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July 2020

7 Brilliant No-Renovation BTO Space-Saving Tips for Newlyweds

Create a beautiful and inviting first home with these 7 BTO space-saving tips, no renovation required!

As first-time homeowners, creating a beautiful and relaxing space in which to unwind with your newlywed partner is an exciting journey. For many Singaporean couples whose new nest is a BTO flat, space-saving is one of the biggest considerations when it comes to home styling. It comes as no surprise that BTO flats just aren’t as large as they used to be, with the average newly-built 3-room flat measuring around 60-65 square metres nowadays. This is why many couples have trouble finding space to store their possessions in these increasingly cramped living areas.

While renovation can play a big part in opening up space in your home, fret not if you have already completed that phase of your home journey. Here are 7 BTO space-saving tips that are flexible and cost-effective!

A minimalist-style bedroom featuring Commune’s Astrid Queen bed with storage and Bowen nightstand

1. Choose Multi-Purpose Furniture

Storage bed frames are becoming increasingly popular in smaller homes. Not only do they add a classy touch to the room, but they also double as storage space for bulkier items or act as emergency storage where you can hide clutter from around the house before friends and family come over. Give the illusion of more open space in the room, simply by opting for nightstands and other accompanying furniture with legs to keep the floor visible.

2. Opt for Light-Coloured Walls

Having light-coloured walls allows the room to be more reflective and helps brighten up a room to make the space feel more open. Soft tones of off-white, blue, or green like Dulux’s Crisp Linen and White on White are optimal. Use the Dulux Visualizer app to visualise how paint colours will look in your home before actually splashing the paint on, simply by taking a photo of your space.

A seating and dining area in a living room featuring Commune’s Rover sofa

3. Use Existing Pieces as Dividers

Open layouts are great for small BTOs, but even open-plan spaces need a little definition to create cosier areas for living and dining. Break up a single room with furniture you already have, like a couch. Furniture pieces such as bookshelves or folding screens can also act as room dividers. As a bonus, using shelves or cabinets as dividers gives you more options for storage. Rugs are also a great way to help divide a small room because they can be used to define an open space. Using one rug under your seating area and a different rug under your dining area gives definition to each space even when they are in the same room.

4. Don’t Forget Vertical Space

When every square centimetre of floor space is a precious commodity, creative use of your vertical space can add more storage to your BTO. Save room by installing floating shelves and TV consoles, and choose lights and fans that can be mounted on the walls. For biking enthusiasts, hang your custom bicycle on the wall for a statement-making and space-saving decor piece!

A small yet spacious living room featuring Commune’s Geormani sofa

5. Move Furniture Away from the Walls

Don’t put all your furniture against the wall, which wastes the space in the middle as well as emphasises the spacial limits of the room. Placing furniture in the middle of the room creates a flow with the other furnishings and makes a small space look bigger. Even pulling your sofa away from the wall will give more of a designer look and feel to your nest. Keep your furniture away from windows so that they don’t block natural light from streaming in, and don’t crowd your furniture too close to each other to allow breathing room.

6. Streamline Your Furniture

In a small space, maintain a light and airy atmosphere by choosing furniture with slim profiles. Instead of heavy, bulky shapes, select sleek and minimal pieces that don’t take up much visual room, such as coffee tables with hairpin legs. Opt for furniture with clean lines that allow the eye to flow visually from piece to piece without breaking up the space.

A light-filled bedroom with a full-length mirror

7. Create the Illusion of More Space with Mirrors

An age-old interior designer’s trick, adding mirrors to your BTO instantly doubles its size without much effort. Mirrors also bounce light around the room, giving an airy and open effect. Strategic placement creates the illusion of a larger space; hang a mirror in a narrow hallway and double its width, or place a mirror opposite a feature wall or art to reflect your statement piece. You can make maximum impact with generous full-height mirrors, such as on your wardrobes, or add a stylish yet functional accent by leaning one against the wall.

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7 Brilliant No-Renovation BTO Space-Saving Tips for Newlyweds