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October 2021

Perfect Your Smile for Your Wedding Photoshoot and Big Day

Let your love shine bright with a dazzling, perfect smile on the happiest day of your life, with T32 Dental Group’s Smile Enhancement Programme from $2,996 nett.

Your wedding day will be the happiest day of your life. Surrounded by your family and friends, you stand in front of your partner and vow to love and cherish each other as you journey through life’s adventures together.

At your wedding, your smile will be the biggest and brightest one you’ve ever worn as you radiate pure joy and happiness. On such an important day that will be captured in beautiful photographs forever, you want your smile to be dazzling.

The Smile Enhancement Programme

The Smile Enhancement Programme by T32 Dental Group could be just what you need to get that dazzling white smile and look your best on your big day.

From $2,996 nett, the Smile Enhancement Programme uses Invisalign Lite treatment to correct mild crowding and spacing issues and straighten your teeth. The treatment plan includes consultation and follow-up with an Invisalign Accredited Dentist, a smile analysis and customised treatment plan using intraoral scan technology, and up to 14 Invisalign clear aligners.

With an additional $200 nett, you will also receive a take-home whitening set with a custom-fitted whitening tray to whiten your teeth.

Achieving Your Desired Smile

One of the largest integrated private dental centres in Singapore, T32 Dental Group provides patients with an uncompromising level of care through a comprehensive suite of dental services. Dedicated to helping each patient achieve their desired smile, the team designed the Smile Enhancement Programme to offer the ability to customise treatments according to unique needs, budget, and facial features.

“Every person is different and requires different treatments to achieve their own desired smile,” says T32 Dental Group. With its options to personalise treatment plans according to time limits, the Smile Enhancement Programme can help you achieve a radiant smile before your pre-wedding photoshoot or wedding day.

What Is the Process Like?

At T32 Dental Group, your Smile Enhancement journey is kickstarted with a consultation, where x-rays, 3D scans, and photos of your dental and facial profile will be taken to understand your needs and customise your treatment plan.

Your dentist will show you a simulation of what your teeth will look like after your Smile Enhancement, and even show you a simulation of the expected teeth movement during the treatment.

How Long Does the Smile Enhancement Programme Take?

How soon can your smile be camera-ready? The Smile Enhancement Programme is customised to each individual and the treatment you require. If you only have minimal imperfections, such as teeth discolouration, you may only need one or two appointments to completely transform your smile. The average Invisalign Lite treatment takes between 4 to 8 months. “The treatment duration varies for each individual,” explains T32 Dental Group.

However, individuals with missing or very crooked teeth may have to undergo a few months of treatment. T32 Dental Group recommends going for a consultation as early as possible. “During the initial smile assessment, a dental professional will assess your smile and customise a smile makeover according to what your smile needs,” they explain.

Customised Smile Plan

Although the average Invisalign Lite treatment takes 4 to 8 months, T32 Dental Group can also personalise your plan to meet a pre-wedding shoot or wedding day deadline, so that your smile is the best it can be in that time frame.

Other cosmetic dentistry solutions may be offered to match your objectives and timeline. These can include dental veneers, cosmetic re-contouring, dental implants, or bridges.

Dental veneers can permanently alter the size, shape, position, and colour of your teeth in a short time. Cosmetic re-contouring can be a quick fix for minor teeth or gum line corrections. Bridges or dental implants can solve any missing teeth issues.

Brighten Your Teeth with A Custom-Fitted Teeth Whitening Kit

A perfect smile is not only straight and even, but also bright and white. If you have stained teeth from drinking too much coffee or tea, or if you were born with intrinsically discoloured teeth, you can use teeth whitening treatments to remove mild to moderate surface and intrinsic stains.

T32 Dental Group offers in-office whitening as well as convenient home whitening treatments that are safe, fast, and inexpensive. The procedures brighten most teeth by 8 to 10 shades, bringing a sparkle back to your smile.

At an additional $200 nett when you opt for the Smile Enhancement Programme, T32 Dental Group’s home whitening kit is custom-fitted to your teeth, and crafted in their in-house dental laboratory to ensure excellent fit and greater comfort. Once your bespoke whitening trays are ready for collection, you’ll be given special whitening gels and shown how to apply them.

After an average of two to three weeks of home-whitening with your customised whitening trays, you’ll be able to achieve that radiant smile for perfect pre-wedding and wedding day photographs.

Where Can You Start the Smile Enhancement Programme?

T32 Dental Group’s beautifully designed dental centres were developed with patient comfort in mind, with a comprehensive range of facilities and technology for a positive dental experience. You can begin your Smile Enhancement journey at your choice of two locations fully equipped with the technology needed for the Smile Enhancement Programme.

T32 Dental Group’s second flagship dental centre, T32 @ Financial District is located in CapitaGreen Tower in the Central Business District, while T32 @ Clementi is located in the heartlands at Blk 447 on Clementi Avenue 3.

At T32 Dental Group, the dentists put their hearts into restoring the smile you deserve. With the Smile Enhancement Programme, you’ll be able to begin your new chapter with a dazzling, perfect smile that expresses the happiness and excitement of the most important day of your life, and keep that new smile for all the joys of your marriage.


T32 @ Financial District: 138 Market Street, #02-01 CapitaGreen, Singapore 048946
T32 @ Clementi: Blk 447 Clementi Avenue 3, #01-199, Singapore 120447
Contact: 6653 2970
Whatsapp: +65 9830 6990

Images courtesy of T32 Dental Group.

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Perfect Your Smile for Your Wedding Photoshoot and Big Day