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August 2020

New All-Inclusive Mini Wedding Packages at CHIJMES Hall and Alcove at Caldwell House by Watabe Wedding Singapore

Watabe Wedding Singapore has launched new mini Alcove and CHIJMES Hall wedding packages so you can tie the knot in a beautiful and fuss-free intimate ceremony.

Couples who are looking for a mini wedding with maximum impact will love the new all-inclusive mini wedding packages at the regal CHIJMES Hall and the ethereal Alcove at Caldwell House, two of the most sought-after wedding venues in Singapore beloved for their iconic architecture and charming setting.

Launched by official venue operators Watabe Wedding Singapore, the packages conveniently curate everything you need for a memorable intimate wedding of up to 100 persons. Choose from a romantic solemnisation only, plated buffet reception, Western sit-down reception, or exquisite Japanese Gozen featuring modern cuisine beautifully wrapped in a variety of fabrics. You can include guests virtually with optional live stream videography, and even send Gozen right to your virtual guests’ doorsteps so they can be a part of your celebration.

CHIJMES Hall Wedding Package for Mini Weddings

A 19th century neo-gothic chapel with striking architectural features, CHIJMES Hall is the epitome of classic wedding elegance. Its iconic gothic-styled arches and columns, intricate stained glass windows, cross-vaulted ceiling, opulent crystal chandeliers, and multi-coloured mosaic floors create the perfect regal setting for an unforgettable wedding.

The CHIJMES Hall Mini Wedding Reception Package completes your solemnisation with a reception of exquisite Gozen or a plated buffet. A fusion of Watabe Wedding Singapore’s Japanese roots and Singapore’s unique culture in a box of bliss, each Gozen features modern cuisine wrapped in a traditional tie method using a beautiful selection of fabrics. The washable and reusable fabrics inspired by traditional Japanese wrapping cloths, Furoshiki, can be taken home for guests to substitute for single-use plastics.

If you prefer a plated buffet, dedicated chefs will be on-site to provide all-inclusive service for your guests. For an intimate banquet with exquisite Chinese or Modern cuisine, opt for the Mini Banquet wedding package which also includes audio-visual equipment provision, elegant wedding styling, and beautiful table settings.

Alcove at Caldwell House Mini Wedding Packages

Located next to CHIJMES Hall, Caldwell House is one of the few surviving buildings designed by Singapore’s pioneering colonial architect G. D. Coleman, and its carefully conserved neoclassical architecture makes for a unique setting. Nestled under its distinctive dome on the second level is Alcove, a unique and ethereal venue managed by Watabe Wedding Singapore. A charmingly intimate space, Alcove at Caldwell House still features an original wall verse, “MARCHE EN MA PRESENCE ET SOIS PARFAIT” in French, meaning “Walk Along With Me And Be Perfect”.

With Alcove’s new comprehensive mini wedding packages, you can choose to hold an intimate solemnisation only with optional Sweet and Savoury Gozen for guests to take home, or opt for a reception with up to 100 persons. For a larger reception of up to 100 persons, follow your ceremony with Deluxe or Premium Gozen for your lunch or dinner celebration, and have Right at Your Door Step Gozen delivered to your virtual guests’ homes. You can also opt for plated buffet service with live stations and chefs in attendance, or a Western sit-down reception with individually prepared courses.

All-Inclusive Wedding Management

Their rich heritage and unique architectural designs make CHIJMES Hall and Alcove at Caldwell House unparalleled wedding venues in Singapore, and Watabe Wedding Singapore’s expertise and experience in venue management ensure your celebration will be beautiful and fuss-free. A leading bridal company that operates wedding chapels in Japan, Taiwan, and Hawaii, Watabe Wedding has helped plan romantic ceremonies for over 43,000 couples around the world.

Providing all-inclusive services of venue management, styling, catering, bridal gowns, and photography, Watabe Wedding Singapore offers additional privileges upon confirmation of the mini wedding packages—50% off virtual wedding live streaming and photography services by Blisspixel and complimentary rental of one gown from Ethereal’s classic collection or selection from their new collection with a top-up of $400. Complete your wedding experience with Watabe omotenashi, the heart of Japanese hospitality that assures you and your guests a celebration to remember.

Write your own history into the rich heritage of CHIJMES Hall or Alcove at Caldwell House, and preserve your precious memories in the gazetted national monuments where you could celebrate your children’s and even grandchildren’s future unions in a lasting legacy of joy.

For more information, speak to Watabe Wedding Singapore’s planners at +65 6336 5320 or send them an enquiry. All packages are subject to revision according to the prevailing national guidelines. Terms and conditions apply.

Credits: Images courtesy of Watabe Wedding Singapore

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New All-Inclusive Mini Wedding Packages at CHIJMES Hall and Alcove at Caldwell House by Watabe Wedding Singapore