

Lucky Number: 8230
Lucky Colours: White, Beige, Yellow, Orange, Black, Blue
Auspicious Crystals: Blue Tiger’s Eye, White Turquoise, Red Tiger’s Eye
Overall Zodiac Ranking: 1st
Career: ★★★★☆
Wealth: ★★★☆
Romance: ★★★★
Health: ★★☆

2022 monkey


Birth year: 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016


2022 will be one filled with ups and downs for Monkeys, owing to a direct clash with Tai Sui. Be mentally prepared for changes but hang in there, take each challenges head on and avoid short-cuts. It will be difficult gaining recognition for your efforts despite the increase workload and responsibilities. When faced with unfamiliar tasks or projects, do actively clarify with your superiors or ask your colleagues for help in order to find timely and appropriate solutions. Refrain from overspending and avoid taking loans to mitigate any risk of the debt from snowballing. Even though you can enjoy a slightly stronger indirect income with profits from investments, there will be hidden threats along the way. Cash out once you earn the profit lest you lose everything. This year, you need to learn how to relieve tension and cope with your stress to escape negativity around you. Seek professional help if you must and maintain a positive mindset at all times.

Love & Family

It’ll be a lively year in the romance sector for single Monkeys. Be open to participate in social activities and you may find a potential partner through the contacts of your family and friends. To increase your chances, add a touch of red, purple or pink ornament in your bedroom. Attached Monkeys, however, might find the relationship a little jumpy this year. Don’t go ape with your work frustrations and laden them onto your family. In the face of a challenging year, there is nothing more important than a supportive family. Leave those feelings aside and focus on maintaining a harmonious home. Be brave enough to apologise whenever needed. Strengthen ties with your loved ones by taking a family portrait or going for a short vacation.

Lucky Number: 1238
Colours: Amber, Blue, Vivid Red, Vivid Purple, Pink
Auspicious Crystals: Red Agate, Citrine, Smoky Quartz
Overall Zodiac Ranking: 9th
Career: ★☆
Wealth: ★★★
Romance: ★★★☆
Health: ★★★☆

2022 rooster


Birth year: 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005


In 2022, there are hidden threats amongst the overall positive forecast for you. With your career at crossroads, good changes are ahead. New job opportunities await, giving you a platform to showcase your talents. This year, focus on upgrading your skills and you will be an asset no matter which direction you fly. Business owners on the other hand, should be wary of what appears on the surface as it may cause you to read the situation wrongly and ultimately result in monetary loss. The appearance of a wealth lost star will affect your finances negatively. Reduce unnecessary expenditure and avoid loaning money to anyone. Your health may be affected by the lack of rest and minor illnesses. Refrain from working too late into the night and pay extra attention to your eye, heart, and gynaecological issues. Try a daily multivitamin supplement and exercise regularly to stay healthy and fit.

Love & Family

Despite the frustrations faced at work, you are blessed enough to have the support from a warm and caring family. For married Roosters, this is a good year to have a baby or if not, taking a godchild from the Ox or Snake zodiac signs can also boost your luck. You will enjoy a blissful year ahead. If you are attached, there may be occurrences where you might find yourself becoming overbearing due to a sense of distrust towards your partner. Don’t be cooped up in such thoughts. Take a step back and give each other space to grow. Understanding things from your partner’s point of view and having a forgiving heart will help to strengthen your relationship. No matter your marital status, work on communicating lovingly with your partner to prevent misunderstandings. Rainbow obsidian crystals can help dispel negative and petty thoughts, allowing you to foster a harmonious 2022.

Lucky Number: 7428
Lucky Colours: White, Beige, Amber, Purple
Auspicious Crystals: Rainbow Obsidian, Blue Sandstone, Kyanite
Overall Zodiac Ranking: 8th
Career: ★
Wealth: ★★
Romance: ★★☆
Health: ★★★☆

2022 dog


Birth year: 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006


This year, individuals born in the year of the Dog will see their overall fortune taking a turn for the better. Career wise, your hard work will not be in vain and your colleagues are your best supporting allies. Despite the recognition, your humility will be your best virtue. Take the first step in upgrading your skills with relevant courses to improve employability. This will help you build a foundation for a better future. Financially, it is an average forecast and you will have stable finances with consistent effort. Manage your money wisely and inculcate good money management habits to grow your savings. In general, 2022 will be a healthy year for the Dogs. Be well-rested and reduce your intake of food additives to upkeep your health!

Love & Family

Expect a weakened outlook on your romance for the Dogs this year. If you are single, you may want to take it easy in the romance arena. Even though you may meet someone that you like, your work commitments will hold you back and there might be a tendency to stray from the relationship. Learn to prioritize your time well and strive to seek a better work-life balance. For those in a relationship, spend quality time with your other half by celebrating romantic events, especially on special occasions, to strengthen the relationship. This year, you might be easily agitated by trivial matters; you need to practice and make it a habit to speak kindly. Kunzite crystals can help heal your emotional wounds and allow you to find love. For Dogs that are planning to get married, 2022 will be an auspicious year to tie the knot. Wearing Kunzite crystal will connect you to your source of unconditional love, prompting loving thoughts and actions, bringing out the best in your romance luck.

Lucky Number: 1376
Lucky Colours: Gold, Blue, Red
Auspicious Crystals: Kunzite, White Turquoise, Moonstone
Overall Zodiac Ranking: 4th
Career: ★★★
Wealth: ★★☆
Romance: ★☆
Health: ★★★★

2022 pig


Birth year: 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007


As though trapped in a misty forest, individuals born in the year of the Pig seek an exit towards a brighter future but end up pacing around in circles. Turn this predicament around to your benefit instead. By developing your grit, you can improve your perseverance to help you achieve your long-term goals. 2022 will be a difficult year to grow your wealth with an inauspicious star lurking over you. Cash flow problems will occur in the first half of the year, but the tides will turn in the second half. Working as part of a team as opposed to being a lone wolf will minimise risk and increase success. Business owners might face stiff competition, and revenue may be lower than expected. Health-wise, thanks to your robust immune system this year, minor illnesses will be healed without much worry. Health is wealth, so make sure you take care of your overall mental and physical well-being.

Love & Family

The influence of the Tai Sui will see waves of emotions within yourself. For singles, you might fall in and out of love quickly with people you recently met. Avoid jumping into the relationship too quickly. Instead, pay attention to your well-being and enjoy your singlehood. Jadeite crystals can improve your self-esteem. Wearing it can boost your confidence and help you be seen as more approachable. If you are married, be aware of the mirage in your marriage. Despite the calmness on the surface, there may be underlying issues. Address the elephant in the room before you have to carry the weight of the elephant. Remember to shower your spouse with more love and concern through your actions too. Strengthen communication and soothe hurtful feelings early to prevent the problems from snowballing at home.

Lucky Number: 6771
Lucky Colours: Pink, Purple, Red
Auspicious Crystals: Citrine, Green Seraphinite, Jadeite
Overall Zodiac Ranking: 11th
Career: ★★☆
Wealth: ★☆
Romance: ★★
Health: ★★★


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