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Yuan Zhong Siu Feng Shui Consultancy

Singapore's only listed Feng Shui corporation, Yuan Zhong Siu is the top recommended brand for Wedding Date Selection and Feng Shui's services


Yuan Zhong Siu is owned and managed by the New Trend Lifestyle Group (NTLG), founded by Grand Master Hillary Phang on 1989. In 2012, NTLG became the first Asian Feng Shui Company to be listed on London Stock Exchange. Having conducted meticulous research on geomancy and life analysis for decades, Yuan Zhong Siu’s wealth of knowledge is further attributed to the years of experience and diverse case studies each master has chalked up to their name.

Feng Shui is essentially a form of environmental science, an interaction between a person and their environment, creating a foundation of harmony which is necessary to draw in success. Combining the fundamentals of traditional metaphysics and modern-day scientific analysis, Yuan Zhong Siu’s services such as Feng Shui, Ba Zi Marriage Matching, Name Analysis and more, seek to help their customers in achieving wealth, health, relationships, marriage, and career success.

Yuan Zhong Siu also provides bilingual seminars, both public and private, aim to introduce and integrate the use of simple Feng Shui into their participants’ every day’s lives. The informative seminars had been beneficial to clients ranging from Resort World Sentosa, to Standard Chartered Bank, OCBC Bank, and most recently, Metro TV Indonesia. Yuan Zhong Siu also partners with Mediacorp’s Out of Home Media (OOH) to provide annual 12 Zodiac Forecast videos to be played at various shopping malls’ screens.

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