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February 2021

Tackle Dark Spots At The Roots with KOSÉ INFINITY Advanced White XX

Troubled by dark spots and freckles? There may be one ingredient that can make those issues go away.

How many of us can honestly use the #IWokeUpLikeThis hashtag on our selfies? One of the most common skin issues, probably after dark eye circles, are dark spots. It is a misconception that we only get them when we age – spending too much time outdoors without some protection can cause dark spots to appear, and for some, it’s hardwired in their genes! There are many options out there for dark spot home treatments but what ingredients should we look out for? KOSÉ’s research and development into kojic acid has got me excited about their new product launches.

Why do we have dark spots?

Dark pigmentation on the skin, also called hyperpigmentation, occur when some areas of the skin produce more melanin than usual. Melanin is a natural skin pigment produced by cells called melanocytes. Everyone has the same number of melanocytes in their bodies, but some people produce more melanin than others and it decides the colour of your hair, skin and the iris of your eyes. When you’re in the sun, your body produces even more melanin, which is why we have to wear sunscreen to protect the body.

While most dark spots—whether they are caused by exposure to the sun or an effect of hormonal changes—are usually not a cause for concern and do not need treatment, I’m sure most people would rather not have them at all!

What is kojic acid?

Kojic acid is a by-product in the fermentation process of malting rice, for use in the manufacturing of sake, as well as soy sauce and rice wine. It inhibits and prevents the formation of tyrosine, which is an amino acid that’s needed to produce melanin. Because it inhibits the production of melanin, kojic acid can have a lightening effect, and is used in food and cosmetics to preserve or change colours of substances.

Kojic acid is safe and may be used on cut fruits to prevent oxidative browning, in seafood to preserve the vibrant pink and red colours, and is often used in cosmetics to lighten dark spots. It is also known to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Our recommendations

1. ONE BY KOSÉ Melanoshot White (40ml, $74 / 65ml, $108)

ONE by KOSÉ Melanoshot White

KOSÉ’s number one lightening product Advanced Brightening Serum is given new life with ONE BY KOSÉ Melanoshot White! It is an advanced kojic acid brightening serum, which means it is now even more effective than before, preventing unwanted skin pigmentation by acting directly and deeply into the skin of pigmented areas. By preventing the production of darkening melanin at the source of the pigmentation, there is a greater proportion of nearly colourless melanin that has not yet reached maturation.

Adopting a melanoceutical formulation, the highly permeable base dissolves into dry, sun-damaged skin in an instant, allowing the formula to spread easily throughout the skin. You can feel your skin becoming soft and glowing immediately after application!

Use as part of your morning and evening skincare routines, after applying toner. Press pump to release a small amount of product onto your hand and then spread gently across your face.

2. INFINITY Advanced White Stick XX (4g, $108)

INFINITY Advanced White Stick XX

This stick-based advanced kojic acid whitening serum stick is designed to deliver the ingredients directly to targeted areas and seal them in, effective even for the deepest, most stubborn blemishes.

This serum is formulated with KA Lasting Formulation, a formulation for intensive kojic acid delivery. The kojic acid soaks in to target overactive melanocytes that become the source of particularly dark spots, effectively lightening the target areas. The formula also contains emollients such as grapeseed oil and olive oil, which softens the dark spots that tend to be hard and thicker.

Apart from targeting the dark spots on your skin, the INFINITY Advanced White Stick XX is also formulated with oil-soluble horsetail extract and perilla oil, which imparts moisture to create bright, translucent and healthy skin. The product is easily spreadable and smooth to the touch, and comes with a relaxing, floral fragrance.

Use as part of your morning and night skin care routine, after applying toner. You can use this product after massaging any other depigmenting serums into the skin well, where applicable. Extend around 5mm of the product and apply a small amount (2 to 3 circular motions) directly to the areas of the face where you want to prevent freckles and dark spots.

3. INFINITY Advanced White XX Kit (Limited, $140)

INFINITY Advanced White XX Kit

Even if you currently don’t have any prominent dark spots that need lightening, it’s always a good idea to take preventive measures. The INFINITY Advanced White XX series from KOSÉ also comes with a lotion, a serum, and an emulsion from an earlier launch, for tackling the melanocytes head on and eliminating the dark spots at the roots even before they start to surface.

– INFINITY Advanced White Lotion XX (35 ml)
A whitening lotion containing active ingredient kojic acid that absorbs smoothly into the skin for radiant translucency. After usage, the skin is supply moisturised with a bright appearance. To be used after cleansing.

– INFINITY Advanced White XX (40 ml)
A whitening serum with a double dosage of active brightening kojic acid and allantonin, which effectively prevents skin damage, such as dryness and roughness. This product absorbs smoothly into the skin for skin brimming with translucence from within. To be used morning and night after applying lotion.

– INFINITY Advanced White Serum XX (35 ml)
A whitening emulsion containing kojic acid that leaves the skin glossy and supple with a bright appearance. To be used after applying lotion and serum.

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INFINITY Advanced White XX is available at KOSÉ counters in major department stores such as BHG, Isetan, Metro & OG.

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