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April 2021

Nordeen’s Debut Collection of Sustainable and Ethereal Wedding Dresses

Newcomer Nordeen’s debut collection comprises of beautiful and elegant gowns made with natural materials.

Founded in 2020, Nordeen was sparked by its Creative Director and Founder, Brenna Simmons’s search for a wedding dress that would complement her intimate elopement in the mountains of Colorado and paid homage to the natural environment. When she realised that the wedding attire that she so feverishly looked for was nowhere to be found, she decided to fill the gap by designing a collection of wedding dresses that were meant to blend and stand out magnificently in the outdoors.

Image by Cedar + PineImage by Cedar + PineImage by Cedar + PineImage by Cedar + PineImage by Cedar + PineImage by Cedar + PineImage by Cedar + PineImage by Cedar + Pine

Nordeen’s debut collection comprises of 15 effortlessly luxurious pieces inspired by the raw and majestic beauty of Mother Nature. Like the soft, billowing winds that blow across the copper sands of the Sahara Desert, the bridal pieces in the debut collection are flowy and romantic, a perfect complement to the dreamy and natural landscape of the outdoors.

Committed to honour and preserve nature’s great beauty, each and every piece in Nordeen’s debut collection is sustainably made with natural and environmentally friendly materials such as organic silk and Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certified wool yarn. Subtle yet unexpected details such as strategically placed godet flares, faux pearl button closures, detachable pieces, cascading capes and sleeves add a touch of luxury, adventure and fun to the bridal pieces in this collection, making them one-of-a-kind.

Minimalist yet detailed, romantic and ethereal all at the same time, Nordeen’s dresses will make you feel like an elven princess walking through a Redwood forest, where its classic silhouettes remind you of the sturdy yet slender silhouettes of majestic trunks while the naturally made fabrics used is reminiscent of bark wrinkled with age and wisdom and sunlight glistening amongst trees.

Lightweight, elegant and romantic, Nordeen’s debut collection of sustainably made bridal pieces are perfect for the intimate weddings of today, as well as brides who are after an eco-friendly wedding or an adventure in the outdoors for an elopement or pre-wedding shoot.

Credits: Campaign images and Feature image by Cedar + Pine. All other images courtesy of Nordeen.

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Nordeen’s Debut Collection of Sustainable and Ethereal Wedding Dresses