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April 2017

10 Budget-Friendly Home Styles For Newlyweds

For most newly weds and first time homeowners, budget is the foremost concern when renovating. But fret not, a well-designed home need not drive cost through the roof. A little inspiration can go a long way and these 10 spiffy homes perfect for you just prove the point in case.

1. Go Scandinavian

Light and airy Scandinavian designs are extremely popular with young couples – yes, the hype just won’t die down! Here, the fun colour palette is grounded by a stark black feature wall (a good paint job is all you’ll need for that) and darker accents.

Qanvast Qanvast Qanvast

Interior Designer: AD. I. WRKS
Renovation Cost: $51,000

2. Play With Geometrics

A geometrical playground, this living room’s cute outfit is a visual delight that will cheer you right up. Inside the bedroom, a more subtle approach is taken, with a calming, somber grey tone for repose.

Qanvast Qanvast Qanvast

Interior Designer: Meter Square
Renovation Cost: $30,000

3. Minimalist Chic

Or perhaps opt for a more minimalist approach that utilizes low-slung furniture for the much beloved mod appeal. We’re loving the sofa’s distinctly mid-century curves that makes it oh-so-chic. P.S. Colour coordinating and pastels are also a thing.

Qanvast Qanvast Qanvast

Interior Designer: Mr Shopper Studio
Renovation Cost: $50,000

4. Bar Top Ideas

Here’s another trend to take in that won’t break the bank: bar tops for breakfast or late-night drinks. A staple in new homes, having another dining space comes in handy when entertaining – use one as a serving table, and the other for tucking into all the savoury food.

Qanvast Qanvast Qanvast

Interior Designer: Icon Interior
Renovation Cost: $46,000

5. Inject Individuality

In this architectural showcase of shapes and lines, a curation of personal artefacts litter the home, injecting the home with a distinct individuality. You’ll have a home like no other, and one that tells a unique story – yours!

Qanvast Qanvast Qanvast

Interior Designer: Asolidplan
Renovation Cost: $40,000

6. Let Light In

With only 60sqm to work with, the designers for this project got creative. To ensure privacy, but also that light would still filter in, and without making the living area claustrophobic, a half-height white brick wall was erected. Small alterations can have a big impact!

Qanvast Qanvast Qanvast

Interior Designer: ELPIS
Renovation Cost: $70,000

7. Outside The Box

This abode is full of smart ideas – from converting a full-length window to a bay window, having a rolling island counter that doubles up as a dining area to a platform form bed with hidden storage – it’s time to think out-of-the-box!

Qanvast Qanvast Qanvast

Interior Designer: Prozfile
Renovation Cost: $50,000

8. Walk-in Wardrobes

Here’s another idea – change your master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom to a walk-in wardrobe. That way, once you’ve freshened up, you’ll be walking straight into wardrobe instead of having to walk into another room to change.

Qanvast Qanvast Qanvast

Interior Designer: Space Define
Renovation Cost: $45,000

9. Work With Partitions

To partition living areas, this Danish design trades out walls for light grain wood panels slanted at an angle to retain that airy vibe. Note: They used the same laminate to help achieve a cohesive, seamless flow throughout.

Qanvast Qanvast Qanvast

Interior Designer: Edge Interior

10. Utilise The Space

With a big bedroom, you might want to think of throwing in a small study or work area, or adding a bay window – or both! After all, isn’t it about the getting the most out of your space?

Qanvast Qanvast Qanvast

Interior Designer: The Scientist
Renovation Cost: $48,000

This article was done in collaboration with Qanvast, the go-to platform connecting homeowners to interior designers. Get inspired by thousands of local home images, complete with renovation costs, and homeowners’ reviews when you download the app from App Store or Google Play.

Credits: Featured image from Edge Interior

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