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December 2017

Kerry and Han Loon’s Colourful Wedding in Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Kerry and Han Loon got married on 11 November 2017 in a fun, colourful wedding in Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, surrounded by people who love them.

After meeting in university, Kerry, 25, Financial Consultant, and Han Loon, 29, Manager, dated for four years before a memorable proposal after a midnight flight. The couple tied the knot on 11 November 2017 surrounded by people who love them, captured by Unique-Colours Creative Media.


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How did you meet?

Kerry: We were both in university; he was my senior. One of the guys in my clique, who’s Han Loon’s best friend, decided to introduce him to me. I wasn’t really interested in him at first, but he was able to keep me entertained on Facebook Messenger. We got to know each other more and everything started from there.

What drew you to each other and what’s one of the things you love most about your partner?

Han Loon: It was the way she carried herself when she walked into the common lounge in school. She always had a pair of shades on her head, giving off a cool girl vibe. That’s probably the moment I fell for her. The thing I love most about her is how straightforward she can be. In this relationship, she can make decisions in a split second whereas I will take ages to decide on something.

Kerry: He was always humorous and I am a sucker for humour. He bought fruits for me and bribed me with some sweet gestures. He’s quite smooth in his ways with girls, I guess. That’s probably the moment I got trapped.

There is more than one thing that I love about him, and he’s really happy right now that I am penning it down. I love his determination and consistency in doing things from the start till the end. For example, four years into our relationship, he still sends me to my doorstep and kisses my forehead every night before we sleep. I love how he’s well-liked by his friends because it shows so much about his character, that his friends are always ever-ready to support him whenever he needs help.

Last but not least, I am a bit more carefree in nature, and I absolutely appreciate that he will put in effort and come up with ideas to keep the relationship going. For example, we have this “Love Bank” that keeps a log of money deposits from all our happy moments in the past four years. Isn’t that sweet?

What was the proposal like?

Han Loon: It happened on a night she wasn’t expecting. Until now, she’s still feeling sore about it, haha! She was having a holiday in Shanghai with her family and was returning home on a midnight flight. I gathered my good friends at the airport with big signages spelling, “Will You Marry Me”. I showed up at the airport and she was totally shocked when she saw me with flowers and my friends on the second storey waving the big signages at her.

She had reminded me that she must dress up and look pretty when I proposed to her. She was traumatised by the proposal as she was not in best form after a long midnight flight. Well, I guess I managed to make this proposal a memorable one, just not your usual proposal.

What was your wedding theme and how did you prepare for your wedding?

Han Loon: Initially, we wanted to go for a Gatsby theme, which consists of black and gold colours primarily. However, Chinese being Chinese, black is always a no-no for happy occasions. In the end, we didn’t have a theme. We just wanted everyone to have fun, and drink, and drink, and drink! A total of four beer barrels, 10 cartons of wine, and two cannons of Martell were devoured by our guests. That’s our definition of fun!

Han Loon: We used SingaporeBrides the most when we were sourcing for our wedding venues. It provided a lot of information and pictures of the various locations. The forum also provided insights for us as we were able to understand the venue better without doing a site visit. Through SingaporeBrides, we were able to find and compare some of the wedding vendors too.

How was working with Unique Colours-Creative Media?

Kerry: It was a joy to work with Adrian and Georgie from Unique-Colours Creative Media! They felt like part of the wedding entourage. Before the wedding, being a bridezilla, I would text Adrian whenever I thought of something to ask him. He would reply me and sometimes even call me back to assure me things were running smoothly. On the night before the wedding, he even asked me to sleep early, which I thought was pretty sweet of him. The quality of the printouts from their photobooth was awesome too!

What was your wedding day like?

Han Loon: Everything went according to plan because of how helpful our brothers and sisters were. Despite the overrun in schedule, the brothers and sisters still remained calm and ensured that everything was taken care of. It was a big day for us and we were surrounded by the people who love us—our families and friends.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Han Loon: For me, it was definitely the dance performance which was the climax of the night. I am someone who even has problems dancing at the club. To do a waltz in front of 350 guests was something that my friends would never imagine me doing. Kerry almost backed out from the dance as she was too stressed out, and this was the exact line I told her, “Twenty years later, remember what you did today and don’t regret what you didn’t do.”

Kerry: I was expecting my mom to cry at my wedding speech; I was darn sure about it. However, I was taken aback when I saw that my dad teared instead. It broke my heart a little. At that point of time, I realised my dad, who doesn’t say much, really loves me a lot.

The Size of the Wedding: 350 guests
The Venue: Atrium Ballroom in Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium
The Wedding Day Photographer: Unique-Colours Creative Media
The Gown: Thomson Wedding Collection
The Bride’s Shoes: Street stall in Taipei, cost $20
The Suit: Thomson Wedding Collection // Fazzling Closet
The Groom’s Shoes: Schuhster
The Engagement Ring: SK Jewelry
The Wedding Bands: Customised at Poh Kim Jewelry
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Jovin from Thomson Wedding Collection
The Nail Artist: Esther Chok
The Caterer: Meihao99
The Pre-Wedding Photographer: Dawn from Thomson Wedding Collection
The Videographer: Unique-Colours Creative Media
The Photobooth:
The Solemniser: Mr. Zenon Teh
The Dessert Table: Bellawhisk

Credits: Photography by Unique-Colours Creative Media

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Kerry and Han Loon’s Colourful Wedding in Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium