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August 2020

Beautiful Customised and Lace Bridal Masks in Singapore

Face masks are mandatory during wedding solemnisations, but don’t worry, we’ve got you(r nose and mouth) covered with our list of fashionable bridal masks and where to get them! From intricately embellished lace masks to reversible groom’s masks to customised masks with your choice of embroidery, you’ll find the perfect complement to your wedding outfits here.

To curb community spread of COVID-19, the use of face masks is mandatory in Singapore, including during marriage solemnisations at the Registry of Marriage, at home, or in outside venues such as places of worship, common areas in the housing block, restaurants, and function spaces. As COVID-19 is spread predominantly through droplets, the Ministry of Health mandates the wearing of face masks that closely and completely cover the nose and mouth.

Since face masks have become a mandatory part of the wedding wardrobe, creative bridal designers and reusable mask vendors have come up with beautiful lace masks, silk and satin masks, and even organza bridal masks that are intricately embellished with floral applique, beading, and crystals, so that brides and grooms can complete their wedding looks in style. Some vendors offer customisation options such as embroidery or designs to match your gown.

While you need to wear face masks during your solemnisation and other wedding activities such as tea ceremonies in your home, you’re allowed to take them off during pre-wedding photography shoots, although a shot or two with them on would make very unique photos for when you tell your grandchildren about these unprecedented times!

  1. Alisha & Lace

    Originally from Taiwan, Alisha & Lace is known for their expertise in romantic and exquisite lace gown design, particularly when working with French lace. With “Every detail counts!” as the essence of their team spirit, the boutique has created beautiful bridal masks embellished with beading and lace to put the finishing touch on their brides’ romantic wedding gowns.

    Bridal mask styles: Embellished, beaded
    Filter slots: No
    Contact: 6822 0320
    WhatsApp: +65 9271 5720
    Email: [email protected]
    Address: 25 Kreta Ayer Road Singapore 088993
    Price range: $30

  2. Artisanal Flair

    Known for their glamorous, contemporary wedding gown and suit designs influenced by Peranakan Chinese heritage and haute couture, Artisanal Flair is now offering sartorial options to complete your wedding outfits. Their beautiful bridal masks come in three styles, made with Japanese cotton sateen with tulle or French lace overlay, embellished with beaded European lace, and featuring a built-in washable, non-woven, hydrophobic filter from Taiwan for safety and adjustable elastic ear bands for comfort. Their silk bridal masks are made of 100% silk with tulle overlay, and their groom’s masks are reversible with two colours or patterns. They also offer a Sartorial Groom Set that includes a mask, bowtie, and a pocket square, and a flower girl and page boy set for your attendants! Want a customised mask? Artisanal Flair offers customisation too, including hand-embroidered motifs, florals, or monograms.

    Bridal mask styles: Embellished, beaded, lace, silk, tulle, cotton sateen, reversible men’s, embroidery, customised
    Filter slots: Yes // Some styles come with built in washable, non-woven, hydrophobic filter from Taiwan
    Instagram: @artisanalflair
    Contact: 6970 5598
    Whatsapp: +65 9678 3959
    Address: 58A Club Street, Singapore 069433
    Price range:
    Bridal mask at $48
    Silk bridal mask at $68
    Reversible groom’s mask at $28
    Sartorial Groom set at $109
    Flower girl and page boy set at $88
    Motif hand-embroidery at $30
    Monogram hand-embroidery at $15

  3. Bridefully Yours

    Classic White Embossed MasksPremium Satin MasksChampagne & Nude Masks

    At Bridefully Yours, the modern romantic wedding dresses allow your inner beauty to shine through and express your personality, whether you’re a bohemian free spirit who loves flowing silhouettes or a dainty princess who prefers graceful ballgowns with long lace trains. Along with their gorgeous bridal designs, they offer delicately crafted bridal masks with lace and beaded embellishment to complete your bridal look. Simply email to order.

    Bridal mask styles: Embellished, lace, satin
    Filter slots: Yes for Premium Satin Mask
    Instagram: @labelle_couture
    Email: [email protected]
    Address: 160 Paya Lebar Road #08-05, Singapore 409022
    Price range:
    Classic White Embossed Mask at $45 (Without Filter Slot)
    Premium Satin Mask at $55 (Come with filter slot)
    Champagne & Nude Mask at $35 (Without Filter Slot)

  4. Luna Bianca

    With over 25 years of experience, Luna Bianca is an adept hand at finding brides their dream wedding gown. The bridal boutique offers exquisite Italian designer gowns as well as their own collection with clean and elegant silhouettes created with luxuriously detailed fabrics. To complete your wedding look, Luna Bianca offers bridal masks hand-made with satin and intricately embellished with lace, crystals, pearls, and beading, with the option for customised masks to suit your unique gown.

    Bridal mask styles: Embellished, lace, customised
    Filter slots: Upon request
    Price range: $68
    Contact: 6338 9839
    Email: [email protected]
    Address: 21 Tan Quee Lan Street #01-02,#02-01 Singapore 188108
    Instagram: @lunabiancabridal

  5. Yvonne Creative Bridal

    With their wide variety of beautiful wedding gowns and suits collections, Yvonne Creative Bridal wants all of their couples look their best on their special day. Offering customised packages that include wedding photography and hair and makeup, Yvonne Creative Bridal is a one-stop boutique for all your needs, including specially designed bridal masks!

    Bridal mask styles: Embellished, lace, sequin
    Price range: $38 to $50.
    Contact: 6292 0342
    Email: [email protected]
    Address: 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, Link @ AMK, #03-08, #03-09 (Show Room), #07-09 (Studio), Singapore 569139Instagram: @yvonnecreative

  6. Alerisa

    Bridal mask styles: 100% mulberry silk crepe, crepe satin, customised
    Price range: $30 for crepe satin // $38 silk crepe
    Filter slots: Yes
    Shop: or @everyday.byalerisa on Instagram

  7. Bells & Birds

    Bridal mask styles: 100% mulberry silk, custom monogram embroidery
    Price range: $35 each, bundle package available // Monogram embroidery at $15
    Filter slots: Yes
    Shop: // 9862 4370 on WhatsApp

  8. Caramel & Co.

    Bridal mask styles: Beaded, French lace, embroidery lace, 100% silk, customised
    Price range: From $30 for silk masks and from $60 for lace masks
    Filter slots: Yes or reinforced with protective layer
    Shop: [email protected] or @caramelcompany on Instagram

  9. CarrisLabelle

    Bridal mask styles: Solid colours, lace, and other designs
    Price range: $15-$18
    Filter slots: Yes

  10. Emanuel B. Couture

    Bridal mask styles: Embellished, lace, organza, double satin, customised
    Price range: From $29 for ready-made bridal masks// From $70 for customised masks
    Filter slots: No
    Shop: @emanuelbcouture on Instagram

  11. Fort Bridal Novelties

    Bridal mask styles: Lace, embellished
    Price range: Upon request
    Filter slots: No
    Shop: @fortbridalnovelties on Instagram

  12. Gioielli

    Bridal mask styles: Lace, embellished, satin, organza, men’s, customised
    Price range: $20 to $98 // From $120 for customised masks
    Filter slots: Yes for opaque masks // No for translucent bridal masks
    Shop: // @gioiellisg on Instagram

  13. In White Room

    Bridal mask styles: Embellished, lace, cotton
    Price range: $38 onwards
    Filter slots: Yes

  14. June Silk

    June Silk masks

    Bridal mask styles: Hand-made from mulberry silk, double-/tripe-layered.
    Price range: Starts from $18, with customised embroidery option.
    Filter slots: Yes

  15. Madetordersg

    Bridal mask styles: Lace, satin, silk
    Price range: $9.90-$13.90
    Filter slots: Yes

  16. Lacebridge

    Bridal mask styles: Embellished, lace, satin, customised
    Price range: From $50 for classic // From $80 for bridal masks
    Filter slots: Yes
    Shop: [email protected] // 8877 7782 on Whatsapp // @lacebridge on Instagram and Facebook

  17. Proverbs Studio

    Bridal mask styles: Embellished, lace, classic, hand-embroidered, customised
    Price range: $20-$40
    Filter slots: Yes
    Shop: on Instagram

  18. Style Lease

    Bridal mask styles: Silk charmeuse
    Price range: $29
    Filter slots: Yes, removable PM2.5 carbon filter included
    Shop: @style_lease on Instagram

  19. Time Taken to Make a Dress

    Bridal mask styles: Embellished, lace, organza
    Price range: From $60
    Filter slots: Yes
    Shop: @time_taken_to_make_a_dress

  20. Z Wedding

    Bridal mask styles: Embellished, lace, glitter tulle, satin, men’s, customised
    Price range: $88+ for ready-made bridal masks // From $128+ for customised bridal masks
    Filter slots: Yes
    Shop: 9328 6979 on WhatsApp // @zwedding on Instagram

Credits: Feature image of bridal lace mask by Luna Bianca

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Beautiful Customised and Lace Bridal Masks in Singapore