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April 2015

Find The Perfect Antidote for Modern City Life At Rexults medSpa

It can be rather stressful, bearing the burden of planning the entire wedding on your own. If the stress is showing on your face and body, you need to restore it back to health before your big day. You need to go to a good spa.

I consider myself an amateur spa tester. I enjoy going for spa treatments when I feel like pampering myself, but I do get invited to try new spas facilities from time to time. It’s a job perk. There are no good or bad spas, just spas that make me feel great, and spas that really don’t do a thing for me. How you feel after a spa treatment has always been an intimate and personal thing.

I was invited to the brand new Rexults medSpa at Tong Building for a media trial. After a long refurbishment and rebranding from the Renewal Day Spa, Rexults medSpa is back with a focus on combining high-tech medical grade equipment, with high-touch remedies from the spa therapists’ hands.

Rexults medSpa LobbyRexults medSpa Lobby

Founded by Mrs Elizabeth Wong in 1995, Renewal Day Spa was the first of its kind in Southeast Asia to offer European medicine medical spa therapies such as Fangotherapy, Thalassotherapy, and German Hydrotherapy. I was lucky to meet her at her new spa, and she gave me a personal consultation before I began my treatment.

Mrs Wong is my kind of woman—well-travelled, stylish, has kind eyes, and is passionate about holistic therapies. While she engaged me in a chat about my lifestyle to better recommend a customised treatment for me, we discovered our shared interest in the Mediterranean Diet. From our short, half-hour conversation, I could sense her conviction in helping her clients live better and longer. Hence her loyal fan base and the evolution from Renewal Day Spa to the new Rexults medSpa.

The new tagline is pragmatic and appealing: “The perfect antidote counteracting the bad effects of modern city lifestyle.” I love the use of “antidote”, which was derived from a Greek word, and is a substance that can counteract poisoning. How apt!

The first part of my treatment involved a 30-minute Kneipp Ritual, which combines a hot infrared sauna and a warm-to-cold shower that helps stimulate blood flow, promote metabolism, and detoxify the body. This in turns strengthens the body’s self-healing powers. I’ve always been a fan of Kneipp’s naturopathic therapies, which mostly involves the application of water for healing. Wherever I can find them, I’d buy packets of Kneipp Bath Salts and have a good soak in the hotel room.

Kneipp RitualKneipp Ritual Sauna Room

I was ushered into the sauna room. Inside sits a beautiful infrared sauna. While I was sitting in there, nude and detoxing, I realised how different the experience was from a normal sauna. Because the heating technology works in wavelengths, instead of full blast from one heat source, it was less stuffy and very comfortable. I could close my eyes and relax while beads of perspiration formed all over my body. From my earlier consultation, Mrs Wong recommended that I do a “Detox” program, which helps with cell health and skin rejuvenation. This would be a good primer for the face therapy that I would do later.

On the surface, Rexults medSpa looks like a typical urban spa, with a long corridor, and treatment rooms along each side. However, don’t miss the details that had gone into making sure you escape the urban life bustling right outside. Before each treatment, you can customise your own experience, from your choice of mood-enhancing lighting, to a preferred choice of music, as well as aromatherapy from top quality oils, and custom-formulated Epiderma products using high performance active ingredients and formula exclusive to the brand.

Rexults medSpa CorridorRexults medSpa CorridorRexults medSpa Therapy RoomRexults medSpa Therapy RoomRexults medSpa LoungeRexults medSpa Lounge

I won’t go into the details of my 90-minute, Remedy Face Therapy, because I would really like you to go and try it yourself. The procedures for most facials are similar, but under the experienced hands of my therapist, I fell asleep about ¾ way into the ending massage.

What I would like to mention, are the results from my experience. I had a good quality sleep that night (I am an insomniac), no doubt from the detoxification I had from the Kneipp Ritual. Also, about two days after my spa session, I noticed that the pigmentation on my face had lightened. I showed them to my colleagues, and they agreed! There was also a glow on my face that lasted almost three weeks. I have to say, that personalised Epiderma acid peel my therapist had applied at the beginning of my treatment worked.

I can’t recommend Rexults medSpa enough.

What’s lovely is that the spa now has a Gorgeous Bride Program. Priced at $1,370, brides-to-be can start this program two months before their big day. The program includes four sessions of Face Therapies, and one session of Body Therapy, and complimentary Kneipp Ritual sessions (usually, $125). Bridesmaids and brides’ moms can also pamper themselves with the Beautiful Program at $750, and grooms with the Bridegroom Skin Prep Program at $840.

Beautiful ProgramBridegroom Skin Prep ProgramGorgeous Bride Program

I think it’s great that Rexults medSpa had come up with these packages to help a couple with their well-being during their wedding planning, so they can look and feel good on their wedding day. Well, any excuse to pamper yourselves, really! Now excuse me while I make another appointment with them.

Rexults medSpa is at 302 Orchard Road, #17-02, Tong Building, Singapore 238862. To make an appointment and for more information, please contact them at 6738 0988 and visit their website at

All images courtesy of Rexults medSpa.

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Find The Perfect Antidote for Modern City Life At Rexults medSpa